Brazilian Lesbians Gunned Down in a Motel

Brazilian Lesbians Gunned Down in a Motel

Very little in the way of accurate info in regards to this one but all that has been established for certain is that two young women whose names have not been released and believed to have been lesbian lovers were shot dead in a motel room in Brazil (city and state vary depending on the source). Caught naked and shot at close range to the head, creating pools of blood by the time witnesses and investigators arrived. No motive for the double murder has been established, nor have any suspects been named.

Lets take a minute to go back to the World of Rosy-Tinted-Glasses-Wearers to take a look into the lives of Sheep and how their media might go about presenting a story like this:

Here, in this magical world of oblivious complacence, the mainstream news and blogs would try to taut this as a sexually motivated homicide and throw in the word “rape” for good measure. But I wouldn’t buy that as their is no evidence to suggest it. Unless the killer happened to walk in while they were both taking a shower or “getting busy”. Rapists do not take the time to strip their victims completely, let alone two at the same time with no evidence of them being restrained in any way. Rape is a quick, violent act of control whereas sexual release is only the secondary objective. But if you must involve sex into this equation like so many feminazis who consider even being looked at as “rape”, then the scenario which might be more plausible is that it was a threesome gone wrong or perhaps a jilted ex girlfriend.

The other scenario main stream media would want to shove down the sheeps throats is that this was a hate crime and these women were gunned down due to their sexual orientation. As with the blacks, any crime committed which involves a homosexual is automatically a hate crime. And this, in turn, brings in more viewers and supporters for the Agenda. Of course, I wouldn’t buy that shit, either. Perhaps, maybe it could have been a random murder which had no precipitating event and had nothing to do with the fact that the women were gay.

Christ, let me take these shade off, giving me a headache…It’s just a shame because they look so young and happy and their lives ended abruptly and so violently. Such is life…or should I say, Death?

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      1. you want a reason…how about the rage roaders on here who have been calmed down by the videos of crashes, or the unhygenic people who got their shit together after seeing a woman with half her face necrotised or a mans tooth pop to reveal maggots! and lets not forget that this site attempted to inform the police about luka magnota before they knew he was the killer, or how about the lies weve been fed about the syrian war, the info weve got is from our own ‘news correspondent’ in syria!

    1. You’re all being too quick to judge here. Maybe RobPoulter43 was one of those people who landed here accidentally after searching for one of the references on the right hand side.

      Which reference could it have been, possibly “Donkey fucking girl picture” or “a fat Brazilian naked girl with spanked pussy”, either way I for one believe that we should be more understanding of these delicate matters after all some men may suffer erectile dysfunction if they arrive here aroused and looking for pussy but instead find death, decay and horror.

      1. @empty – so he accidentally landed here searching for donkey sex or whatever, but then he just had to stick around to sign up so he could make a stupid comment? Ok. Yeah, that’s understandable. Poor guy, haha. Just kidding!

      2. And some like myself were sent here by doctors after suffering what they call traumatic injuries….for desensatization lol aint that some shit. I required little adjustment. Now what intrigues me is the human experience of these fantastic conversations. I for one believe to tell a being what they cant do you condemn them to doing it. Strange as it sounds.

    2. @rob. Speak for yourself bro. BG opens my mind man. I gain knowledge reading the posts and great comments from the other members here. I think you need to join and stop being so controlled by what you read in the media man. Join the truth

      1. Although i admire the mission statement of best gore recently updated to the home page and a forum which allows us to present an article as facts are known or the truth as we see it it is still just that the truth as we see it. and it does not come without a spin from some where.. How we interpret what we see here is the point. Responsibility. Now that you know “the truth” what do you do with it?? If you do nothing…..baaaa

    3. It’s really quite simple and can be delineated/explained by means of psychology.

      People with abhorrent psychological tendencies, such as serial killers, they do relish blood, guts and gore, but do so privately so as not to exhibit and questionable social characteristics to others around them. They may seem perfectly normal in the real world, but indulge in those lesser behaviors in private away from discerning eyes.

      For those who openly express an interest in the types of gore featured here and would speak/share their thoughts upon the subject with others, their psychological stability in being able to cope with and understand the lesser aspects of human nature is a mental strength that affirms their acknowledgement of reality and each our own mortality. Some people will shy away and grow ill at the slightest sign of real human blood in say a documentary on cardiac surgery, this being a natural instinctual reaction of self preservation. Others don’t mind such sights because they have effectively transcended the conception that their own life is somehow special or valuable and accept that death is a very real part of life. There are after all 7 billion plus of we fleshy viruses roaming this planet, and the world doesn’t stop spinning when one of us dies. Some aspects of the former (individuals ill at the sight of blood) are also rooted in religion. Dogma tells us that we’re all special, beautiful, unique little snowflakes that were all individually crafted by some invisible space zombie cloud daddy in the sky. So it’s hard for people of most Western faiths to accept that any human could meet such a violent demise, smeared along some roadway, organs strewn about, just a stain of former self.

      But one of the most telling aspects of why there are so many faithful members to Best Gore is the discussions they share, Sure, they may toss about the occasional off colored joke, a witty cliche here and there, but humor is also a defense mechanism. The real character of the members here shines forth when rooted in discussion upon the causes of such gore. Simply put, the bulk of us here are here because we’d like to see a day when there are no more lynchings, murders, beheading, dismemberment’s, accidents nor any other gore.

