British National Thrown 3 Storeys on His Head in Pattaya, Thailand

British National Thrown 3 Storeys on His Head in Pattaya, Thailand

On December 7, 2013 a man fell on his head from a 3 storey building in Pattaya, Thailand. Thai police already have all the answers – the man spent his money on girls and entertainment, it made him suicidal and decided to jump to his death to solve all his problems.

The victim was identified as 35 year old British national by the name of Satpal Singh Binag. This should not surprise anyone as nowadays when someone is British, they are likely not indigenous. The English are being purged away with multiculturalism.

When I first saw the pictures I thought to myself – that can’t be. Don’t tell me someone survived being thrown to their death… I mean, committing suicide in Thailand. Cause if that was the case, they’d be able to tell us what really happened, as opposed to what Thai police, who are part of the money grabbing scheme, tell us (ie suicide or natural causes). But of course, there’s too much money in killing foreigners in Thailand. They’re not gonna compromise their income by allowing a victim to survive. Medics probably got some of the dough and voila – the victim succumbed.

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    1. Good for you!
      Coming back to the post’s theme: the only chance for an european suicidal guy to survive is that he had not been able to reveal his cashier’s pin; after that, he will surely succumb to his recidivist suicide attempt.

  1. Yes, sadly they give out British Passports with Happy Meals these days, it really is a fast food country and economy in so far as living there for too long will constipate you, clog up your arteries and give you a massive heart attack.

    Now, on to the victim and that sleeveless multicoloured shirt and those pants, since it’s not the 80’s anymore his choice of clothing is inexcusable and I get the impression that he may have been partial to ice cream of the “other flavour”, so maybe ladyboys were involved.

    Anyhow, it will be put down as a suicide because he will not survive.

    1. @Empty soul, I was just thinking the same thing about American food. I used to live in the UK before moving to the USA and boy does the food here play havoc with your digestive system. I had to be on a special diet for the first 3 months here until my digestive system got used to the food.

      Anyway back to the guy, he is more than likely paralized from that fall.

      1. @gunkgirl,

        Yeah, most food stuff you can buy is junk, even whole meat such as chicken and beef is pumped with hormones and injected with water to make them look bigger, your best bet is a Mediterranean diet and lots of red wine, best medicine in the world, I live by it.

      1. @arjuna,

        There are no requirements for a British passport, you just turn up, you don’t even need to speak the language, and the British government will give you a taxpayer funded house and a generous social security package for you and all your children and you will get jobs ahead of the British workforce.

        Hell, it is a hell.

          1. Jews and masons control England. It’s no different than US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Rest of Europe. Jews control all white countries. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, both side are freemasons.

          2. @arjuna, it’s just like TPOZ says, we didn’t have a choice because we never got to vote, the wonders of democracy.

            However we do hold some responsibility in that we refuse to take a stand and fight back, we just sleep walk into our own graves.

          3. Yea we don’t get to vote we are just dragged along with all the government bullshit. I want my fucking vote to get the fuck out of Europe. I never voted to get into it in the first sodding place 🙁 stop handing out free housing and benefits to stop all the freeloading fucks coming to the uk.

          4. Freeloaders that are not citizens of the country they reside in are everywhere. Here in the USA as with the UK it’s the citizens that lose out.

  2. Looks like singh sang went BANG!!!..what a terrible suicide this must have been…those Thai fucks are used to those it just me or do they seem sort of creepily happy to do this..they all laugh in the videos of them picking up bodies as well…hmmm…

    1. It’s no joke. My friend and I were walking back to the hotel late at night in Phuket and ladyboys driving on scooters spotted us. My friend was really drunk and got pick pocketed by a lady boy, he/she took his passport out of his pocket and stole all the money that was in the passport holder, he/she then put the passport back in my friends wallet. Further down the street it was pitch black, another pair of ladyboys on a scooter pulled up to us and put their greasy hand all over me, I shoved my hands in my pockets because I knew they were going to try to pick my pocket and they did try but I stopped them. I’m glad I don’t drink very often. Remember, these ladyboys are men…who chopped their cocks off…their crazy!!!

      1. @antivirus
        not to mention sweet and very hard working.

        i walk past handfuls of english arab and greek restaurants to eat at thai old mom and pop restaurant..
        barely speak english but the best fucking food and friendliest bunch everr

  3. Do some of you really forgot about the fact that the British goverment always had several number of colonies around the world? It’s not surprise that a black person would have a british nationality.

    1. Speaking about fifi’s corner..I’m bout to go hit that bitch up for a fapping in my dreams…bout to pop my norcos chase it with some Nyquil…smoke a bowl or two and pass the fuck out from my narcotic Nirvana…ado my gorians….I’ll tell shit smear here hello from you all….lolz…night…. <3

  4. One thing people forget about Thailand is that it is filled with hookers, and hookers are not exactly known for being the most morally upright women. All these guys getting killed there are probably banging hookers and getting setup. Pattaya is hooker heaven, that’s why all the guys are getting killed there. You want to go to Thailand? Meet a girl who has a normal job. Don’t go to Pattaya and fuck prostitutes everyday or you may end up falling off your balcony. It’s the hookers stupid.

    1. I’ve been saying the same fuckin thing….stay away from the hookers!!! Your chances of surviving over there are a tad bit increased in your favor if you do…but then again if you’re not Thai, you’ll probably die anyway.

      1. I’ve been to Thailand more than once and never had a problem. I am a big crazy alpha bastard though so people usually don’t try shit with me. I saw thousands of white people in Pattaya. I also saw 10,000 prostitutes and go-go bars everywhere. I think some guys get setup by hookers or have their drinks spiked by them. Stay away from the prostitutes and watch your drink.

  5. There are so many other places that I would rather visit before I even considered going to Thailand. Not only in Asia, but around the world, and here at home in the U.S. I don’t see the appeal. The place looks run down, and dirty. Except the tourist resorts, of course, but I don’t like those. You can stay at a nice hotel anywhere. Why do it in a foreign country? The point of traveling abroad is to experience another culture. I have no interest in Thai culture. I’ll go elsewhere.

  6. 1 month before this i spoke with one guy about traveling and he bragged about being in Thailand and all this topic and mostly “Dangerous Thailand” pop up’d in my mind and i told him that i heard and read bad stories about Thailand but that stupid liberal retard start to ridicule all what i say.
    I hope he is next on Best Gore but also i hope to see him survived. Then, only then those liberal sheeple’s understand things. Their heads are deep in ass.

  7. Thailand is like the #1 place for people to commit suicide, I mean if they are not being found in their hotel rooms strangled, or with bags over their heads, they are jumping out of windows, I wonder what a handful of Thai strippers charge for this service? “we love you long time then kill you he he he he”

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