Buchenwald Concentration Camp Video from Holocaust Uncovered

Buchenwald Concentration Camp Video from Holocaust Uncovered

This video is from a 1945 British Pathe newsreel “German Atrocities – Proof”. How much of it really uncovers holocaust and how much of it is really a “proof” of anything is anyone’s guess. I would probably accept much of it if not for the host – former British member of parliament Mavis Tate. She sounds like someone who needs a monster fucken cock forced down her throat so she would just shut the fuck up already. Everything that comes out of her mouth stinks so much I wouldn’t trust the stench if she farted it out of her ass straight into my nose.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if behind the scenes, Mavis Tate was contracted to return from Buchenwald Concentration Camp conveying the pre-scripted message that had been handed to her before she left. Likewise, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mavis Tate was either Jewish or a puppet of the Jews which makes her about as suitable for the job of presenting factual information about concentration camps as UN monitors would demonstrate if sent to provide “factual information” about situation in Syria. Wait…

If you mute the audio and disregard captions, the video is a powerful document of life in Buchenwald Concentration Camp. It also proves that even as far back as 1945, politicians already knew that not holding back and exposing atrocities for what they really are with all the juicy, graphic details is the most powerful and convincing way to fill the public in. There is obscenity and then there is reality. This is reality.

Props to Nicole for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. German citizens forced to do the digging? Um thats the least they could do. Just kidding…Don’t believe the Nazi Stigma..Not all the Germans were bad or even believed what the Nazi’s believed. Horrible time in human history in my opinion..Or atleast one of the darkest….Not so gory video but defintely worth a watch

      1. Abu ghraib was some what similar.
        But Guantanamo was a hotel resort , The prisoners had access to media, Exercise, Practice their deadly religion, etc etc
        Sure in the end of the day they got tortured, But it isn’t the same coming back to a ps3 after being water boarded…
        It softens the blow..

    1. German President Johannes Rau apologized for the Holocaust in which <<>>perished, saying it is important to teach the younger generation about the past. “I am asking for forgiveness for what Germans have done, for myself and my generation, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, whose future I would like to see alongside the children of Israel. Rau, a long-time friend of Israel elected president last May said he bowed his head in humility before those murdered in the Holocaust during World War II. He stressed the need to teach the younger generation about the past and referred to the building of a Holocaust memorial in Berlin, a cornerstone of which was laid last month, as a sign of a sincere attempt by the German people to remember.

      1. And you call yourself a national socialist??
        denying the incredible achievements of
        iron determination,forged by unity and
        with strength of purpose,tempered with
        They left a paper trail clearly leading to
        the endl?sung,and that started on the
        20th January 1942,headed by S?ss.

  2. If those fuckers can do that to the Jews….where is the stance of the nigger?
    I can not condemn Germany for that, but the fucker who was leading the country at that time. If it happened in Africa, people can call us uncivilized monkeys……….but not even a monkey can starve another monkey to death, FUCK THE NAZI, if you are one FUCK YOU TOO.

      1. Hey Will Smith, Monkeys are known to kill their companions and eat them, they also live in packs or gangs and fight to the death with other gangs, can you see the connection their, you monkey fucker! 😉

    1. The Nazis were not the first to set up concentration camps and starve thousands to death. That distinction belong to the British during the Boer War, when they invented the concentration camp to hold the Boer women and children as well as many pro-Boer blacks. They starved them all to death until the Boers, who were kicking their asses until then, gave up and surrendered.

      Let’s give credit where credit is due. All hail Britannia.

      1. Those Concentration camps you are talking about, are a common feature in all wars.

        We had to detain and control a hostile populace somehow.

        What better way to ‘concentrate’ them in a ‘camp’?

        We didn’t intentionally starve them and kill them.

        Food shortages naturally meant Allies were prioritised in rations.

        The Boers shouldn’t have kicked off if they can’t face the harsh realities of War.

        For every one bad thing my nation has done… It has done 5 good things.

        We developed Parliamentary Democracy. Built the US, Canada, Australia, NZ… Attempted to civilise Africa’s native populace (admittedly, we failed).

        So before you go bashing Britannia. Think of what the world was like before we introduced democracy to the rest of the world.

  3. Jews: From concentrate

    Ah, I had to throw that in there. The majority of my family are German and growing up, once people found out I was part German they called me ‘little nazi’ I didn’t like being called that.

    I also feel incoherent as fuck right now from lack of sleep.

    1. I should also note that I have an epic last name, it is Fuchs. It is German for fox.

      You might notice that ‘Fuchs’ looks awfully similar to ‘fucks’

      So did all the teachers, instructors, managers, doctors, nurses, and friends.

      I will never forget sitting quietly in high school when the intercom clicks on.

      “Nicole Fucks, please report to the office.”


      1. Damn about your surname Nicole.

        I had a similar problem with the ‘Nazi’ calls.

