Cameraman Follows Trail of Blood to Man Dying from Stab Wounds

Cameraman Follows Trail of Blood to Man Dying from Stab Wounds

Cameraman Follows Trail of Blood to Man Dying from Stab Wounds

The trek down bloody lane, and the finding a person at the end of the trail is rather interesting to watch. The POV was exhilarating to say the least.

A man was stabbed to death inside the hospital in the town of Pauini, Amazonas, Brazil. The cameraman followed the trail of blood to the victim who died from stab wounds moments later.

The victim reportedly came in to the hospital already stabbed a few times looking for aid. Workers came to help, but two unidentified men stormed and broke into the emergency room to finish the job. They ran after the victim and kept on stabbing him.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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105 thoughts on “Cameraman Follows Trail of Blood to Man Dying from Stab Wounds”

  1. Reminds me when I played witcher… Tracking sum mofo by blood trails etc… Also I feel pity for the cleaner who has to clean that shit. His death was a total mess. He had the same look than me having a very bad hangover

  2. Just wondering who would cameraperson (in Canada, we must be ‘gender sensitive’- LOL) be? Police or what? The way they simply grabbed his hair to expose his face makes me wonder. And there is no way in HELL I am the first to post here. Impossible! Came back to edit as see someone beat me. – Nicholai.

    1. Abslutely no sympathy from the camerafukkerman was there, bloody animal. never try to be first brenda, it’s a painful and fruitless waste of energy.

      1. @CurlyBallHair
        You could be right on the money brother, as what you are saying makes 100% complete sense. And with this being in Good Old Da-Silva Land,, Anything is possible! Good Observation Dude. 🙂

          1. @Priscilla Teixeira
            Are you serious Girl,,, like really?? That is too cool, as you are a type of celebrity here on Best-Gore. And if you happen to wear Flip-Flops Also ??? Then You Are Regarded As The Absolute Queen Of Best-Gore Period, lol. 🙂

  3. @brendalee The twerp is new to commenting so it’s a massive possibility that he sits up all day and night refreshing the page until a fresh video is uploaded then pounces. He wants to impress, he yearns to be liked. But never fear he has to sleep eventually and you can grab that top slot. 🙂

  4. This guy plus 4 others went to kill another drug dealer, to take control of the area but he wasn’t home. On the way back the other guy surprised him with his gang and a shootout ensued. Him, an accomplice and the guy he went to kill got shot. All end up in the same hospital… but there info is mixed. Other faction stormed in to finish the job. He(indian) is dead, accomplice survived. Maybe all got away or all got arrested. I think they were arrested.

    Amazonas province now has a multi-million contract with Rudolph Giuliani consulting team (NY) to try and fix the place.

  5. Granted it was vertical, but good camerawork. Nice pace, focused on all the blood spill and spatter and closeup of the victim.
    Meanwhile, how does one just walk by hospital personnel and even grab the guy by the hair? Surely they had some authority. Although it sounded like flip-flops.

    1. Ha! Good shit, you twos… but don’t cha mean brownie goints, sooks? Have no clue what the fuck they’re for, but I can’t get enough of em! I’m nowhere near SS’s rank but I’m pushing a thousand!… and yes, @sloth12, I must be a goint whore. 😀

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        1. Haha, since I took basically a month or so off from BG (had no wifi) when I came back, I had like 49 goints to start off with. I was like, wtf is this shit? Lol… yeah, you poked fun at one of the nubes on the site (think his name was Ryan) and called him a goint whore after he posted a vid but Mark didn’t give him props for it, so he bitched, kekeke… Where’s that vid of the naked black chick that lays under vehicles, I’ll wank twice to that and earn 4 goints. VIP status in no time! 😀

          1. Carnage you have an amazing memory , yes i remember now , the goint whore thing. i forgotthe black woman that lies under vehicles, i’ll look it up cos it’s giving me a semi already, that’s the good thing about having a bad memory, you can keep coming back to the same old porn. I hope godfella’s okay with me wanking over one of his bitches
            @xsookiex That makes sense. donations earn goints, you’re a clever girl sooks , no wonder certain peops are V I P’s

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          Sorry i was not cool like you guys.

  6. That Cameraman was like a Brazilian Steve Irwin.

    He followed the trail all the way to the animal before grabbing a hold of it and shoving it’s face right in front of the camera lens as if to say “crikey, look what i’ve found. It’s an absolute beeeeeeeauty”.

    1. @empty-soul You know i was trying to think of his name to reply to someone about animal videos but i forgot, that’s a coincidence, yes steve irwin was a real daredevil , got killed by a stingray of all things. i see that prick alois is still on it, i reckon he copies and pastes all that stuff , i’ve seen something very similar on the web, it’s amazing what some people will go through to boost their self esteem

  7. Sure, the Brazilians are savage, and have the morals of a fucking mosquito…. but I don’t get why people are so afraid to visit there. I mean, yeah, this site shows a lot of flip flop madness but it doesn’t scare me to the point where I’d say fuck going there.
    WE already live and grew up in parts of the world that are full of chaos.

      1. Eh, it’s more about what you do than being picked on indiscriminately. Shit happens everywhere.

        Thay being said, I’d much rather hang here in my poor barrio than going back to brave the southern asphalt jungle of the Chicongo. I’d rather deal with piss-angry beaners about drugs than getting shot by a dumb happy trigger nigra over some overpriced asian sweatshop shoes.

        I mean, dying is dying, but to get killed over some shit Jordans is an embarrassing death to share with your ancestors in the next world.

    1. They can’t even speak spanish right, their brains are unable to grasp the rolling of the R’s, the callousness of the LL’s, and to not keep your mouth slacking open like you’re retarded when you talk.

      I heard they call their gutural resonances “portuguese”. Yeah, right.

  8. imagine the feeling, how scared you would be, you just got stabbed multiple times and you cant get the blood to stop. your in a hospital but you cant be saved, your bleeding too much, you know your going to die. there is no one that can help you. you dont want to die, you just want a little help and someone to stop the bleeding…. god damn, what a shitty way to go…. you lose consciousness after %25 blood loss. you die at %40 loss….

    1. BTDT , -33%
      Last thing I saw was a very bright light*

      A real guardian angel drove me to the ER. only 2 mi. away & the bright light I saw b4 blackness was the motion sensor lights inside the sliding doors of the entrance of the hosp. Er*
      Just 1 of many NDE’S I’ve been fortunate to survive !!
      & NO , I don’t think I’ll share the Det.z here at BG. ?? WAAAAAY 2 GOREEEEE* Ha ha*,…….
      Maybe after the Next 1 ???¿¿¿
      Unless it’s my last ??

  9. oh, well that is rather terrifying. poor dude.
    i won’t lie… i laughed at the sound of the flip flops on the camera man as he led us down the blood spattered hallway.

    so much blood. so many flips and flops.

    RIP, my dude. to honor your death, i promise not to visit brazil. bg done scared me out of that.

  10. Took a break from this website interesting video kind of fucked up for revisiting this website for taking however long of a break, yet I feel bad the person who has to clean up this mess.

  11. I scrolled through the comments and didn’t see this anywhere…
    Does it look like he has a swastika tattoo inside a box on his chest? Like right over the heart? Maybe its just me but it seems like it. You have to look at the main pic. I was lookin to see if I could see any chest stabs..and noticed that. Dead monkey lookin dude with a swastika tattooed on him lol. that just confuses me. That’s quite easy to do.

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