Brutal Slaughter of Fabio Campos Salles by Stepson with Spade to Head

Brutal Slaughter of Fábio Campos Salles by Stepson with Spade to Head

This is what 69 year old Fábio Campos Salles looked like after his stepson, 30 year old AndréLuiz da Silva figured he had enough of his stepdad. According to his sister, André Luiz da Silva allegedly didn’t like the fact that Fábio Campos Salles was boinking his mother Maria de Araújo Devanilda and after 4 years of being with her, André Luiz da Silva picked up a spade and tested how the head of Fábio Campos Salles would stand against it. Not much to say, it was a brutal slaughter.

The murder scene took place in Três Lagoas. André Luiz da Silva was captured by the police about 300 meters from the crime scene and confessed to murder. He said he never accepted him as his stepfather and was against his union with his mother. Looks like dude was seriously pissed. That’s one messy way for a stepson to make sure this 69 year old no longer finds his way into mom’s panties.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. In the early times of Best Gore not everybody had noticed that to be related to a Da Silva wasn’t a good idea…

          1. It looks almost fake. I mean, look at the wall. Looks like someone ?threw? a bucket of food coloring into the room. Plus seems like a lot of watery blood

          2. Yeah, looks like a shotgun blast more than a spade attack,Hey, a spade attack,does that mean he was hit with a nig???

          3. That’s what I thought when I saw your post on Page 1. Then I came to the page and remembered the pic, then I clued in as to what spade you meant. Haha

          4. I’ve been drinkin all day @high I’ll be vback later I need to crash. I hope this catches on and is not to much of a pain in the ass to go back to all these pages. talk to ya later!

          1. Lets get this party started!! LOL Oh, wait, all the gang is not here. Well, hey, if my legs were as long as those of “NPOTD’s” I could do many things, standing over a toilet would be easy…lol
            By the way @ lunatic, great choice, I must say. 🙂 There are many stories on BG that I have not seen yet, and some that I view repeatedly just because. 😉 This will be a good chance for me to see some I have not seen.
            I still hope Mark decides to come back to us, but this is an okay alternative.

          2. Hey Lunatic, did you see what me and Rotten were discussing on the last post about having a blog linked to here, where at least one of us will have control and can post updates, information, etc.. At this time, how do you plan on everyone knowing where to go and when? I mean, I happen to see it, this time because of the last post Mark made, but as for day to day knowledge, how will we know where to go, also for example, if we go a day or two without being able to sign in, and the when you do come back and sign on, where do you go to find everyone? See what I mean?

          3. @med, I know what you sayin’ we’ll have to let a couple of other members weigh in, and I’m sure we will come up with a viable solution. we will listen to ideas and I’m sure we will come to a conclusion that we can all agree on. thank you medex. I must sleep now and talk to you guys later, until then, keep the discussions rollin!

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          5. Perhaps facebook would work, although, employers and other non gore fans could potentially get wind of it which may cause issues for some of us.

          6. I dont think FB is the best way to go. If everyone joined msn or some other compatible program,then chats can take place and the ones not on chat can be given updates

          7. DINGO ATE MY COMMENT!

            I posted yesterday that DrCcoco lives in San Diego (California)
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            FutureDays AND Baked both live in Florida and Jesus lives in Uranus (sorry, I couldn’t tell my finger-mouth-voice to NOT say that just then!)

          1. @High, I thought you said the ‘chat room’ doesn’t work? so did @Razor but I can READ your comments (May 2nd) and Future Days, fuck I’m hopeless I can’t work it out!

          2. Whoa!!!! Lets do the time warp,
            WTF,cross 140 or so pages of
            intergalactic space,following
            the bloodcrumbs,and see that,
            barf……i hav jet an old
            fart,am technophobic,all this
            is complex!!!!

          3. @tiger…for me it was because I had the scroll off, so when new comments were made….I did not see them. Haha. Don’t know what else to tell you. Just type into the white space and hit enter?

        1. MedEx…..and everybody else.
          I REALLY REALLY dig Lunatic’s method here, and the blog site could be nothing more than a daily/weekly road map of sorts.


          It’s one thing to have our own personal accounts with “them” (I made one in case anybody was curious what this impaticular shit-rivet looks like and all that, as I was curious about many of You)

          But as far as te risks of This BEING OUR OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS being blasted to those whom we may not want to know that in which is none of their business.
          MedEx, I bet that You know EXACTLY what I mean.

          Some simple blog-site that we can all go and see where the party is.
          That, and it would likely require no money to opperate.

