British Nationals Among Foreign Mercenaries in Syria

British Nationals Among Foreign Mercenaries in Syria

Before proceeding any further, take the sheep test by asking yourself the following question:

Do you believe Muslims are the problem?

Should YES pop in your mind or should any of its alternatives, whether direct or implied occur to you, then Best Gore is not a website for you. Go with the herd. You couldn’t possibly understand what requires one to look past the tip of their nose so why confuse yourself?

British journalist and photographer John Cantlie was held hostage for a week by jihadists in Syria. I’ve linked a video below which contains an interview in which John Cantlie claims that there were at least 10 British nationals among foreign mercenaries in the group that kept him handcuffed and blindfolded over the course of his capture.

It has been known for a long time that mercenaries from Chechnya, Bosnia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Islamic countries were hired to operate in Syria, but sponsors of the genocide clearly looked much further than in the region and nearby for hire-a-killers.

In another interview, John Cantlie stated that he could clearly recognize Birmingham accents among British mercenaries in Syria. Birmingham, as you may know, was turned into a large settlement of Muslim extremists who avoided prosecution in countries like Syria where they were wanted for ethnic cleansing by lying to the British that they were unlawfully oppressed. Does it surprise anyone that they did not hesitate one bit to get paid a fortune in exchange for squaring up with people who wanted them prosecuted for their crimes back home?

I watched a video with the always amazing David Duke about the situation in Syria on YouTube and could not believe some of the related videos I’ve seen. There are people from Western countries who would organize a demonstration with banners in support of Syrian terrorists. Where are the parents of these demented sheep? If I had a kid who’d turned out this deranged, I’d slap the shit out of it so bad it’d never go out in its miserable life again. This screams parental fail louder than when your kid turns out to be a wigger. WTF?

BTW, check his video out, because David Duke says it like it is. If you believe that Muslims are the problem, you’re an idiot because you see the consequence and focus on it so much, the actual cause of the problem escapes you. The puppet masters have you exactly where they want you – you are the ultimate sheep. Nothing more to add:

I don’t care if you are a Christian, Muslim, Satanist or Atheist – the Zionists are a threat to you all. Likewise, I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, red, purple, blue or orange – the Zionists are a threat to you all. They are picking the individual groups out and irking them against one another, and we get so caught up fighting with the perceived enemy, we fail to see who the real problem makers are.

We must not let the Zionists divide us to the point of no return. We must unite against the one group which is the enemy to us all. They have the power, but we have the numbers. The sheep are so many, that if they only sobered up, the Zionists would have no chance.

I’m under constant threat of being silenced. It could happen by having me assassinated or jailed and tortured (still having troubles getting that cyanide pill). It could happen at any time so be ready. Don’t mourn over me – instead, pick up where I was stopped and continue to push the message forward.

For those who need gore, here’s a video from Syria – a propaganda piece by the mercenaries. Don’t believe anything they have to say, even if you could understand it:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “British Nationals Among Foreign Mercenaries in Syria”

  1. I tried expanding my fathers mind on this topic and got so frustrated I outright called him a sheep and asked him to keep his bah’s and bleats to hisself.

    Those bodies look awfully stinky. The fact the blood turned black reminds me of when I once forgot hamburger in the fridge for a few Weeks. Ugh.

      1. Don’t worry I have a Christian neighbor who believes that jews are gods chosen people and god will comdenn anyone who condemn Israel.

        I was just dumb founded by his ignorance. I guess some people are just sheeps.

          1. @Yo Daddy – My mum is a christian, she believes the Jews are God’s chosen people too. She loves the Jews and went to Israel years ago. I was brought up with all the church going, bible reading, praying all the time etc. I wouldn’t challenge her on her beliefs again though, nothing is ever resolved. She believes in God… I guess that gives her some peace that there is an almighty being looking out for her. If only she would look at the facts of today.

    1. Fool, you’re judging Duke from his long ago past. David Duke is a brilliant man and a excellent communicator and White civil Rights activist.

