Brazilian Woman Murders Ex Lover, Dismembers Him and Puts Him in Plastic Bags

Brazilian Woman Murders Ex Lover, Dismembers Him and Puts Him in Plastic Bags

A man by the name of José Bezerra de Lima Junior,age 36, went missing on May 27th, 2015, in Cohad neighbourhood of Bezerros, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. On Saturday, May 30th, he was found. Well, most of him was found. His ex lover, identified only as Cristina, age 38, went to the police department to confess the crime of not only murderering José, but then dismembering his body and stashing the pieces in plastic bags throughout her home. Apparently, jealousy was the motivation for the crime.

Relatives on scene were able to make a positive identification of José based on certain body parts (most likely the head), and police retrieved not only the body parts but a .38 revolver and some ammunition plus a list on which was written items that could possible be used to cut up and dispose of a body. Many were checked off. The police are using this to conclude that the murder wasm indeed, premeditated.

According to Cristina, she poisoned José and police saw no evidence of gun shot wounds nor blood anywhere. Cristina only turned herself in because she knew that one of her neighbors saw her disposing of some of the body parts and had seen José at her residence that same night. Knowing she had pretty much been discovered before she even finished, she went to her father’s house and confessed first to him and in the morning, with a lawyer, went to the police.

Jealous of your ex-boyfriend? That’s it? No, there has got to be some underlying shit here. Something went down that turned her from crazy bitch to Karazee Biatch!

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  1. Got to giver her credit on being thorough in the dismemberment not much to identify by other than the head. She looked like one of those clingy bitches that never get it through their heads when a relationship Is over that kind seem to ” snap” and do things like this quite often.

  2. She woke up sane one day and realised she was with a nigger… In shame for her wrong doings, she tried to dispose of the evidence of its existence to try to clean her name. 😆 Thats my version of the possible cause for the murder to her.

  3. most women lose their minds after they put their stink on a dude’s hang low and expect him to no pollinate other flowers when the URGE builds up. females do not comprehend how powerful the URGE is and how difficult it is to deny.

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    2. Haha. HLAM. Clearly she had no choice. Her stink was no match for The URGE.
      The URGE will not be denied…unless it’s severed and bagged up in the basement.

          1. It’s an expression used by Christians here in the states. They use it to rejoice to they’re god. I was being spurious when i said it. Meant to be a joke.

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