Businessman Assassinated While Sitting Next to His Wife in Pernambuco, Brazil

Businessman Assassinated While Sitting Next to His Wife in Pernambuco, Brazil

44 year old Paulo José Cardoso, a businessman who owns a lottery house in Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco, Brazil, was shot dead by an assassin who entered his place of business and gunned him down while he was sitting next to his wife.

I like how the woman pulled the “ostrich” at the shooter – there’s a guy with a loaded weapon right in front of me, so I’m just gonna cover my eyes because if I don’t see the threat, it ceases to be the threat. Makes sense…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Businessman Assassinated While Sitting Next to His Wife in Pernambuco, Brazil”

  1. I think that the good people of Best Gore should send a letter of appreciation to the fine people of Brazil. Without their (FUCKED UP) actions and behavior, this site would not profit and flourish!

          1. Nice crop! You should be a farmer.
            Sorry. It’s late and I didn’t have a dairy farm joke.
            Very nice pic though.

          2. Ha dairy farm joke! That would be interesting! >.< thank you friend.

            And thanks AO (for short) however to die being suffocated by tits isn't a bad way to go lol

    1. @svarg26
      I’m sure that she was only a fraction of a second away from leaping into action to brain the gunman with her chair.
      It’s not like she paid the gunman and told him where to find him and what time he would be there.

    1. @Autoeroticasphycionado That’s actually pretty creative. I like the script. Guy with gun comes in to kill a guy but the chick says lemme suck your cock. Other guy starts jerking off or joins that’s perfect. You’re the new Porn Spielberg, man!

        1. Thanks, but being a quadruple amputee I have no arms for drinking beer or legs for dancing…however, my torso could be placed on a table and my hole used by Argentona’s finest homos – Mauro Icardi, Evita Peron, and your dad.

    1. And voilà …….how to get rid of your husband…..
      Get all his shit for free…..and get the fuck out of there,
      To live another day….with the gunman….!!!!
      Don’t matter what…….only the end result counts…..
      Always keep the bitch under control… matter
      No one should ever share power…..
      Read ” the prince” by Machiavelli….
      Archibrutal…..but works great.

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