Brazilian Woman Dies During Late Term Abortion in Her Home

Brazilian Woman Dies During Late Term Abortion in Her Home

Bizarre case here. On the afternoon of May 1st, 2016 in the city of Brejo Santo, state of Ceará, Brazil, a 32-year-old woman identified as Cícera Maria de Sousa was found dead in her home by her husband, 36-year-old José Roberto Vasques who returned home to stumble upon the grisly scene; a dead wife and a dead baby left in a bucket.

Police have determined that Cícera was having an illegal abortion in the home while her husband was at work. José is not a suspect and claims he had no idea that his wife was pregnant. Maybe she was having complications and couldn’t afford proper care or maybe she was trying to get rid of evidence of infidelity? Either way, she hid it from her husband so that’s pretty shady, if you ask me.

The baby, found in a blood-soaked, bucket was a close to full term girl. The “abortionist” has not been apprehended or identified.

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      1. Yeah, she should be bleeding like a slaughtered cow, I don’t see much blood in her crotch area or on that plastic covered mattress. Unless the dirty deed was done somewhere else and they flopped her down there like a make-shift recovery room. Make sure to check her BP.

        1. Yeah the Bitch bled like one . But the poor kid the abortionist so dumped in the bucket cuts you like a knife . The room where all sinister plotting was done looks more like a loo with blood from her womb and slit splattered all over ….
          yuckkkkkk is the word my man !
          She was a two timing bigger bitch than her own bitched up life and all she did was to play around with her innocent man and yet she looks not dead lying there as if she’s ready to spread legs to her lover once more…begging for some inches of his shaft just one last time.

      1. It always baffled me when anti-abortion radicals killed the doctors that gave abortions, all in the name of being pro-life. And the “sidewalk counselors” that would scream at women entering the family planning clinics, “Don’t give up your baby!”. Jeeze, just let it be a private matter.

        1. @borntorun, also some ‘abortion’ clinics are family planning clinics, they offer other services, though if a clinic gets a reputation as an abortion clinic, most women who plan on keeping their baby would probably stay clear. A bit of a problem if it’s the only clinic for miles though.

          1. @tas-tiger Didn’t you expect to see evidence of the woman hemorrhaging? Even if they changed her clothes, she’d be leaking blood all over. Second, she was far along, the baby looks viable. How did the husband NOT know she was pregnant? She’d be showing. Third, I am surprised that baby didn’t survive (unless they killed it) Forth, for those late term abortions, they have to take the baby apart inside the mother. Ehh something fishy about this situation.

        2. @BornToRun. I agree. I think it should be kept private. The whole matter is sad and depressing. Pro-Choice can often mean that facing consequences for misguided decisions is now completely avoidable because the option to kill a baby is on the table. How convenient.

  1. Don’t these women ever heard of birth control? Sheesh they should lol. Don’t want a kid use birth control or a condom. Or atleast plan b the day after lol.

    1. If a woman is willing to do the nasty then she should keep her baby and the father should pay for the babies needs, or don’t open the legs or just pull the dong out. I am glad she is dead too, too bad that baby had to suffer for her sluty ways

    1. They obviously didn’t have much sex at all because he would have known she was carrying once he saw her naked. That’s probably why she got knocked up from some other dude because their marriage was probably going down the drain.

      1. Also a ‘baby tummy’ is rock hard! It’s not like a wobbly fat tummy at all. As soon as the baby is born you have a flabby tummy which disappears within a few weeks or more, depending on your pre-pregnancy fitness levels and your age, among other factors. Some women never get rid of it.

    2. They have that show called I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. I wouldn’t believe half of that stuff if it hadn’t happened to one of my cousins. She was 2 weeks from delivering when she found out she was pregnant. It was a shock. She hadn’t gained any weight and was wearing her regular clothes. The only reason that she found out was that she went to her family doctor and her BP was high and he ran tests.

      This poor little baby. Breaks my heart.

      1. How fat could someone be to not know they were pregnant? Then there are some women who go through life and all of a sudden, a stone baby drops out, ‘clunk’. But this little baby in the pic was just perfect, count her fingers and toes.

        1. @borntorun, it must be a psychological condition? How could a woman not know? It is a very hard mass, a baby growing to full term, it cannot be mistaken for fat. Some women have even claimed to have been on the pill the whole pregnancy, have a period every month during the pregnancy, partied hard, ridden horses etc. and then suddenly they give birth in the toilet or are rushed to hospital with a terrible guts ache. There must be a name for it? Not knowing you are pregnant the whole 3 semesters?

      2. How can you go 9 months without having a period and not know you’re pregnant?

        This mother should have found an alternative way. This is fucking sickening.