      Now that the Shit ^ was taken care of…

      I answers your question Mark…
      “In Europe Yes, In Their homeland No”

      1. @Hawk – Please dont call me a fool when it is you who misread my statement. Go back, read it again and you’ll see I wasn’t attacking him, but pointing out that the sheep won’t listen because of his past.

        1. True, true. Being the grand wizard of the KKK usely repel the sheep, but Duke was in the KKK when he didn’t know that harms his reputation more than it helps. If he was going to a White Civil rights activist he should have joined the National Alliance.
          But now Duke is his own Flag bearer and his Message is powerful and wise and true…
          The media and ZOG definitely have it out for Duke because of his Message, and their double agents conspiracy king like Alex Jones get none of the hostile treatment that Duke gets. Alex Jones covers non-sense issue lie Bilderbear groupa nd bohemian grove but really… he’s totally PC, hes multicultural and does nothing to upset the Jewish order. David Duke is the Man!

          1. Jessssica, White civil rights are not a non existent issue for everyone, Where I am from companies employ their staff using what they call ?positive discrimination? what this basically means is that white males are not allowed to be considered for many roles, particularly in the state sector.

            This is by anyone?s standards is racist and therefore it is no wonder that white civil rights movements have appeared, just in the same way that every other civil rights movement as come about, at the end of the day discrimination is still discrimination regardless of who is the recipient.

          2. Oh golly gosh…

            I guess that makes me a Racist Arsehole then! :-D.

            If you had paid attention to who is who on the BG boards… You would know that I am notorious for being a self-admitted Racist, anti-Semite, psychopathic Fascist.

          3. well said trooper.I enjoy your often over biased opinion,in this society of OURS,everyone has the right to an opinion,if so or not agreed on by the load of simple minded trolls surfing this website.Firstly get a life and banish your zionist opinions back to where they came from,being the peanut you people use as a brain.I love your comments trooper,keep em rolling bloke

        1. @Jessica – Please do not think that because we do not agree with your left-wing college proffessor’s views that we are uneducated , or ‘unenlightened.’ Many of us here are quite well-read I assure you. Is it wrong for me as a white male to stand up and support my civil rights? Or is that priviledge now only allowed for the minorities?

          1. 1. I have a butt-hole completely free of toe, ne 1 care to lend a foot?
            2. The Jews killed Jesus, read that book if you’d like…. persecuted my ass….. you can’t be persecuted if you’re the one holding all the flex-cuffs….. Nader Nation 2012.

    2. @Uniballer -this is a problem for some, but you can’t shoot the messenger (well, you Shouldn’t) when he’s speaking such unfettered truth. I believe there’s always a danger of degeneration when a large enough group of like-minded people get together. They just can’t all be as brilliant and focused as a David Duke, David Irving or even Mark Marek. Inevitably, some asshole from the back will yell “nigger” -and that’s all the ZOG media will need to fuel their defamation of their enemies. Stand fast, brother, for the truth will out -no matter who the messengers are!

  2. @vincit omnia veritas this world is going to shit I hope you enjoy this quote I heard in the movie called *fight club* . Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not… fuck with us.

      1. I failed the sheep test too but I think its a petty determination of who are sheep and who aren’t. Muslims are A problem, just not THE problem from the perspective of Mark and in regards to this particular concern.

        1. Don’t worry people… I failed the sheep test as well.

          I despise Muslims in MY country, I couldn’t give a fuck what they get up to in their own nations.

          Assad, Mubarak, Hussein, Gaddafi, et al… We’re NOT Muslim leaders, they were Secular socialists. And great Men.

          Jews however… Will always strive to destroy us no matter how small their number or what nation they are in.

          The Jews use Muslims just as much as they use the wooly-headed LIBSTAINS as a weapon to destroy the West.

