Bus Driver Fatally Shot by Passenger in Choloma, Honduras

Bus Driver Fatally Shot by Passenger in Choloma, Honduras

In Choloma, Honduras, an employee of Tikamaya Express was shot dead by a passenger while servicing the route between Choloma and San Pedro Sula. Who the attacker was, or why he shot the bus driver is unknown.

The video shows the driver still alive behind the wheel, but in rough shape, with blood oozing bountifully out of his chest. Red Cross ambulance arrives quickly and takes him away on a stretcher, but the driver died en route to hospital.

What kind of lowlife shit do you have to be to shoot dead a bus driver who’s transporting people to their destination?

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    1. @am0ur
      I know, what the hell is wrong with people. I promise, Am0ur, I will give you immediate and proper medical attention if you ever get hurt and I am a part of the on-lookers! You can just sit back and know you are in good hands, and while you’re sitting you can film it all for BG. k?

    2. Yes, basic first aid was needed but at least they didn’t all just form a tour line and shuffle past the window, heartlessly watching him die without offering any comfort. It’s a step in the right direction…

    3. I don’t think he was shot in the chest. I think he was shot in the head. Looks like a lot of blood coming from his nose, and, as we’ve seen plenty of times on BG, any time there’s a catastrophic shock to the head, as in the force from a gunshot, blood almost always gushes from the wound as well as from the nose.

      Looks like blood ran out of his left nostril like an open spigot, covering his shirt and left arm.

      Just an observation.

  1. I think that some of these people are so shocked at whats happening that they dont no what to do, what if one of them had HIV and you were applying pressure and had a cut on your hand…well guess what…. YOUR HIV positive

          1. I forgive you too for being such a dick, Gory Cory my man, my dude! If you can’t sleep, a cup of hot cocoa and a book can do wonders, you know (if you can read that is LOL!)

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    1. That woman wanted the Driver transcend Heavenwards peacefully less poised in her wisdom that unwanted
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      She should have been doing it on the quite and not making a disturbing scene out of it.
      She added up rather more with her useless utterances than embalm the guy with sweet little words .
      Some folks make an added scene out of a scene.

  3. I SWEAR that guy was still shifting gears as he sat there bleeding to death! Or at least putting it in park. Wow, dying yet still cares about the safety of his passengers. Commendable!

    1. Why do people these days always need to create heroes out of nothing!?! Could it be, just maybe, that was just some kind of muscle reflex, nothing more nothing less!? Sure, if you need your heroes, feel free to assume the ridiculous, but try to use common sense SOME OF THE TIME!

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        Could it be, just maybe, you lack a sense of humor? Could it be, just maybe, you haven’t the foggiest idea how to exchange in good natured banter? Could it be, just MAYBE you’re a little high strung lol! Your blood pressure must be through the ROOF!!! I love how everything gets under your skin. He he he! You should visit the Fap Box and relax a bit! Hope your shitty life gets better soon ???

        Oh, and watch how many words you put in all caps, it’s frowned upon here 😉

          1. Ha ha,
            Unfortunately i don’t think you’ll be around long enough to be friends with anyone… It’s just a matter of time 😆

    2. It reminded me of an old BG video where a power pole (?) came down onto the freeway and slammed into the bus driver. He actually managed to pull the bus over safely… quite impressive.

      Also, that was a far nicer bus than any I’ve even been stuck riding.

  4. Jeez this poor guy was leaking hard. Looked like he was a contestant on Double Dare covered in mustard and ketchup! Don’t know what kind of benefits a bus driver gets in Honduras,but hopefully his family gets the killed on the job money.
    On a more you know note, now I know Cruz Rojo is Red Cross in spanish.

  5. Lowlifes who commit crimes like these, should be tried, the minute that they get arrested. And if they have a couple of eye witnesses, then they should take him in the jail-yard, and shoot him dead like a rabid dog. Useless Cunt, he is!

  6. Slowly News from Honduras has started to pop in as if the evil has stirred it up wild like Brazil.
    I bet the Driver struggled hard to collect every ounce of strength left in him either to move the Bus away or he wanted himself rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible.
    He knew it was the last ditch effort he will have to make but knew he’d be dead soon as his life was hung up in balance because of being fatally shot and having lost all that precious life blood .
    No revival techniques are gonna work if your time has already come.
    Its sad when you get killed doing what you loved most .

      1. Makes you wanna believe how uncertain this life of ours is.
        You begin the day on a happy note and there suddenly you end up gasping for breath to find death has got a solid grip on you and it won’t let go .

        Poor fella tried hard shifting hand on that gear shift but life just kept slipping away from him slowly; as he barely had only that much in him to make his hands move .
        Just saying ,Once found his attacker should be crushed under the wheels of the same Bus .

          1. @Earthy
            just the horrid fate I am wishing for that jerk who shot him dead and fled .
            Somewhere the Karma as always will lie low and will catch him totally unaware to his evildoings when he’ll least expect it coming.

          2. @blucon karma has it’s ways…if this ass isn’t run over by a bus, then something else will finish him off…at worst, he dies naturally and comes back as a 400lb man’s hemeroid

        1. @Earthy
          True indeed karma does have its ways?
          There already at that hour suo moto it got worked out as to which doubly horrendous way he’s gonna meet his gory end ;when he went killing an innocent .
          Bad always begets bad……..and you know that already!

  7. I wasn’t expecting this video to get me but it did. Just as you stated, what kind of pathetic low life piece of fucking shit are you to do that to someone? Another honest hark working individual’s life was senselessly cut short by the direct actions of a cowardly fuck. I can only !fucking PRAY! That someday soon he will be the star of his very own upcoming BestGore post full of pain terror and suffering being filmed to die an agonizingly brutal slow death much like what he has caused to this man! Maybe have someone shoot this worthless fuck in the face and let the family of this man piss is the goddamn hole it creates. **end rant**

  8. Am I the only crazy one thinking that the Red Cross was also ignorant in this situation? First, they just yanked him out of his seat by one arm without first putting on a C-collar and backboard before plopping him onto the “gore-ney.” Plus with all of them there, no one was cutting his clothes off, assessing and putting pressure on the wound(s) or starting an IV. Plus, with all the police officers there, they weren’t keeping the crowd away to keep them from contaminating the crime scene and them doing basic first aid as well?? RIP sir!

  9. if that’s ever me, dying while a superstitious fat whore chants like a lunatic over my bleeding body; I hope my last brash gives me enough strength to spit -with sniper like precision onto that cunts face.

  10. Drivers like “anyone who isn’t currently trying to so valiantly save my life by doing NOTHING could shove me over and drive my fat ass to the hospital for me? That would be great. Hopefully I’m not the only person who has a valid drivers license in this Third World shit hole”

  11. these so called paramedics seem incompetent at best …seems to me that they couldnt even bother saving the guy..yanking him off his seat and no medical support whatsoever? some bystaders would had probably done a better job transporting the guy to the hospital than them …if this happened in usa ,im sure the guy would still be alive

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