Brazilian Stabbed and Dumped in River by Step Daughter’s Ex

Brazilian Stabbed and Dumped in River by Step Daughter's Ex

A 33 year old man identified as Carlos Eduardo da Silva was stabbed to death in Altinho, state of Pernambuco, Brazil on the banks of the Una River and dumped. The culprit is a man identified as “Paul Crippled”, who was dating Carlos’ step daughter and as such was living with her in Carlos’ home along with Carlos’ wife.

Well, as it turns out, the step daughter went back to her ex husband and Paul continued to live in Carlos’ residence as if all were fine and dandy. Obviously seeing it differently, Carlos wanted Paul out. This resulted in an argument…

Carlos’ wife had gone out for the night and when she returned home, she found Paul asleep. She inquired as to where her husband was and he replied that he had gone fishing. She found Carlos floating near the bank of the river and reported it to the military police. Paul had taken this opportunity to flee. Police tracked him to Cupira but he has not yet been apprehended.

How you like that shit? Take a man into your home, treat him as one of your own and he stabs you in the back.

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  1. Holy shit!!!.. not enough liquor in the world is right! Yuck!
    Yet another da Silva bites the dust!

    Also, take a man in your house and he stabs you in the back? Sounds about right to me!

    Thank you for all your great articles Obli! ?

  2. If he would have took off right after he killed him instead of falling asleep he might still be free….I do not understand this culture of Siesta.

  3. “Paul Crippled”?!? I hope the fellas at John Brown publishing are taking notice, he has the potential to become the next great super hero now that the Brown Bottle appears to have retired.

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