Brazilian Man Hate-Fucked by Bullets After Drunken Argument

Brazilian Man Hate-Fucked by Bullets After Drunken Argument

A 31 year old man identified as Aguinaldo Correia da Silva Filho, aka “Nego Dona Julia”, lived in the Salinas neighbourhood of Riacho das Almas, Agreste Zone of Brazil. During the early morning hours of October, 18th, 2015, he had been engaging in a little party with some friends when there was a dispute. Naturally, since humans these days seem incapable of resolving problems without resorting to violence, a gun was drawn and Aguinaldo was shot once in the back, once in the chest and twice in the head. He died at the scene.

Police are still in the process of identifying the persons who were there and who shot Aguinaldo.

On a lighter note – is everyone ready for Halloween? Break out your ghoulish avatars and lets get started!

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        1. Fuck !! Too late . Horrific shit happenf all over the world.
          If you are not lucky you could get raped and beheaded in your fucking house by your fucking brother or father.
          We are just avoiding death in this life. Some are lucky others are not.
          So if someone is gonna jugde our country basing on a video and decide to cross it from his list i really dont give a flying fuck about it. There 7 billion people you know .. 😉

    1. @Nini
      I’m not saying he was a bad looker but he hasn’t got a flicker of a smile on his grump face
      Looks all possessed with that icy stare

      when partying remember to make merry
      & be wary of brawls cause with booze nothing resolves
      .One thing of all the things is for sure ; these guys are all passionate for hues and shades of all kinds ……
      just take a look at all that littered paraphernalia on the scene .

      1. i dont know how else to say this but you talk bollocks all the time. you give me a migraine with your gung ho jibberish blucon are you from another planet you dont make sense , its like you dont want to make sense. or shall i talk like this .. blucon, the night shade is like your words in the springtime when rabbits suddenly appear in the headlight. but wait a second .. its the day of reckoning and for you i shall raise my mothers best friends cigarette and maybe cast it to one side , but that side is where the angels once were. comprende ?

        1. @haydolf_hittler
          Now you got me talking
          there for sure is something that rivets ya to my commenting but ya don’t wanna admit hey but that’s OK Mister ;and …………….
          it doesn’t matter .Moreover for a random someone like you I feel it isn’t important for me if you go misunderstood here and there cause I for one ain’t gonna say a word extra . I’ve a strong feeling that you weren’t good at your school that’s the whole lotta big problem but I’m gonna leave at that.
          Were ya in a prepatory mode all this while cause you were once off kiltered ……….yet you again have risen with signs of losing your final breath ………….
          Now here is a final fix
          in order for ya to be able to come well understood and not get migraine attacks all I wanna suggest to ya is to tone down then you’ll find every damn thing start to make sense.
          BTW your concluding para very much seems to have ya going over the top ………. I mean OVERBOARD………..and mind ya fella there are no invites here .

          Don’t like it ,Don’t read it .
          Just try leaving it at that.

      1. I was thinking a sexual predator too lol! He looks creepy as hell to me. Oh and as for your question in the previous post I had an early night because I got an awful migraine so I just went to bed lol. I hope your night was better than mine.

    1. look like some of those style i can see on some fussball player haircut.
      100% nigga haircut most of time, so i guess this is niga-brazil style bread

      just for make him more lookl ike a badass guy (like if his head wasnt enougth already)

  1. To all who enjoy the day of goblins, demons, and witches.
    Brothers and sisters with a love of blood and dead men in ditches.
    To my family of the demented, the different, and obscene.
    May you all have a Happy Halloween.

    1. @Arm0ur that was Beautiful sweetheart !!!
      Nothing but full size candy bars and love to you and the @Boozer.
      Happy Halloween to all who track down and seek out the things that go bump in the night to their source.

    2. Trick or Treat. May your dwelling be passed over a serious egging or TP’ing and your Jack-o-lanterns be spared the boot. Actually the kids today are way more tame than the shit we used to do around halloween.

      1. @BornToRun
        actually today’s kids should’ve been more of a wild kind but how come they come about so tamed well behaved is one perplexing question which nobody seems to have an answer for
        you think its to do with their being over exposed and having been locked on and
        in to the realms of the internet which has charm all its own
        where they do not find these festivities have any meaning or so to speak worthless festivity

  2. If your a da silva and live in Brazil you only have two options. Get a gun ASAP and learn how to be a quick draw just the way it was in the old west. Or get the fuck outta Brazil as fast as you can….I suppose they will never learn

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