Brooklyn Teenager Fatally Shot in Head While Rapping on Facebook Live

Brooklyn Teenager Fatally Shot in Head While Rapping on Facebook Live

Brooklyn Teenager Fatally Shot in Head While Rapping on Facebook Live

19 year old Jeremiah Dickey was fatally shot in the head while allegedly rapping on Facebook Live. I say “allegedly” because even though that’s the official claim, it looks to me like he’s merely opening his mouth to an existing rap, and he’s lip syncing abilities are not even that good.

The incident took place at Elton Street and New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn, near where the teenager lived.

Props to Best Gore member @jamaicanking876 for the video:

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    1. Rap is simple and easily mimicked and in that sense it is not that much different to children’s playground rhymes and since children like to copy what they see on tv and its easier to imitate something of a lower standard than it is to imitate an higher standard it creates an audience amongst the lowest common denominator.

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  1. I live in Brooklyn. One less POS I have to worry about. Today may be a good day.

    Being this is Brooklyn and given the screen cap on the main page, I saw the word “rapping” as “raping” which is definitely just as believable.

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