          1. Yes Trooper!!! Yess! Exactly.
            The Quran state that one day Islam shall conquer the global… and I’ve already seen young British in London coverting to Islam, it was a strange sight to behold… and I would spill the blood and brains of every Muslim in Europe and burn every single Quran to keep that prophency from coming to fruitious. Long Live Mother Europe and her Colonies around the Global!

          2. Here, here Hawk!

            The youth are naturally inclined to attach themselves to radical politics.

            Unfortunately, it is the ‘trendy, metropolitan’ radical Liberalism which attracts the most.

            I went the other way and became a Fascist.

            I envisage the day when communities gather in the local parks and burn vast quantities of Qu’rans, Talmuds and assorted Marxist texts (like Theodor Adorno’s The Authoritarian Personality)….

            As the bonfires rage in the cold nip of the night, people shall dance merrily to native tunes and consume vats of Ale and Pork.

            An idealistic vision. But one firmly within the reach of a determined people.

    1. @j1mfog -Best Gore isn’t about serious or funny, it’s about reality. Ask your farmer to shear a little more off the top next time, so you may better see the world without that white haze of wool blurring your perception.

      1. @Hawk I don’t think burning abunch of Qu’rans and killing all of Europe’s Muslims will solve much. In fact it will just intensify hatred between Muslims and Europeans, something the Zionist wants. “Divide and Conquer” is a Zionist tactic used to incite hatred between people of different tribes, countries, religions, creed, etc and then take over once everything is over. If you actually look at their (Muslim) demands they’re pretty simple, 1. Pull all military from their lands. 2. Stop supporting Israel (which is something we can all agree on). 3. Engage in diplomacy instead of engaging in violence. If I were you I would look into a Muslim Sheik named Imran Hosein, he’s anti-Zionist but he’s not anti-Western. In fact he actually suggested that Western and Muslim anti-Zionists create a group together in a place like Venezuela so there’s no “outside” interference. I honestly think if we talked with the Muslim’s instead of killing them we could come to a conclusion to fight Zionism together. In fact Muslim’s consider Christians their closest brothers. The ones promoting world domination and suppressing people of other religions are just a very vocal (and delusional) minority.

  3. >Mind blown ~
    Mark don’t give up yet get a gun arsenal and be prepared fight till the end if they come for you (Pretty sure a member from BG could hook you up with that) you have to fight for freedom this is the real truth more people (sheep) need to know the truth for their own sakes.. i don’t know why such a tiny country like Israel can cause so much trouble to the world ~

  4. Yes, humanity Black, White, Asian, Muslim all need to unite against the Zionist. But its not going to be unity like the current multiculturalism where we all join hands and sing kumbaya and live in a wonder mix race society… no, it will be all races respecting each other our differences and our right to live in our own lands, that will destroy the ZOGS multicultural cest pool, and we can all unite in our own tribe and hunt the Spawn of Satan down where ever they may go…
    You know, I always dream a very fancy improbaly dream of the over populated Africans marching in mass towards Israel to destroy them, if only they can understand how the whole mess of “help AFrica” in the long run has Fked them over.

    1. I would hate to see the Holy Land get overrun by the hordes of Africa Hawk.

      It is European land.

      It should be ours to take, and ours to rule. Alone.

      Although I would gladly help the Africans solve their own ‘Jew Problem’. Although at the moment it appears that they don’t have one and we do.

        1. I personally would prefer to send them to Antarctica… Although the Moon is said to be very isolated this time of year.

          The Madagascar plan was the original idea that Hitler wanted to run with.

          We Brits originally wanted to send them to Uganda instead of Palestine.

  5. Mark, please don’t get killed. Seriously I need the Gore, plus make a post of how you will never commit suicide or something. So ever we ever read the News and find a article about how ” Owner of BestGore, suicides” “shot himself in the head 3 times and in the heart 4 times” and they authority who has it out for you state that it was suicide, prehap your audience could rally for a reinvestigate… just saying, you need some insurance against that assasination crap.