          1. @Rotten when I click on your name it comes up ‘the page you requested was not found’ Is that an expired FB account/page?

          1. Hey sweetheart.
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          1. Hey guys, I just got some well needed sleep, came back here and the comments on this page had more than doubled since I had last looked! I’m glad you guys liked my idea. Now we have to figure out a good way to count down the pages. Maybe go to post 143 and 142 for the rest of today and then tommorrow, go down two more posts, and so on??? Give opinions and I’m sure we can come to an agreement on the best way to do this. And thanks again for likin’ the idea guys!

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          3. My suggestion would be to utilize 1 full page per week. Sometimes Mark would post that much new content in one day, and I know for me, covering 9-12 posts in a day or two is pretty managable.

            Limiting us to 1 page per week just helsp ensure, if needed, that we have enoguh content to last up….get this, UP TO 3 YEARS!

            (it comes out to 2.9615 years, so around April of 2015 were gonna be hurtin’ pretty bad……..but that’s fine because the odds of the Fleshy Virus lasting that long are quite questionable)

          4. Niet. The cause of increasing the number of pages is the updating. Since only Mark has access to the site backoffice (not now!), the counting is ‘frozen’ (not the commenting counting (I hope)).

          5. Yha, and I apprently stole it to take ALL the credit! That’s how I do things….just look at my picture! (the asshole one, not my actual photo, there I just look like just another F.V.)

    1. hello everyone!
      I find one of the more disturbing photo sets is of the worker that was crushed by the sugar cane press… Slowly pulling you in, know you are going to die a brutal fucking death.. I mean wtf

      i apologize about my duplicate post down below

  1. Now I was wondering if you perhaps left out some accents?

    Since you did write Ara?jo and Tr?s right, I guess they are just alternative spellings, but those names are usually written Andr? and F?bio.

  2. awesome!, Question: there are alot of young people’s deaths posted on the site, and i was just wondering if there family members are notified that pictures and vids are being put on this site. if so do they have the power to say that you cant put them on the web-site

  3. I’ve seen a loony trying to kill someone with a spade but kept missing. He hit several cars and spade went through bodywork like a knife thru butter. People were running away from the altercation like in a disaster movie. Yep, I figured a spade would do this something like this to a human being.

  4. I’m a special effects artist, and I can honestly say that this, for the most part, looks fake to me. The blood looks too thin and too light. It may be the camera’s flash, or if there was water on the floor and wall, that could thin it out. But if it is real, this blood must to be fresh. The blood spray looks a little too perfect. Too concentrated on one area. If blood is going to spray out fast enough and hard enough to cover a chunk of wall like that, it’s going to go everywhere. Also, I’d assume he was swinging this blade around, so there should be marks on the walls from the blood flinging off of it. And where are the footprints? This guy must have been standing right over him to do this and therefore stepping in the blood. The photos look too artistic. As if they were taken by an artist – perhaps the artist who created this effect. Crime scene photos are generally pretty stark. Assuming it’s real, it appears as though this guy was beaten beyond death with a wooden chair. I think the most convincing photo is the one with the least blood, the one of his legs. They really look dead.

  5. Im doing an assignment on these types of sites.
    i feel really strongly against people showing this sort of stuff for humour. i know your ganna say dont come if you dont wanna see. but i think its sick.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion, and so am I.
      So, How about you do an assignment on some cocksucking site?
      yeah this comment was posted 2 half years ago, but stupidity is timeless.
      go eat shiit

          1. Isn’t that just about the most aggrivating thing!

            Especialy when it comes out just right, and there is no trace of it anywhere to justify the work put in, let alone to gain it back to build it again.

            Damn gnomes

  6. You should instead do an assignment on hypocrites like you. You search for this type of content until you find it, then when you find it you are offended and come here with this bullshit. Fucking hypocrite.

    I have shocking news for you, mate – if you search for a video of a horse fucking your mom in the ass long enough, you will find it. I have seen it already (poor horse). Don’t go blaming the site that posts a video of your fucking mom engaging with a horse for entertainment of others. It?s because of sickos like you, who look for this stuff that your mom fucks horses.

  7. I saw this one before and I’m sure that the pictures of the crime scene are not from this event. In fact I’m almost sure that they’re from an accident. In the news, it’s mentioned that the victim was murdered and then moved to the bathroom. It’s obvious in the picture that the body wasn’t moved from the position where its head was blown off. The splatter from the blow is there and there’s no trace of blood outside, only small drops projected from the inside. The spade was shown in the news and it was very narrow and long. Not enough mass to blast the head unless swung at very high speed. There’s no room in the threshold to do that. And it was found outside where the murderer tried to hid it, it would have left a noticeable trace of blood in its way out of the bathroom and there’s no evidence of that.

