This Man Survived Brutal Machete Attack

This Man Survived Brutal Machete Attack

While human body is without a doubt a miserably fragile bag of bones, there are times when it comes out as tough as all hell. This is one of those times. The picture surely looks like a successful murder scene, but the pointers making guy pulled through and survived.

The attempted murder took place on December 26, 2011 in Povoado Capim Grosso (Thick Grass Village), located in rural Porto Real do Colégio (Port Royal College), Brazil. 24 year old Ednaldo Conceição, locally known as “Bubu” got in an argument with a man only identified by his nickname of “Cavalo” (Horse) who decided to resolve the argument with a machete. Ednaldo Conceição was struck several times, including one time in the neck.

His wounds bled profusely – as can be seen from the picture – however when he was discovered by 11th Military Police Battalion (BPM), he was still alive. Mobile Emergency Care (SAMU) was called to assist the victim who was rushed to the Emergency Center in Agreste, Arapiraca. The attacker fled the scene and his whereabouts are at this point unknown.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “This Man Survived Brutal Machete Attack”

  1. What’s with Brazilians carryiing around machetes in case they have an argument with someone? Those people are savages and very angry. Don’t piss off a Brazilian or else you’ll lose your life. And Brazilian cops are useless to say the least. They’re probably outnumbered by all the criminals there.

  2. Many says that some murderers, whether it’s of guilty conscience or fear of being arrested, should get nervous and stressed out so much afterwards that they might have a lot of sleepless nights, but it can get far worse when they find the fact that the victim didn’t really die.
    So, this dude got the chance to revenge.

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