        When I was younger. Some little bastard found out that one of my Great great Grandparents fought for Germany in WWII.

        They made my life hell for a year.

          1. I have had three surnames in my life.

            Only one had a German heritage.

            My birth name is Old Scottish.

            My name at the present is about as English as they get.

  4. Cool video, I am a bit of a history buff and you don’t find many videos like this one. Things haven’t changed much in the last 70 years… Just shifted to different areas.

    On a side note… @Nicole.. If Lunatic gets a vid its only fair that I do as well. Anyways give it some thought 🙂

  5. Died of Malnutrition and Disease not Gassed/ Exterminated. The Germans could barely feed their women and children let alone fully feed Inmates.
    Just remember the during the American Civil War, google Andersonville Prison.

    1. They were gassed. They were also shot not long after arrival. The malnurished ones were slave labor. They would barely feed them then work them to death. Usually women and children were taken one way, the men the other. The women and children were, for the most part, gassed under the pretense of being able to have a shower. Zyklon B was the gas of choice. The prisoners were then forced to dig trenches to bury the bodies and the ashes from the crematorium. Nearby towns complained about the smell so they dug up the bodies and moved them further from the towns. This is why I think many Germans knew what was happening but had no way to change it, they would have been killed, too. For most of the war there was food available for the populace. Of course the elite didn’t ever do without anything.
      A branch of our family tree includes a guard, sort of a leutenant at Dachau. Our branch had come to America between the wars.

      On another note, no country involved with WWII was ‘innocent’ in that war. There were plenty atrocities to go around.

      1. Sorry O.B., but at Buchenwald there were no Jews gassed with Zyklon B. The scenes in the video fitted that propaganda lie perfectly and the Allies (particularly the Americans) milked it for every drop they could but in fact there were no extermination camps on German soil period – a fact that was even admitted by possibly the most famous Nazi hunter that lived, Simon Wiesenthal.

        1. @deedub that is correct sir. The western allies liberated no extermination camps, with the acception of i believe one and it was small, They liberated lots of small concentration camps, however. For those that don’t know the difference, labor camps basically. All the extermination camps were in the east and liberated by the Russians, specifically in places like Ukraine, Poland and Yugoslavia. Auschwitz was unique being both a concentration camp with many satellite camps and an extermination camp plus satellites. Essentially if you were fit to work you worked till you died or could no longer work and were sent next door to be killed and/or cremated. Most women and children went straight to the death camp. Essentially, basically every single person sent to an extermination camp never, ever, even saw a concentration camp

          1. I want to say it was Sobibor, was the only camp with gassingcapability in the west and I also think it was americans that liberated it. Mostly it was just a concentration camp tho. Almost certain it was Sobibor.

      2. Oh yes yes, The mass gassing in the Showers, and than mass cremation, you forgot the part where the Nazis impaled Jews on Unicorn Horns for fun and slaped the Unicorn so i would run around with the impaled jew.

  6. @Mark, you really did excellent work on this one. I was hoping to see this one go up. This is cruel reality and I do agree with you on Mavis Tate being a puppet of the jews. I had more to say but I am just so incoherent and sleep deprived it is not remotely humorous. @[email protected]

  7. What people searched for to land here, “nazi pics of naked juwish women”

    Why the fuck does that typo offend me? Is it because it is so moronically misspelled that the individual who misspelled it needs to take a visit to the concentration camps?

  8. we as non jews are in our own concentration camp run by guess who them. they own and control 95 per cent of all developed country businesses and we starve working for those pigs at shit below poverty fuckin wages. no wounder people hate those money hungry fuck the enviroment selfish fuckers….

  9. Man, people who visit this thread are going to be so confused at these comments. Without that initial comment, the ones left behind make absolutely no sense! I find it highly amusing!

  10. God! This is such a propaganda video! Yes there WAS Jews killed but not as many as they make out. Jews started the fucking war but were too God damn pathetic to finish it. The Holocaust was just Hitler getting riteous revenge!!
    There was NO gas chambers either, that was just more propaganda. Arcitects around the globe have come to the tourist attractions that are the Concentration Camps and when they see the (recently built but made to look old) gas chambers most of them realise that if they WERE used for the purpose of gasing Jews then it would have also killed the Germans in the surrounding area, (due to the structure of the roof and doorway). All these sheeple that think they know it all about the Holocaust sicken me. Most of the people that are still alive from the Holocaust could tell you a different story. Then others are actually paid to lie so as it all goes along with the propaganda! >:(

    1. Strangely Tulio.

      I am not a Holocaust denier.

      I do believe the Soldiers when they came back traumatised telling stories of these Hells on earth.

      I find it pretty sad about the hard-working Jews who were killed.

      I don’t have a problem with a sizeable portion of Jews. After all. Jesus was a Jew.