    1. I never said I would commit suicide, I just acknowledged that suicide is the most powerful weapon an individual has against the murderous powers that were. They keep us in a cage with gangs of sheep dogs drooling to beat us up. Their whips are long and we are divided hence an individual stands no chance against the power that were. And should the powers that were decide to take the oppression of the individual into the new level, he’d be screwed. Unless he’s dead.

      Look at what happened to Samuel K. Doe – they humiliated him, tortured him, cut off his ear. Then they locked him up to have more fun with him later but as soon as he was alone, he rammed head first against a wall, killing himself. Had he not killed himself, they would have tortured him to no end. He saved himself from it by attempting a very dangerous form of suicide. It was worth it. They have all the power over you, but lose it as soon as you die.

      And if you consider what happened to people who messed with Jewish terror agenda… I could really use a few cyanide pills. I may need to blend some at home.

      1. I think he meant to say that in the case of you getting framed with a suicide, it would better suit you to make a post stating that you would never do it for no reason. So if that is the case, we all will know better.

        We will all keep it going Mark. atleast I know I will do my fucking best.

      2. Billions of people live and dead without so much as muching a dent on the world, they lived as cattle and deaded as cattle never to be remembered for anything. But your deeds will be remember and its effects will resound in your audience longer after you passed from old age or the cynanide pill to escape zog torture (the worst). I must admit, I had suicidal thougths in my life, but I believe those dark periods are gone for now.
        We salute you Vincit Omnia Veritas!

  6. And to think the U.S provides billions of dollars each year to our enemy, such as Israel for the sake of “peace” and “human rights” when in reality we are adding fuel to the fire and playing right into the hands of those who wish to divide and control us. It hasn’t been very long since I learned about the Zionist threat but rest assured I will educate myself and strive to learn the truth. Can anyone here provide me with literature that touches upon this subject or point me to some sites which has more details?

    1. Try Eustice Mullens’ The Biological Jew. It’s a brilliant 50 page summation of the nature of problem.

      Also, Kevin Macdonald’s Culture of Critique covers their influence in Western nations over culture, particularly social engineering and immigration policy.

  7. The Muslims certainly do want to expand their religion and influence across the world and will use any means to accomplish that, however, this is no different than what the Christians wanted and the Jews got.

    We are having our attention diverted by the Jews to only see the Muslims as the natural enemy, before the Muslims it was the Russians and their communist way of life that we had to stop. All the time we fight these ?evil enemies? we find that our own way of life, our laws, our finances and our hopes are being dashed back home by our own leaders.

    If you are one of those people that say, ?well, just look at what these people get away with in our own countries, they deserve it.? then ask yourself why our leaders let them get away with it, if your country is completely filled up with immigrants and of the criminal variety at that, just ask yourself why your leaders let this happen.

    A common theme appears if you question enough, for every problem you come across regarding Muslims or immigration it is a problem that should have been prevented before hand, our leaders love it when we refer to their stupidity for making these mistakes, these people do not make mistakes, they have many advisors to make sure that they make no mistakes, everything that happens is because they wanted it to happen.

    The real enemy is clearly our own leaders and our own leaders depend on the banks to keep them afloat and who controls the banks, that is your answer.

    I will conclude with a famous quote;

    “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”.

    Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838

  8. For all on this planet, control is the bottom line. If you have a family or kids you pose no threat as you fall under the puppet-masters string. TV, most music, clothes, vehicles, foods, even sports…are geared to your control.. having a family or kids is the key…and religion or no religion worldwide, is the scapegoat that the puppet-masters use most. All politicians and countries dumb you, (meaning general public and family types), down to believe that a particular religion or a small waring faction (it is always a small faction it seems in the middle east ) associated with religion is the current problem and a particular sect is to blame thus the result is a massive increase in oil price resulting in more expensive food…(in MOST COUNTRIES) around the world. Most men/women can’t think rationally when they have mouths to feed!, and succomb to their media and leaders outcries ( puppet-masters tighten the strings even tighter),…Our leaders talk to each other everyday, they decide for you, you don’t even have to vote. What happens today was decided a month ago…EXAMPLE. “These folks of X country are getting a little out of hand…give us a collection of the worlds best merc. soliders cover up their faces and do this in Y country and make sure the TV networks…all of them…worldwide…report on this daily…Tell some stories to the local folks in Y country about X country and how bad they hate the religion and people…and make sure that the folks of Y country are completely ignorant so that a massive hatred begins towards X country that will consume the intelligent ones of Y country in a riot of hatred before a chance for the intelligent ones of Y country to re-act takes place…make sure to exterminate innocents and small children for effect and to achieve world sympathy as they (the world) will now think about their own families and be agree-able to send their armed forces to stop this problem .” (puppet masters now tightening strings even tighter), ..Your leaders are not the puppet-masters. Puppet-masters are the ones in the shadows with men (leaders) who love man made currency and mainly POWER and the puppet-masters have an abundance of these types at their disposal…I know there is more to be said…but I am sure that you’re all intelligent enough to figure this out and most likely everyone already knows about what I have wrote here…Only a world-wide effort from all will change this…and this will never happen sadly..Free electricity for the entire world for is available. This is not wishful thinking it can be a reality and can be put into place …but the puppet-masters will quickly kill your ass if you even attempt to change the utility program that is in place…

  9. Muslims are part of the problem…an extension of it if will, while the Zionist Jews are the puppet masters the Western Christians and the Arab Muslims are the puppets the zionist have found away to manipulate us into a fight with the Muslims, Muslims which were originally a zionist problem have now become a problem of the west which is what the zionist Jews have been wanting all along and in order to keep us against the Muslims the Jews orchestrate attacks against the west which are done to place blame on the Muslims some of these attacks were high profile and are the cause of wars going on where Jews perpetrate the majority of their attacks against the west which in turn are blamed on the Muslims in order to fan the flame and fuel the fire

    1. generalizing people with brains, hearts, and personalities into one group (‘muslims’) does pretty much make you a ‘sheep.’ islam has many different spheres and factions. not everyone who follows it is a militant, and fatwas are issued from different people saying contradictory things. there are Shi’as, the various branches of Shi’ism, Sunnis and their main madhabs, Sufis (pretty much a mystical offshoot of sunni), salafis (who are also sunni), Ahmadiyya, druze, i could go on

          1. I’d advise you to emerge from your ivory castle and smell the burning blood as you try to breathe life into a body smashed beyond recognition by a bomb that could just as easily have ripped you limb from limb and then judge. I’ve been there sweetheart, when you have get back to me.

          2. Excellently put @we_fear_change.

            I am getting sick and tired of apologists like @Jeesssssssica making smart arse excuses whilst the ‘Religion of Peace’ is out spreading it’s gospel of ‘Peace’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Tolerance’.

      1. @jessssica -good point about “us vs them”, bad point about “anything else”. Absolutism corrupts the open mind -isn’t your overall thesis meant to enlighten our understanding, and not simply tell people what to think?

        1. I hold my case here. ‘Us vs. them’ is damaging in any form, including the Islamists’ ‘us vs. the west’, the west’s ‘us vs. islam’, and countless other paradigms. This mentality will never lead to long-term peace or anything productive. I agree that absolutism is not a good thing – that is part of the point i am trying to make.

      1. @jessssica Your stance would be laudable if there were a cat’s chance in Hell of it being reciprocated. When a people’s stated aim is your annihilation, when everything you hold dear is anathema to them, by holding out an olive branch you are inviting yourself to making a star appearance in a video in an orange jump suit.

  10. Don’t do to another what you don’t want to be done to yourself, so, don’t commit suicide if you don’t want somebody near to you to do so (by a moment I didn’t know how to end the phrase, but I did it quite well,ha?)