    Looking at the picture, a pipe threading tool can be seen. There are some items that I can’t identify, one in the sink, that seem to fit one to the other. And, next to the toilet bowl, there’s a small tank that I think it’s a heater. It’s looks small but those things are heavy. They have a lot of pipes inside, thick pipe that has to endure high temperatures. My guess is that he was trying to install it, using the threading tool with his back to the outside because it was easier to put force into the handle. The tank gave way and fell over his head making his feet slip backwards and crushing his head against the floor.

    But it’s just a guess

    1. Dankov, where the fuck did she go?

      Late Dec ’11 these were the last days before she must have gone and kicked rocks.

      She did hang onto her top commenters spot up untill a week or so ago.

      Whitechaple is no-fucking-where to be found either.

          1. @rotten stench,you flirted
            with dankov???? figured
            dankov was a ruskki or a
            britt!!(seen avatar on a
            britt journalist site)

  8. …..and guess who-dun-it
    Now THAT’S the Corpse Factory type of post that we have grown so found of.
    An unrealistic amout of blood sprayed everywhere, a shit-hole looking street somewhere in Brazil and, most importantly, a Da Silva putting red finger paint on everything.

    Long Live Best Gore!

  9. I’m having a hard time believing that a spade could do that as I’m currently in awe. Though I couldn’t help myself from looking for any identifiable face parts in the pool. Poor guy but made my day. Beware the step children.

    On another note I wonder how they flush the toilet xD

    1. It looks like a public restroom, doesn’t it? Unless that drain looking thing in the corner is for a shower or something…a shower without a door in a bathroom with a toilet with no seat…
      There is just something wrong with all that…lol

      1. Ahh now that you mention it does but yeah the drain in the corner is for a shower. Kind like the showers in a locker room. It’s an open shower. I actually like them since there is no annoying curtain to randomly billow out and attack you. xD

          1. Lol. Ah glad I’m not the only one. And then what really sucks is when it attacks multiple times.. and then the objective changes from taking a shower to fending off curtains.

          2. True that true that. And what’s even worse is when you do finally succumb and then it stops attacking you for like five seconds before starting all over again.

  10. Hey,this is great,all the
    -fascista nationales
    -deep thinkers
    -non conformists
    etc etc etc
    makes you wonder if it will
    branch out into other areas.
    waking the sleeping sheep
    from there lethargy of been
    conforming robots,tools of
    the media & polititions,
    the web reaches everywhere.

  11. Day #1 after Mark.

    The signals.

    Every historic catastrophe is preceded by certain signals. It’s like fate sent us warnings, encrypted messages to give us the chance to prevent the future.
    This are some of the signals concerning Best Gore:

    1) Some of Jesus’ comments were replied without affronts, even enthusiastically.
    2) Mouse suggested that he was tired of gore and needed a time off.
    3) Mike bought a car and tried to get a job.

    Isn’t that enough?


    Time to mix a classic undestructible eye with an unexpected act of solidarity from thai pedestrians. Or may be it happened somewhere else? But what’s for sure is that this hanging eye will pursue you through the night.

    Video of a motorcyclist with a hanging undestructible eye been helped by thai pedestrians may be seen by clicking the link below:

  12. This is what I said at the end of Marks 4 year post, it was before I read anything else.

    I?v been thinking.

    I think we are waaaaaay too spoilt.

    Do we all want/expect NEW gore posts from Mark on a FAR too regular basis ????

    And not allow time for the past ones time to ?settle? and give people time to ?catch up? and comment.

    Let?s slow down a bit ?????

    Opinions ????

  13. @Spider…..YES! Poor Mark trying to keep up with demand. I am sure that whenever he would post 4 or 5 new posts in a night we all had a mental orgasm! Lol. He deserves to have time to himself and not spend 18 hours a day on the Site. I hope when and if he comes back, everyone does ?slow down? and as you said to catch up with each other!

  14. Nothing wrong with murdering a step parent, they come into your space and start ordering you around, no, da silva did well here, very well, i only wish i’d done the same to my step mother when i was a kid

  15. This individual just snapped. People like that hold all that hatred inside for an excessive amount of time. They grow tired of the ignorant, whoring despicable acts of subhuman parasitic vermin. Not elaborating whether the hatred isn’t warranted. One day the monster comes out to play. Doesn’t play nice.

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