Broad Daylight Assassination of Hindu Leader Vipin Sharma in Amritsar, India

Broad Daylight Assassination of Hindu Leader Vipin Sharma in Amritsar, India

On Monday October 30, 2017, Vipin Sharma – leader of Hindu Suraksha Sena was shot dead by a pair of assassins in Bharat Nagar locality of the city of Amritsar, state of Punjab, India. He’s the fifth Hindu leader to be assassinated in India in the last 2 years, giving rise to speculations that militancy and/or terrorism have been revived.

The CCTV video of his broad daylight assassination shows Vipin Sharma talking to two men on the street, when he’s approached by two gunmen who open fire at him. The gunmen then run away, and a street sweeper approaches to the corpse, wondering what the heck just happened, before running away himself.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I was more thinking along the lines of:
      “God dammit, i just sweeped that piece of dirt road”

      Amazing that they still use them stoneage brooms… Someone must have bought them in bulk at a fair price a couple of ice ages ago 😀

    1. Religion doesn’t have as great of an affect on people the way most think. Buddhist philosophy is non-violent. Buddha was even against hurting insects but look what the Buddhists are doing in Myanmar.

      People are people, regardless of religion.

  1. The humor you guys use is not just bad – not that you are joking about mangled bodies exposing tits and dicks, that humor hits the recommended target – kudos – but you are such awful comedians – color crayon level – come on??

  2. Another murder…..and for what? I cannot imagine what is inside the person who feels he or she has the right to play God and take someone’s life. And with children around to sadly have that in their minds forever. Sad, children shouldn’t even be witness to such a brutal scene.

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