  11. People who said or had it in their minds that Muslims are a problem, but not THE problem got it right. I’m glad to share this piece of internet space with you. In a world run down by the sheep, it’s refreshing to come across individuals who don’t have their heads up their asses.

    1. Just as you said Mark, Muslims are a problem but not the most important problem, We are the problem, us working class, we forever refuse to work together and instead condemn each other whether through brain washing or not.

      Power can be found in numbers and as such we should strive to teach those Zionist that we cannot be controlled so easy, alas as of yet we have failed in this approach, I hope that one day the rest of us can come to an understanding that we can change things when we act together otherwise we all meet a pathetic end.

  12. Thanks, Mark. You’ve got a great view on things. I think you should do more posts where you explain further. They’re always a great read and you’re putting down facts that are very good and important to know.
    I hope nothing happens to you, plus I doubt it will. If you were to get killed, that would be proof to everyone that you were a problem for them because you are letting people know what is really happening. They may fuck your computer up and financially stress you out though, mate.
    Good to know you’re not one of them who just hates blindly. You identify the problem, know what needs to be done.
    Thanks for all this, Mark.

  13. I live in Birmingham and it is swarming with muzzies. The sheep picture is no way the whole picture. You never get to the truth when watching Sky, CNN etc. Its like trying to fill out a crossword with the wrong questions. Muzzies are a little crazy though when their national anthem is uttered – “Allah Uh Akhbar”

  14. Sorry, Mark my friend; but I could not disagree more.

    Muslims are by far the number one enemy of the Western world in every way, shape and form.

    The Jews are not attempting to destroy our way of life. And they are not going around killing and slaughtering.

    The Jews have one, tiny homeland; whilst the Muslims have an entire (increasingly anti-West, anti-White) continent in their name. Furthermore, the Muslims are in our nations, weakening us – and growing rapidly.

    Whenever someone speaks the politically correct truth, it is ALWAYS Muslims who will attack peoples personal lives, and indeed their family’s too; without a seconds thought.

    If an Islamic Caliphate forms, it will be the start of World War III. And Israel has the power to strike against Islamist nations.

    The free word must unite against Islam before all other things.

    1. I have seen Muslims stalk and expose patriots children merely for said patriot speaking out against Islam.

      I have seen countless patriots speak out, only for Muslims to stalk their families, mercilessly and with pure hatred.

      In England, Muslims literally viciously attack English people merely for walking in their own nation. And for merely flying the ST George flag.

      I want multiculturalism to burn and die, painfully. The only people to blame for it are the Left wing filth, the black power scum and the Muslims.

      But believe me, I am well aware that far Left Jews are some of the worst scum.

  15. Muslims are big problem, most of them still live in stone age, their illiteracy avoids them to understand their own book, if they would understand Quran well, they would know jews very well and fight against them till no jews remain, Quran is full of Jew hatred and Jews are shown as evil seed which will bring curse to humanity, shortly if you are a muslim you already accept that jews are your enemies from birth to death.

  16. I knew it – I fucking knew it!!!! Anyone who believes that Islam is not an evil horrible religion must be fucking stupid (or a fucking Muslim themselves). I don’t give a fuck what is going on in Syria, all I know is that Muslims are killing each other and that makes me VERY happy. Fuck Islam and fuck their bullshit fake prophet Muhammad. If there is a Hell – than Muslims are ABSOLUTELY going to burn for eternity. If there isn’t a Hell – well at least they’re killing themselves. I now realize that most people on this site are “sheeps” themselves. We (the West) should definitely support the “rebels” just so we can cause more Muslim deaths. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like any of the organized religions but ISLAM is a fucking horrible disease that must be destroyed at all costs. Oh and by the way – Support Israel! I’m not a fucking Jew but I always enjoy watching Muslims suffer. Fuck Islam

  17. My father was in FN in Lebanon and Bosnia when he was 25 to keep the peace…
    My brother is going to Afghanistan this summer, and I’ll probably go to Syria when the war is over just to help them rebuild the country… and to kill some snackbars

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