2 thoughts on “Underage Drug Addict got Involved with the Wrong People”

  1. When will these people ever learn? I just don’t understand it. These people gotta know that getting involved in drugs and/ or prostitution is generally a one-way street to an early death.

    I find it hard to believe there is no other means of supporting one’s self in third world countries. Hitch a ride to a major city and find work in a hotel or restaurant. Factories all over this world hire people off the streets. Granted, in these cases the pay is as menial as the work, but it all but promises a longer life than could ever be expected from a life of drugs or prostitution.

  2. Sexy! What a shameful fuckin’ waste. Somebody’s gonna smoke a turd in hell. I mean, how can anyone do something like that? Especially to someone so young and pretty! I can recall a few times that I put out $50.00 and if they couldn’t mowe your lawn in 3 or 4 minutes, your time was up. It used to piss me off something fierce but I would’ve never done some shit like that. Still, who knows what she did besides obviously pissing the wrong person off? She probably ran up a drug tab beyond her control with a dealer that was both very sensitive and serious about his money.

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