      Just the Zionists I have a massive problem with.

      It’s the Zionists that I find responisble for the systematic destruction of Western Culture and control of our daily lives.

      Anybody who pays attention to my increasingly radical rants would note I have NEVER endorsed or advocated the eradication of the Jews.

      Just the Zionists.

      Anybody with half an education would know the difference.

      Some people would try to ask me why I don’t transplant the same argument against the Muslims?

      Well. Alot of Muslims are okay. Although a minority they are.

      As I have said before. Islam is rotted to the core.

      I am tired. I don’t want to repeat the same argument I have told a billion times before.

  11. My grandfather was in Trablinka concentration camp, he wasn’t Jewish, he was British.

    He used to tell me stories of what happened to him and what went on in those camps.

    Yes the Germans had a celestrial size hattred for the Jews, but also hated anyone that wasn’t “pure breed” German. To them everyone else was not fit to walk the earth and had to be extinguished.

    One of the stories that really sticks in my mind which I would like to share with you all was when my grandfather was helping build a railway track. He stopped work literally for a second to scratch his back and a German soldier saw him and told him that they would kill another prisoner so that my grandfather would not have the chance to stop work again because he would be doing his work and the work of the executed prisoner. The prisoner was executed right in front of my grandfather. All for scratching his back!

  12. Coincidentally I had a dream I was walking around Auschwitz, I had my own bed, T.V, closet etc In the bath area, But it was empty, Like if it was my house…
    Am I living off the pain of others? Am I living a lie?
    I’m not a holocaust denier, The powers that control the governments don’t need to half ass their ways to gain more masses. Just look at the down fall of the third Reich, the state of Israel began to sprout.
    Give it 200 more years until you see the entire middle east known as ” The Isreali State Union” or some shit like that.

  13. i dont understand how any person/people could ever do something like this to others….horrible. also i would like add…the chick’s cooch in the naked pic of the day looks like an infected gash….maybe she was waxed before the pic…

      1. Feel Me In You’s mustache needs to REALLY die. Then the world will be enveloped by candy-farting unicorns and bi-sexual prostitute angels that will service everyone. What a lovely world that would be….*sigh* So that just really translates into: @pooprocks is very right on.

  14. Has anyone noticed that when the nazis wanted a pure aryan race with blond hair and blue eyes, hitler did not have any of those features. Talk about a bunch of hypocrites. And hitler wasnt even german, he was austrian. I was born with blond hair and blue eyes but as i got older, my hair turned brown and my eyes turned green. If i had lived back then i wouldve been ant to a concentration cap

    1. I think you’re just regurgitating what you heard on your local jewish tv station or jewish authored schoolbooks. I think you don’t know what you’re talking about. Most don’t know jack shit about this topic so the more you say, the more you look like the Ph. D that you are.

  15. The CAPS are like a defence in the wild making themselves appear larger. This frightens the gnomes, making them attack in a swarm taking down their would be attacker dragging the post off never to be seen again.

  16. The brutality of war will never end. The United Nations wants to try and make a game out of it with rules and bans on certain weapons. It will never happen, and those that think it will should be the first ones to go into battle.

    1. I’m not sure I like any political party, but the essence & goals of an organization such as the SS are certainly to be commended for their loyalty and defiance against the founding of that filthy obscene greedy little county that steals the wealth of the whole world.

  17. These (B’Nai) Brit’ Ish (Tar) Limey’s are the MASTER PROPAGANDISTS. These are dead bodies of people who died from dysentery and weight loss due to diarrhea. They got into this position because of the BRITISH & AMERICAN B0mbing and blockades. HAHA These Mind-Twister’s have ALL YOU IDIOTS FOOLED. There WAS NO HOLOCAUST. This is a fraud to create the State of 1srael and the World Monetary Fund. The GERMAN People were punished for OPPOSING THE WORLD JEWISH BANKERS PERIOD END OF ARGUMENT. DONE DEAL . FINISHED.

  18. I’m happier to have freedom pretty much in every way than I am sad you dudes picked such a fucked up subject to make a joke out of. Look at those poor fucking people Hitler starved and tortured to death. The narrator speaks like she has a stick up her ass but that’s the way they did it then.

  19. the only chance the world had to get rid of Europe. FAIL. We should have let the inbreds destroy each other. All this is some funny shit, it can show you show Whites can be as brutes as their Black counterparts. XD

  20. no, what happened to the jews was wrong, but as history reveals itself it is becoming more apparent that the ‘allies’ , new what was going on and did nothing, …………..maybe thats why they are such good allies today, complacency and ignorance is not a good enough excuse for inaction. But they seemed to think it was ok at the time?

  21. Love BG but am constantly horrified by the ignorant hatred and racism that is supported here (which is way more sickening than any image or video on the site). After all: we are ALL blood, guts & gore on the inside – period.

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