Brazilian Man Murdered by Gunmen on a Motorcycle

Brazilian Man Murdered by Gunmen on a Motorcycle

As I said many times before – if you’re in Brazil and see someone on a motorcycle, run for your motherfucking life. This guy didn’t and look at him now.

Brazilian TV is awesome. Gore in prime time – who cares.

Victim was identified as Adaildo Ferreira dos Santos. He just met with his sister and 5 minutes later, he was dead. Two men came on a motorcycle and unloaded their guns into his head. None of the by passers saw anything. Omerta appears to have a very solid foundation throughout Brazil – even if you were right there when it happened, you still didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything and don’t know what they are talking about. What murder?

Got to love them Brazilians dipping their bare feet in blood:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Murdered by Gunmen on a Motorcycle”

  1. brazilian women WILL bite your dick off.
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  2. The citizens of Brazil wear flip-flops 24/7 so the only way to moisturize their feet is to soak them in the blood of a murdered man.

    Nothing like a dead body to bring an entire neighborhood together. Looks like even the children came out to watch this news broadcast, that’ll make one hell of a story when they get to school. Then again they must be so used to it by now since there’s a dead body in the streets of Brazil everyday.

    1. Hi, I’m brazilian, I was born in Rio and I am 23 years old, well educated but I’ve walked around the city and I have never seen a dead body in the street. Don’t let stereotypes and the manipulated media fool you

  3. I can’t look at this one, as it hits too close to home, so I will simply ask: Which one of you Luka copycat freaks stole the arm from the pic of the day to masturbate with? And what is with her wavy foot? 😯

    1. @Sagemoon…Sadly, I suspect is it likely at least some of those young ones are “Children of the Street”…with no parents or any concept of “Childhood” as we define it. Seeing this kind of “annihilation” is just a daily dose of “reality” for them.

  4. What kind of weapon did this? Whatever it was, there are motherfucking powder burns around the mouth, which seems to be the entry point, with the projectile(s) exiting out the, or blowing the hell out of the right parietal lobe. Shotgun? Just a devastating impact.

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