        I’m guessing it had something to do with her placenta. My son’s mother almost bled out because the doctor didn’t remove the whole placenta. I almost beat the snot out of him. He was old and ready to retire. He hated working, and when she went into labor it was like we were being a burden. In the ultrasounds before hand they saw that she had two placentas and made a note about it. This fuck face obviously didn’t read the note. They sent us home a few days later. I found her on the bathroom floor with blood everywhere. It looked like a murder scene. I carried her and the baby to the car and rushed her to the emergency room. That mother fucker looked scared for his life when he saw me again.

        1. In an answer to your question, there are reasons why a woman’s period would be irregular, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. In some cases, women can go a year without a period because of it, whether or not they have sex, and it won’t have to do with pregnancy.

          I’m sorry you had to experience the situation that you did.

  2. Oooooh, that looks like a nice bowl of soup.
    Add some chicken stock, salt and pepper to taste and a little bit of ramain noodle and put that bucket on the stove top.

    For best results cook in in medium high. Add some cilantro when serving.

    For desert: a Heineken and a Skywalker blunt.

  3. As always when such a small human is involved its heartbreaking.
    But this pic is also very symbolic. It died in a shitehole bucket in a shitehole part of the world where mothers do this to their offspring.

    Maybe its better this life ended before it really started in such a fucked up place full of shitbags called humans.

  4. The guy who paints death on canvas in oils would make this poor souls journey worth while…he could paint this beautiful baby girl as she is ..eternally asleep..

    FUKC YA we say down that mother

  5. He never knew are u fuckin kidding me.
    That poor baby looks pretty developed to me, and the husband never noticed a thing really?
    Its like one of those old jerry spinger shows, I never knew my wife had a pair of cock”n”balls. Get the fuck outta ere.

  6. Why are organs spread all over the room? (yeah i know its just a torn placenta) 😆 Hell, how do this abortions are made with anyways? Clubbing a pregnant’s belly with a baseball bat untill the foetus gets ejected through her cunt or something?

    1. I’m not sure ‘never did or will do’ a late term abortion, but I believe they insert something to kill the baby first then pull the baby out by the limb or head. I know they have to kill the baby first, so sad for baby.

  7. They need to perfect pregnancy test to the very first days of conception and build it right into all toilet paper so a woman would know the day she got pregnant. Included with each roll would be that morning after type pill. No doctor needed. Come on scientist, you can do it.

  8. The babygirl looks so much developed I bet the birth would have been in a few weeks. This is sheer bloody murder.

    This was no abortion, all the guy did was to rip it out of her and let it die in the bucket. This causes so much damage and bleeding to a women’s body this cannot be survived unless in hospital.
    This is so FUBAR I just could puke out of anger.

    Sorry for the rage, but it’s too often that people know what to do with their genitals but when it comes to consequences they act like retarded shitbags.

    Even animals to tread their offspring better

  9. Why does it seem like people who don’t want children get pregnant so often, but yet people who DO want kids have the hardest time conceiving?!! I would’ve taken that little girl in a heart beat :'(

  10. Poor child. I hope the abortionist gets charged with her murder, or manslaughter. Some people don’t respect life. I’m pro-life at heart. Some believe the soul does not enter the baby until birth. Now it’s believed that there is a spark indicating life/soul entering the baby after just a few weeks in utero. In the end, we will all know for sure when life begins.

  11. I’m not against abortion but I believe it should be done very early. This is so developed I’d call it murder. But then again, I feel like this was a good thing. She died, and now there’s one less possible “hooligan” out there. The planet is overpopulated as it is. There are many countries that should have mandatory birth control for the women. More birth control, less overcrowding and maybe we can get our home(Earth) healthy again. Still sad though. That far along, she should’ve had the child then give it away. At least there would have been a chance for it to grow up to be someone and contribute to the world, although doubtful…. it is Brazil.

  12. They call people who were born in Ceara flat head, nobody knows why, maybe because of the native Indians who had this characteristic, anyway is one of the poorest states in Brazil. This miserable mother maybe she do not wanted to see her little rapadura eater suffering like her. It’s sad to know that anti contraceptive methods are cheaper than an illegal abortion. In 2017 people are still ignorant at it.

  13. As a women with fertility issues, this makes me sad. I know that this is a predominantly Catholic country and contraception is a no no but it’s crap. The Pope needs to change the fucking rules otherwise situations like this where poor people are having to go to extremes are just going to keep on happening.

  14. Who in their right mind would do this to an innocent baby… this is a human being this is murder I hope they find the person that did this and punish him or her and get justice for this baby. RIP little one you are with the Lord

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