Captain Shawn Welch of Maine Pepper Sprays and Tortures Restrained Prisoner

Captain Shawn Welch of Maine Pepper Sprays and Tortures Restrained Prisoner

Recently leaked video from Maine Correctional Center shows blatant abuse of power, verbal threats and torture of restrained inmate by Captain Shawn Welch and his group of thugs in full riot gear. After coating the prisoner’s face with a riot pepper spray at close range, Captain Shawn Welch said to Paul Schlosser who was strapped into a restraint chair as his legs shook in pain and fear:

You’re never going to win… Bottom line is the house wins every time.

Paul Schlosser is a former military medic. While in prison, he has received treatment for bipolar disorder and depression. Despite his mental health issues, the cronies put him in solitary confinement for two months and that lead to what happens often to people subjected to long term isolation – the inmate started to cut himself.

On June 7, 2012 Paul Schlosser pulled off his bandages and refused treatment. To show him who the boss is, Captain Shawn Welch had him strapped to a restraint chair and psychologically and physically tortured.

The video starts with Paul Schlosser already immobilized in the restraint chair and surrounded by thugs in full riot gear. At first he’s compliant but then one of the thugs pins his head to the back of the chair and compressed his eyes. Schlosser responds by squirming and spitting at the thug. Chief thug Captain Shawn Welch then pepper sprays him at close range with a riot pepper spray intended to be used on large crowds from a distance of twenty feet or more.

Paul Schlosser chokes and fights for breath and pleads “I can’t breathe, Captain” but chief inquisitor Shawn Welch does nothing. Instead of wiping the fluid off inmate’s face, Shawn Welch has spit hood forced over Paul Schlosser. At no point during the 20 minutes long torture session did Shawn Welch clear the fluid off inmate’s face.

Unfortunately, the Maine Department of Corrections decided to side with the wrongdoer and promote corruption. An internal investigation found that Shawn Welch acted on a personal vendetta against Paul Schlosser and not for any legitimate security reason, but Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte still ignored the recommendation to have him fired. Instead, new procedures have been put in place to ensure no other videos in their prison are leaked. In other words – it’s OK for the correctional officers to torture inmates, just not OK to leak videos of it.

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  1. pffft….he can breath,what a drama queen.he wouldn’t be able to talk if it was hardcore pepper spray. and id like to know what he was in prison for? he could be a total whack job with a history of violent outbursts.Mental disorders are a common claim by people facing a stint behind bars.

    1. Yeah, this guy is a real loser.
      He says he can’t breath and proceeds to talk for several minutes.
      If he really couldn’t breathe and actually had some balls, he wouldn’t say anything and simply faint/die just to spite those cops.

    2. That’s police grade mace, not the stuff you get from the store, the spry pattern from lets say 4 ft releases a hell of a lot. Plus the guys cuffed up in a boss chair. you can’t sit at home and call that guy a pussy.

  2. Despite why Paul is in there, (it’s robbery by the way) this is one of the worse videos I have seen in a long time. The poor bastard was already in solitary for 2 months, depressed enough to injure himself, and heavily medicated. Commanding officers are not supposed to be in a situation like this. He was already restrained, spit mask goes on no matter what. Everything was done to escalate the situation, never to controll it. I think I would rather be on the reciving end of a beheading, then to live every day, in a concrete box. And I hate to be this way, but, all the nay-sayers, comments of how he is a pussy, let us lock you up, tie you down, drug you, after two months of isolation, and spray you in the face with tactical pepper spray.

    1. I would like to thank you for your response. My son is in prison for criminal acts that were secondary to his addiction and a result thereof. He was an awesome child growing up, smart and witty, What people do not seem to understand is that he was so drugged up with stuff (drugs he doesn’t know why he was even taking) that his memory is very vague until they brought the chair in the room and set it down. Anyone watching the video could see he was out of it and came to after he was in the chair. The problem is, all involved knew knew he was just out of surgery and was highly medicated – how do you hold someone responsible when they can’t remember their own name. On top of that, I believe my son was more a gentleman than most men would be. Your comment was much appreciated and nice to read after all the bull above. My son is far from a pussy and I do believe any one of the above flappers would not do so well with bi-polar, addiction, SEG for over 2 months when no other inmate stayed there that long waiting for a bed, depression, a cowardly “captain” with a vendetta looking for a weak moment to be a snake who was not supposed to be involved in any way, crowd can pepper spray inches from his face when he was already restrained and bound that should have been 6 feet from a crowd only, guards holding his injured arm and one with his hand on his forehead and finger in his eye – I dare say he acted with restraint and was almost respectful to that rotten excuse of a human. I personally would not have been that nice under those circumstances. A day of reckoning is on it’s way. Again, your post was very much appreciated and your insight was a breath of fresh air. I raised that young man and love him more than my own life. To watch that video made me sick – now it’s time for me to get busy.

  3. If I was the guy strapped up, my revenge would be to one day walk up to the captain guy (in public place after being released), and go to shake his hand, and as he shakes my hand and hasnt quite copped who I am, id stick him with a sewing needle dipped in the blood of someone with hepatitis. I’d say “good day captain, thanks so much for the memories, enjoy the hepatitis, its ok though your a big brave boy. Ok now, bye bye then!”

    1. If you can get your revenge opportunity why only hep? Give him AID’s and a couple other blood borne sickness’s. Better make certain you don’t get caught though….that ride would be a mother fucker..

      1. Aids would be appropriate but can take a long time to develope and modern medicine blah blah and all that jazz. Guess I was in a hepatitis kind of mood when I wrote it. But the feeling of satisfaction would be the same. I’d sleep like a baby knowing he got what was coming to him

  4. It If I’m ever in a situation where il be doing this, your the first person I will consult as to what the fucker is gonna get, @ kill the filth. Even funnier would be to hire a woman to lure him to a hotel room under the pretense of fucking her, then she suggests a kinky game where she handcuffs him to the bed, as soon as this happens out of the wardrobe/closet comes a big gay black guy with a viagra habit and couple of diseases, and goes to town on him. Safe to say it wouldn’t be pepper spray that ends up on his face. I’m not sick, just imaginative and highly motivated by revenge.

    1. You are truly part of the problem of society. This is the same retarded logic that people follow when they say “oh I didn’t do anything wrong, who cares if authority ignores my right to privacy”

  5. What did this inmate do to deserve that fucking treatment ? He is strapped to a fucking chair, shackeled hand & feet and has a face mask full of mace. w.t.f., he is not HANIBAL LECTER for fuck sakes . P ower tripping cops if you ask me 🙁

  6. Yea this guy will definitely come out of jail a ‘rehabilitated’ individual! More like the next Andre Chikatilo in the making here! Why not just leave him in his cell to scream his head off and vent, and just ignore him? There’s only so much energy a person has before he would exhaust himself. SMH

  7. Jail guards are dirt dumb, knuckle dragging sadists. They are people who have so little to offer that they will spend years of their lives in a jail or prison without ever having been legally forced to be there, in exchange for a meager pay check.

  8. Wow. What the fuck did Captain want from him just to take the mask off? Suck his dick? Thay all had face sheilds on and wouldn’t of had spit skin touch their skin besides the captain who wasn’t close enough to get spat on. Poor guy was begging! Cpt just wanted to degrade and feel like God. What a POS! Wonder why he was in prinson? I’m sure he cut himself just to get SOME human interaction and attention after 2 months. That’d make anyone go crazy!

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