Broad Daylight Assassination Caught on CCTV in USA

Broad Daylight Assassination Caught on CCTV in USA

This apparently happened in the US of A. The CCTV footage shows an apparent hitman assassinating a man at a parking lot in broad daylight.

The hitman unloaded it into the guy at close range, as the woman who was with the victim ran with her hands up like a friggin marionette. It took her a while to realize what was going on. Clumsy bitch even faceplanted later on. Meanwhile, another guy walking by took off as soon as the first shots were fired.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video. Does anyone know more about it? Can you confirm if it’s really from the land of Dear Leader?


This happened in Lauderhill, Florida. The victim was identified as 34 year old Gary Wallock. After killing him, the hitman escaped in a blue Nissan Altima, believed to be driven by an accomplice. The police believe the shooter is 26 year old Trace Obrian Walker.

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          2. I agree with Miss-P. I’m from the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and it’s pretty bad. I live in a very good area, but there are other areas I would not walk through during the day, let alone at any time of the night.

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        2. Hey…in Floridah…this is done by: Cubans, White Red Necks, Blacks, Puerto Ricans….you name it….one of the highest rates of gun deaths in the country…..effort in the legislature this year to let teachers be armed in the classroom…Uzi over your shoulder…what could possibly go wrong?

          1. And who invented the guns? mass-produced them and put them on the streets?

            “effort in the legislature this year to let teachers be armed in the classroom”… true that!!! and a few people with their lobbyists in Washington make all the money from “more guns to solve gun problem” stupidity. How they managed to sell the idea to the country shows just how obtuse Americans are.

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      1. That guy probably never killed anyone before, he was like…”is he dead yet? Blam…is he dead yet? Blam blam! I don’t know enough about guns but that thing was fully loaded, lol.

  1. Mark: “Does anyone know more about it? Can you confirm if itโ€™s really from the land of Dear Leader?”

    “LAUDERHILL, FLORIDA โ€” Police are on the lookout for a ruthless killer who repeatedly shot a man in broad daylight on Martin Luther King Day.

    The Belleville News-Democrat reports that Gary Wallock and his girlfriend had just left a seafood market in Lauderhill, Florida, not knowing that a cold-blooded killer was lying in wait just around the corner.

    The gunman made his move as the couple stood near their car, running up to Wallock and firing at the back of his head. The 34-year-old tried to make a run for it as more shots rang out, but ultimately fell to the ground.

    The shooter kept the bullets coming, repeatedly firing at Wallock for up to 13 times. When the girlfriend tried to run away, she was shot at twice.

    Both shots missed, and instead of pursuing her, the killer took off. He got into a getaway car across the street, a blue Nissan Altima which authorities believe had at least two other people inside.

    Police estimate that a total of 25 or more shots were fired. They released CCTV footage of the shooting in hopes of getting more information. They later identified the suspect as 26-year-old Trace Obrian Walker.”


  2. Reminds me of the nightmare I had last night except the shooter took pictures of his victim afterwards. I noticed him before anyone else and warned the two people I was with by saying “run, gunman” and took off! It Wasn’t the real thing however it was a vivid nightmare that felt like the same panic, stress, and instincts as reality. The Instinct for this women to see what’s going on rather then getting the fuck out?.. although I guess it was her boyfriend but still wtf is she going to do? Run you dumb bitch!

  3. I wish I didn’t read the comments. I was excited because it seemed to me initially that everyone was white in this vid. Nigger-on-nigger murders are dime a dozen. His perseverence did liven it up a little bit though.

  4. Poor dude, RIP.
    When I watch this, I can’t help but think of what Donald Dump said about the Bataclan killings:
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    Concerning our topic, even if the victim had an AR15, an AK + a Glock or 2 in his pockets, the poor fuck didn’t have the slightest chance, even if he could’ve been the most accurate at the NRA shooting range.
    Oh and I love weapons, but a good old headbutt, a jab or 2 or/and an extra point in the head avoid the tragic bullet.
    Be a man or run, period.

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  6. Am i the only one who thinks the girl friend was in on it? She saw him running up didnt appear to say anything and if someone is shooting someone why did she walk to other side and watch. Only to run after… the him aiming at her seemed like an act…. what do yall think? A real comment instead of all these racist cowards hiding behind keyboards

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