      RobPoulter43, if you look back through the past articles, there was one about some kid in foster care giving a speech on video (while wearing a Dell Computers shirt). The discussion that followed had many a Best Gore member sharing upon the faults withing the current foster care system. Though our discussion may never invoke any significant change, we carry it with us throughout our lives and try to make positive application wherever we can.

      As for the others, they’re just being edgy. Kinda cute really.

    4. @Rob..
      Why did you make an account in the first place.. just click the puppy..
      I can’t get it why others visit this site,even made an account just to whine and bitch about what was posted here.. really don’t get it..

      1. Why have only 2 people tried for a real answer and the rest of you just jumped all over it like you got a guilty consience. He didnt say he couldnt handle it he didnt suggest there was anything wrong with it. He simply asked for some understanding. Many have not seen what we have and im pretty certain he didnt cruise all the discussions through all 500 plus pages of gore. That said try n chill the fuck out, Opinion natzis. Lol were to discuss not fucking hate on the uninformed.

    5. My brain has never been scared from this site. This is merely photos and videos of things that happen to people, plain and simple. Death and injuries are going to happen whether you like it or not. I’m here so that I’m NOT afraid when I encounter these things in real life.

      1. @RobPoulter43 If your new here you just got welcomed. Hope you find much joy and the truth during your stay with us. It’s not all bad, I can’t remember a time when a new member got so many responses on their first post. 🙂

    6. The point of this site for me, is that this is the news, unedited and raw. This is how people should find out what’s going on on the world, not from some pseudo ‘journalist’ whom spins it either way that suits their own agenda. This site has educated me on so may world events. Look at the Ukraine for example, every single newspaper and TV station blames the Russians, but we have seen here empirical evidence that that is not the case at all, same with ‘Isis’, Syria and Libya. Some people (such as yourself) appear to prefer to be totally ignorant to the truth. Even if you cant handle the gore or whatever, just read some of the posts. You may be surprised what you find.

  1. For whatever reason, I just hope the truth comes out in a court of law, after the (real) murderer(s) are apprehended.

    …but if the mainstream media’s cameras ever enter the courtroom, then all bets are off, for a “fair and balanced trial.”

  2. They were in a motel so my guess is they have either gone away together for a few day for a break or maybe they can’t be seen as a couple back where they live. If it’s the former then the threesome is a possibility, so is that they went out prior for a few drinks and someone, be it female or male, came on to one or both of them, they declined the offer and went back to the motel where that person followed them and subsequently killed them both pulley for being jilted. If it was the latter and they were in the motel through fear of their family or friends finding out they are together then it could well be they were murdered by someone close to them.

          1. Yes that’s what I meant 🙂
            I’m straight but if I was attracted to a woman I guess I could do it.
            I don’t know it all depends really 🙂

      1. Smells like fish, tastes like chicken, block your nose and keep on licking? ? Hahaha I remember hearing that from a bunch of high school kids. I was thinking if it smells like fish they shouldn’t be eating it

    1. True. but would you really just sit there and watch me rape your friend while I had a gun under her chin or pointed haphazardly at you while i fucked her? if there was only one rapist, it seems like a huge risk and a waste of energy. rape is about control, and he could have easily lost control of that situation, you know?

  3. Hi everyone! I’m a new member. Although, I’ve been reading through old posts and learning a lot. About current events and all of you. Which kinda makes me feel like a stalker. Anyway, you all seem like a great group of people. Just to add to what Judge said, I’m a very caring person and will sacrafice my pussy if anyone is feeling down.

    1. welcome to the BG LD. I don’t post much anymore (mostly cause I got nothing to add to the topic but I float around)

      all I have to say about this post though is it seems like they were in the middle of some fun times when this ass whole fucked it up XD

      either way they both ended up same sadly.

      probably the only straight guy that will say that they don’t care if you homosexual, bi, trans, or cross-dresser as long as the other party involved is fine with it and consents to the action ^.^

      To the LGBT’s out there I say go for it as long as you all are happy who am I to judge if I want to be happy as well then you have the same rights as I do.

      1. welcome also IGI.

        on the pussy thing I don’t mind either way hell I just show up so see if anything new peeks my interests 😛

        but still nice to know we still growing with mark gone sadly no update about whats his situation yet as far as I know

  4. Probably some pussy whipped boyfriend who couldn’t understand why she didn’t want dick and wanted pussy instead. So the fucker in a fit of rage followed them to the hotel where they were rubbing their pussies together and when he saw that went ape shit. That’s my guess or it could’ve been another pussy whipped girlfriend.

  5. I don’t really see why it’s relevant that they are lesbians. Now you have to headline all of your videos “heterosexual man gets crushed by bus tire” or “heterosexual men executed by ISIS and thrown into a ditch.”

    that being said I really enjoyed these photos of the dead lesbians.

  6. Photos of beautiful naked lesbians usually make me very happy, but photos of beautiful naked dead lesbians in pools of blood makes me very, very sad.

    You didn’t deserve this girls, this world really sux sometimes.


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