Brazilian Teen Raped and Beaten to Death in Cemetery

Brazilian Teen Raped and Beaten to Death in Cemetery

The raped and brutally beaten body of a young woman was found in the Sรฃo Josรฉ Cemetery in the city of Codajรกs (distant 240 km from Manaus), state of Amazonas, Brazil on the morning of April 24th, 2016. Despite the horrific mutilation to her face, the victim was positively identified as 19-year-old Juliana Roberto Ferreira, who had been missing since the previous Thursday morning. The victim’s sister said that she had left home on Thursday, approximately 9 a.m. local time and that was the last anyone had seen or heard from her.

Juliana was found missing her pants and underwear and bore signs of a violent sexual assault, after which the girl’s face was pounded to a pulp by a wooden cross off one of the nearby gravestones. Authorities believe two men were involved in the commission of the rape and murder but left out details.

Horrific end for a young woman.

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  4. What IS that thing on her face? I was thinking it was a strawberry flavoured condom, but surely he wouldn’t of just left it behind? I think it is some kind of ‘foam’ tinged with blood, that her body has produced with death?

    1. I think it’s foam or bubbles from the lungs. I think it’s called a pulamory edema? That’s when the lungs fill up with blood and said person starts spewing a bit of foam mixed with blood so I looks pinkish. I could be wrong tho, just a thought.

      1. @gstarraw, yes, what you said! ๐Ÿ˜† Does that mean she was alive for a bit? I read an awful story where a woman was stabbed to ‘death’, but she must has come to for a bit after being left for dead, as investigators could tell she had moved, she was found sitting up against a tree. So she had found some sort of strength to sit herself up, but she was in a park and no one found her til it was too late. What a way to go, ๐Ÿ™

        1. Oh sorry I didn’t notice what you wrote before typed out my response. I’m no medical expert, but I say she could of been knocked out and her body did some agonal breathing which ended up with said foam coming out of any oriface since the main ones are destroyed.

  5. I saw a recent high school picture of her and she looks the same as in this picture. She was voted more likely to get raped in a cemetery.

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  7. Sad. She was probably lured there past midnight with drinks and laughs. Another female could have been there to make her feel comfortable. But this poor girl was the mark all along, doomed the moment she trusted to follow them into solitude. It’s the ones you trust…

  8. Here again The perpetrators were a duo who came raped and struck leaving as silently as they came .The nagging question is what that girl went doing at the forlorn cemetery where except for the undertaker a sane mind wouldn’t wish venturing out.
    Those Bastards first committed a heinous crime and later fearing their capture by the police thought it best to kill the victim .They feared if they let the girl live she will have them get caught .

    No parts of the facial features can be distinctly made out .They left her disfigured completely .

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