Canadian Air Force Bombs Dam Near Fallujah in Iraq

Canadian Air Force Bombs Dam Near Fallujah in Iraq

When it comes to bending over backwards for Israel, Canada always strives to lead the way. Because keeping various Muslim countries in the Middle East destabilized has been an ongoing goal of the apartheid state, it didn’t take long for Canada to join the coalition against ISIS – the very entity they helped to create – and start bombing various targets under the pretense of targeting the Islamic State.

Canada’s first strike on an alleged ISIS target was the bombing of “heavy engineering equipment and vehicles” near a dam, west of Fallujah in Iraq. The tool in the video says these “heavy engineering equipment and vehicles” were used to divert water from the Euphrates River to create flooding and displace the population in Anbar province, while also denying water to other populations downstream. LOL, you couldn’t make this shit up if you were a script writer.

I mean seriously – ISIS has their hands full reestablish a caliphate and setting the areas they control so they operate under the rule of Sharia Law. What absolute bullshit purpose would trying to create flooding serve? Where is the footage of the alleged floods caused by ISIS diverting the river? Where is the footage of earthwork ISIS has done to divert the water? Honestly, I’m laughing my ass off at what utter rubbish I’m writing here. I can’t believe that tool said it all with a straight face.

I can’t… I really can’t. LOOOOOL!

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        1. Fuck off cunt, go educate yourself. Jew rats are responsible for the genocide of millions of innocent people. Even North Korea condemned Israelis recent attacks on Palestinian civilians for fucks sake. Take your stinking hook nose out of your arse for 5 minutes and find out the truth.

          1. WTF are you talking about?Who gives a fuck about the Palestine or Jews for that matter.You are regurgitating the same old urban legend that got ALL the shit talkers like you started.What do you KNOW about anything anyway??NOTHING,except what some idiot tells you.Are you THERE?You are probably one of the jackoffs that think The ISLAMIC STATE is a Nobel cause,all the while receiving Welfare and food assistance..Fuck yourself,fuck EVERY Muslim and if I had my way,I would LEVEL the ENTIRE Middle East and then start ridding the USA of ALL foreign scrum..

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        2. I am seeing much more damage over here through Jew International bankers raping our Western nations of their workers hard earned money through their wonderful system of creating money out of nothing(fiat currency) then “lending” this worthless paper to our country at massive rates of interest.
          Gotta be Jew I guess to get the license to just create money out of nothing. I am seeing more of that here than terrorists.
          The Jews win on both end with this action because not only are they lending the western countries the money to spend on this military action and collecting that never ending debt but they also get the destabilized Mid East that keeps them breathing another day.
          Can’t say they are stupid, we fight their wars while they make money off it.

      1. Your name is fitting you uneducate thundercunt. You got to love it when people like you get so mad..but really, what do you expect from someone who obviously has no more than a 7th grade education and is devoid of any facts pertaining to the issue. Go back to school kid, you need it.

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    1. I like how the previous people who constantly shit on the Muslim religion turn face when a Jew does the same thing, and all of a sudden they condemn those actions. Would be tough finding those comments though, best I don’t post this one but fuck it.

    2. Gesundheit.

      You invented the Desert Eagle?! Kudos my friend, that gun is fuckin’ awesome. I shot one once and imagined putting a fist sized hole in my high school gym teacher’s head. A true masterpiece. I would like to invent a badass handgun myself, you must have some tricks of the trade to share, no? No. Because you as an individual had absolutely nothing to do with the with the fucking Desert Eagle. Do you have anything you want to get all shitty about that you have achieved through your own volition? I mean, it’s super cool that your parents fucked at a time and place producing you and providing you with a nationality, I’m not convinced that that has happened to literally everyone in the world so congratulations on your accomplishments.

  2. Been telling you govs are not representing countries. Agenda is ruling now. The actions of our governments and thier fucking lackies sold us out along time ago. Now they act with impunity of bullshit knowing full well it is us who will pay the price when thier dirtly fucking war finds us and weve been letting them do it. Now we get to watch the violence unfold.

  3. I’ve been on that dam.

    I was in the Marines from ’03 to ’07 and from ’05 to ’06 I was deployed to Fallujah. We operated in the surrounding areas as well and this dam across the Euphrates was one of those areas.

    Just down the road from this place was a former Baath Party resort that had been blown to shit during the invasion (2003). We also found what appeared to be a torture chamber. There were shackles hanging from the walls and metal slabs like operating tables.

    EOD detonated that place as well as a cache we found which included 4 or 5 old-school anti-aircraft guns buried in the dirt. The kind that you sit in and rotate around with a wheel on a crank. They were well-preserved in 7-mil plastic tarp.

    We also stopped a car while on patrol. One of the two occupants tried to pull a 9mm pistol and was gunned down by a turret. The other guy surrendered immediately so we Flexi-cuffed him. We searched the car and found a dude in the trunk who was bruised and beaten from head to toe.

    Turns out he was a cabbie and the other two dudes had beat the shit out of him and put him in the trunk of his own cab. They all had Syrian IDs.

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