Brazilian Stabbed After Argument, Bleeds Out in the Street

Brazilian Stabbed After Argument, Bleeds Out in the Street

22 year old Lenilson Costa Santos got into an argument with a motorcycle taxi driver by the name of Rosenildo Josรฉ da Silva in front of Snatos’ home in Fortaleza, state of Cearรก, Brazil. As the situation escalated, Rosenildo pulled out a fishing knife and went after Santos with serious intent. Santos got to his house but not before he was stabbed in the chest. What we see is a good amount of blood on the walls presumably inside Santos’ house as he went through his death throes which eventually took him back outside to feebly cry for help before collapsing in the street and dying. Da Silva has not yet been apprehended.

Would any of you be shocked if I told you that these two men had an unresolved past history with each other?

Props to DaSilvaFlipFlops.

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    1. I think Brazil’s law is significantly different then the U.S when it comes to crime. They can only imprison someone for a short time(don’t remember what), and then they have to release them, no matter what the crime was.
      Clearly, it hasn’t worked out well for them, lol.

  1. Look at that spray on the wall!.. It’s so pretty looking!. I’m surprised the da Silva lived, with their track records… Lolz… Great article Obli and dasilvaflipflops!!.. Thank you for yet another awesome article!!..

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