Two Brazilian Teens and Their Two Friends are Murdered by Gang Member Boyfriends

Two Brazilian Teens and Their Two Friends are Murdered by Gang Member Boyfriends

Girls always want to date bad asses, and more often then not, they pay the price for it before they can learn. This is such a tale.

Ana Kelly Martins Cardoso, 19, Sinara Monteiro da Costa, 16, Rayane Kellry Silva, 15, and Mylleide Morgana were murdered on a secluded road after being picked up from a club by their boyfriends, both minors and both gang members who were dating Sinara and the other one was dating Rayane. Another man was also with them, 21 year old Paulo Henrique do Carmo Silva. The men arrived on the pretext of taking their girlfriends and their two friends home early that morning. Instead, they were driven to a deserted road, forced to lay down and each was taken out with a shot to the head. Rayane got a double tap to the skull.

You see, several days prior, Rayane’s boyfriend was hanging out with her and Sinara and his other partner in crime when he borrowed Rayane’s phone to listen to some music. While holding the phone he saw that she had recently sent a message to a third party;

I’m in improper location and in the company of people unfit to call you.

Now, any criminal is going to be immediately suspicious of such a text being sent so he checked on who it was sent to, the number seeming to come from the Military Police. He then talked this over with his buddy and they decided then and there that both of their girls should be killed.

Ana Kelly Martins Codoso and Mylleide Morgana had nothing to do with gangs or drugs or any illicit behavior. They were killed simply because they got into the car with Sinara and Rayane. An earlier report stated that three of the girls were involved with drug trafficking and prostitution but that has since been proven to be untrue.

After the murders, the three men holed up in a hotel in Goianira, state of GoiΓ’nia, and after went to the municipality of Novo Gama, state of GoiΓ’nia. One of the minors is still on the loose but Da Silva and Rayane’s boyfriend are in custody. Both have quite a list in terms of a criminal record. Hopefully this last remaining scum bag is caught in the street and given a traditional lynching.

Mad props to Best Gore member bungle1 for the story and pics.

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    1. You are a sick pedophile What a horrible thing to say they are human beings They should have growing up and had happy families of their own Instead they are dead by some scumbags hand And we got pedophiles like you commenting on them in A rude way Instead of showing sympathy like a normal human being

  1. What is it with girls taking ?selfies? whilst pulling a duck face?, do they think it makes them look more attractive or something.

    Personally, I think girls should take their ?selfies? whilst pulling a death face, the logic being that if they can look good whilst mimicking the dead they will surely look better whilst alive and kicking, well??.perhaps not Nicki Minaj.

    1. Duck face? Bwahaha ( reminds me of 4 weddings and a funeral )
      I see 1 drug face, 2 whore faces and 1 potentially slightly decent face here…but that’s just my observation… anyway a death face will look good on all 4 of them πŸ™‚

  2. Never been to Brazil, so unfortunately i can’t hang as much shit on the country as i would like to. But these teens look like ho’s in the making to me. I used to know some Brazilian import pro ho’s and they were the most vicious bitches.

    1. Sadly, in Brazil and in much of the world, women from economically deprived backgrounds have no choice but to toil in strenuous and low paid jobs or sell their bodies. In the case of theses girls, the only men they’d likely meet and form relationships with are sociopaths involved in the drug trade or other criminal activities.

  3. Pretty gruesome….. wow. Oh hello there! Im your newest member of BG, well not entirely. Ive been on this sight for 1 year and a half and fell in love with the sight of blood and guts! Nonthing satisfy me more than the realization that the world isnt all flowers and bees but pain and sufferi ng and the only way escaping is death. I hope you all will enjoy having as I enjoy seeing mush!!

  4. At a loss for words on this one… Pathetically unnecessary (Killing rarely is).

    As for the tough ass gang bangers… May their intestines be pulled our their assholes over a weeks period of time. Provide IV fluid to keep them alive as long as possible.

  5. dating scumbags thiefs…. If you want to use and have their robbed money and their shit stuffs, u gotta pay the price. Sometimes is just too high, but can’t hear any of them complaining about the stealed money and cars that they used to have before these pics…. it seems didnt worth it right?

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