Brazilian Man Pukes Out Blood

Brazilian Man Pukes Out Blood

This was probably another Brazilian gang square-up. No info came with the pictures and not much can be seen. Blood loss is pretty significant but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of trauma on parts of the body visible in the photos. I’m assuming he was shot, though splattered blood would suggest that there was already a pool of it on the ground when he dropped in it to do a splash. Unless it’s a result of heavy breathing and blood puking.

The pictures were taken at night and built-in camera flash doesn’t illuminate distant objects well, but if you take a look at the frontal pic, you’ll notice a faint motorcycle in the background. I wonder if that motorcycle was his. Maybe he wasn’t shot and just pulled off a massive faceplant that killed him… but that would have to have been an epic one. What do you think?

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15 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Pukes Out Blood”

  1. Don’t think it was a fall as the arms up reflex would put his hands above his head. It looks like he vomited blood but that could just be clotting action on the cement causing it to get chunky. Actually he did fall onto his hands, they are white with ground dust. 2 matching blood scratches on his calves..

  2. From the look of the pants, hands and legs, seems like he crawled some. The black stuff makes me thing it’s indeed black vomit. Guy looks healthy, though, so either he was a heavy drinker whose liver finally exploded (too much blood for that), or he suffered a massive blow to his guts that destroyed his liver (during a car/motorcycle accident?).

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