Brazilian Woman Shot in the Head After Answering Door

Brazilian Woman Shot in the Head After Answering Door

Jussiene Marques Ferreira, aged 34, was inside her home with her children when two men came to the door and called to her. Upon Jussiene answering the call, she was shot once in the head and killed.

Initial inspection of the crime scene revealed an amount of marijuana, leading police to determine that the cause of the murder was in some way related to drug trafficking considering the woman’s history and the evidence in the home. No suspects have been identified.

Why the hell is she watching her children while wearing only long t-shirt and no underwear? Stay classy, Brazil.

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          1. Yep that’s why I’m not falling for it. If it were the killer Bees all they would do is eat all the Cantina Chips and Salsa and hang out like the Neighbors That Wouldn’t Leave.
            Land Shark is like Dracula…you don’t invite him in….ever.

    1. Don’t you just hate those people that knock on your door asking you for a “lil” bit of your time…knowing very well with my expression(great another jew with a popcorn hat on his head) that I could give a F about his/her praise of religion…yet they insist on giving me a pamphlet…

      1. We finally got a No Soliciting sign in my neighborhood and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. A few years ago a bunch of kids were going door to door talking about religion (I think they were Evangelists). They told me and I quote “God thinks your life is like a dirty diaper. It needs to be changed.” Little brainwashed fuckers.

        1. They’re trying to save your doomed and tortured soul @LF. I take the pamphlet and tell them about BestGore in return. After one cartel beheading they never come back and tell all their friends.

          1. Hahaha!!! I wish I would’ve thought of that at the time @amnyc. There’s no saving my soul…I already know I’m going to hell but at least I’ll be among friends.

        2. Hey, @LF, I put a small “no soliciting” sign on my front door. Most don’t knock. If anybody does, simply point to the sign and shut the door.
          You don’t have to say a word to them unless you want to rip into them.

          1. I know sometimes I’m too damn nice…I get annoyed with myself lol. Luckily, I haven’t gotten a knock on the door since the new signs.

  1. Spider-Man is probably devastated by these news. Mary Jane is the only bush plant he didn’t go down on. Now MJ will probably never see itself getting wrapped up in a nicely rolled joint 🙁 . 5-0 will probably give MJ to the kids as a inheritance gift.

  2. BBCode only works on forums. You need to use HTML on blogs. But better not, cause these images are hosted on external website and if they get removed, we’ll have broken image on ours.

          1. Hahahahaha!!! That’s gotta be one of the funniest things I have read all day! Must be a hell of an experience, I bet?

          2. It wasn’t easy holding the flimsy bag open while I did it. The nastiest part about doing it was the open-air smell of my shit mixed with the scented trash bag itself. The whole thing was well worth it, though.

        1. “Ever leave burning dog shit in a bag on the step ?”

          I have @rayf… When I was a kid of course…

          From my experience… People had a tendency to not ‘get the joke’… So I stopped…

          1. @Gnat
            Yea and now being in my 40’s I don’t run as fast as I used to and driveways out here can be hundreds of yards long and everybody has big dogs and guns…I’m out. 🙂

    1. I love Gain too. That’s all I use for my clothes on laundry day but it’s a little too expensive to use on my rusted old car parts. Rich people like this girl suck.

          1. I have a good one but it only works in person.

            “Knock knock”
            “Who’s there?”
            “KGB wh…”
            *smack person upside the head before they can finish*
            “KGB will ask the questions!!!”

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