Brazilian Teenager is Executed and Dumped at a Farm

Brazilian Teenager is Executed and Dumped at a Farm

The body of a young woman was found on a farm in Itamaraju, state of Bahia, Brazil. The Corpse has been identified as Marcia Dantas Correia, a teenager known to the police in the area as she had been arrested several times for minor infractions but never had any serious charges filed against her since she was underage although she was known to have been involved with drugs and prostitution. She was shot several times, I can see a bullet wound in her leg, but she was finished off with three shots to the head, with at least one going through the jaw. She was also laying their long enough to have flies begin laying their eggs. Had she been found a day or two later, she would have been found with a noisy, squishy swarm of white maggots in those eye sockets. She is believed to have been killed elsewhere and then dumped at the farm where she was later discovered. Coincidentally, her brother, also involved in the world of drugs, had been killed by drug dealers back in 2010. The killers even cut off the man’s ear and sent it to the family as a warning. I guess she didn’t take it too seriously.

She was a very pretty young woman and it’s such a shame that she had to get involved in this kind of lifestyle. Of course the Third World offers very little as opposed to the First World. Whereas in America, people are rewarded with millions of dollars a year for doing nothing, these people have to do whatever it takes just to put food on their plate.

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      1. You are right, @ realitycheck07, my bad! It should not matter, whether you are old, ugly, or pretty, no one should be killed like this! Unless, of course, you are a killer, or rapist, then, in my book, it,s fair game!

    1. I believe Obli is referring to the millions upon millions in food stamps, cash assistance, free health care and unemployment compensation given to the legal and illegal residents of the USA that voted Obuma into office….twice…

      1. @EFFOFF, Even with all of the government assistance that one could possibly recieve, I promise you will still be dirt poor. Governments don’t make people on foodstamps rich. that is ridiculous. I get assistance and still live below poverty level. I live in a trailor, not a mansion. Nobody that recieves goernment help gets rich that is why you get assistance. It is all based on your income. Our government is not going around handing out millions of dollars to people for doing nothing. Think about it.

      1. Whats the matter? Dont like you and your country being lumped together into one category? Dont like being generalized?

        Funny that americans can talk shit about every other race, country, culture and religion but when it is your turn you become butt hurt little bitches.

        1. @Obli the process of gaining awareness is a long one. As an American you know that our parents if they were born here were in most cases indoctrinated with ” blind patriotism ” they taught us'” then schools reinforced and expanded on those teachings. That is why this site is so important because until many of us have come here myself included and had our eye’s opened to the fact that a lot of people don’t like us and have quite a list of reasons to justify their dislike of us we thought we were the cats ass. It’s like Novocain bro it take’s awhile to take full effect. Like you said “Don’t let the rocks you stand on define who you are.” Time for everyone to wake up to the fact that we are all standing on the same rock called earth. Obli keep telling it like it is bro, you got your work cut out for you. And if you run out of Novocain, fuck it, drill anyway.

          1. I hope we are not being lumped in with all the ghetto slags that are pumping out kids, so they get free everything. The ones that raise their thug kids to hate and disrespect the police, so it improves the chance of a big payout when one of those kids gets shot. I don’t care what other country’s hate the United States. We have our own groups of people to hate, right here, including the people in the government that pass the laws that hand those ghetto slags their checks and free phones. As far as I am concerned, shit that goes on in other countries is just another TV show. With that in mind, I will add that we have the best movies and TV shows, in the whole fucking world. Though I am a bit annoyed they cast a black guy to play the human torch in the “Fantastic Four” reboot.

          2. @Gentlenatureman The people who think were niggers, welfare recipients or don’t work hard obviously don’t know about us as a people. I’ve noticed that every group or country gets insulted on here and every person representing that country or group gets stung by that. I don’t know the breakdown of the members by the countries they represent but that isn’t important anyway. What is enlightening though is how people feel about one another’s countries, peoples and governments. Some critics do just like to tear shit down, but without those critics all we have is our own opinions. Who ever we are wherever we live, just take what we need to better ourselves and leave the rest.

        2. no I don’t care about people talking shit about my country. this is THE U.S.A… hell I’d be mad all of the time if I worried about people talking about it. hell people who live here talk shit. some want to move to Canada. I am just saying that the government here is not making me rich and if someone knows how I can change that let me know. the people walking out to expensive cars are probably selling drugs and getting government help. I am just saying if ya talk about something atleast know that you are right about what you are talking about. It isn’t the government making us rich because I am still broke. a lot of the people getting Government assistance sell drugs instead of working but they will get caught eventually. It is true about people farting out babies to get more money. I do everything legally because when they catch up with people that do things illegally they do prison time. our government loves their money and they will get your ass if you lie to get more money.

        3. it seems like other countries talk more shit than Americans do. Hell I thought other countries were like America until I got on this site and heard horror stories about other countries. Now I am scared to even leave my country. I thought that Brazil was a beautiful place with beautiful women until I got onto this site and now I am scared to death. I worry about some of the people I talk to on here being murdered brutally and never even knowing what happened to them or hearing from them again. they all warn each other before they visit other countries. I honestly care.

          1. gentle natureman knows what I say is the truth. He should not be labeled with losers and thuhs in our country. He is kind hearted and helpful. He let me know that chivalry is not dead. He is quick to defend someone being harassed and botheredif the ddon’t deserve it. He deserves to be placed in a great American category.

        1. It happens all too much Z.. maybe it was her up bringing? … she saw her brothers life and embraced it, parents nowadays suck….I woulda beat the shit outta my kids with my chunklas till they dropped the dope, sigh… none the less she saw her bros ear, that shoulda told her some shit could happen.. =/

    1. What though the radiance which was once so bright….
      Be now for ever taken from my sight…
      Though nothing can bring back the hour
      Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower….
      We will grieve not, rather find
      Strength in what remains behind…….

      one of my favs…thanks for the words

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