Captured Couple Beaten and Set on Fire While Still Alive in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Captured Couple Beaten and Set on Fire While Still Alive in Santa Catarina, Brazil

It used to be, that the state of Santa Catarina was considered the safest state in Brazil, even by us here at Best Gore. Back a few years ago, while Brazil was ruling the world of gore, only traffic accidents came out of SC. But that has not been the case for a while. These days, SC is as dangerous as the rest of Brazil and this post only further confirms it.

Palhoça is a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina. It is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Florianópolis. In this municipality, in the early hours of November 22, 2017, a young couple was kidnapped, beaten and set on fire by assailants. It is suspected that the couple was killed by members of CV (Comando Vermelho) for their involvement with the rival PCC (Primero Comando do Capital).

The Civil Police of Palhoça has still not located the body of the woman, but the charred remains of 18 year old Rudimar Gonçalves Muller were already found in a thicket in the Pacheco neighborhood, near the BR-101 highway.

The killers filmed the action and posted the video on the internet. It shows them clubbing the young man and then setting him on fire. Then they appear to turn on the girl, and set her on fire as well, however whereas her body has not been found, whether she was indeed killed, or handed a pussy pass per Brazilian standards, remains to be seen.

According to Florianópolis police, nine people have been murdered in Greater Florianópolis in the last two days. And that’s just one city in the state of Santa Catarina. Definitely not a safe place anymore.

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          1. With another confirmed detainee, the Civil Police arrested on Saturday (25) five men suspected of killing a couple in Palhoça, in Greater Florianópolis. The victims, an 18-year-old boy and a 20-year-old girl, were burned alive at dawn on Tuesday (21). This Saturday, the body of the woman was found and identified, as the NSC News showed.
            The killings were filmed by the criminals, who released the video on social networks. The body of the 18-year-old boy, Rudimar Muller, was found charred the day after the crime on a vacant lot by residents of the area. His girlfriend, Thuane Gonçalves da Cruz, was missing.
            The five suspects were arrested in Palhoça in the upper Aririú neighborhood.

            Body found this Saturday

            “One of the prisoners, who may be the crime’s mentor, indicated where the girl’s body was, on a dirt road through a thicket in Águas Mornas [Grande Florianópolis]. He also linked the videos, “said the delegate.
            Around 4:45 pm this Saturday, the Medical Legal Institute (IML) confirmed that the body found charred in Águas Mornas is from Thuane. The team was able to compare the fingerprints of the victim.
            According to Raquel, investigations have pointed out that the crime may be linked to trafficking and factional rivalry. “It seems that the girl had no links with the traffic, but her boyfriend may have relationships with people involved in the traffic,” he said.

        1. I totally agree with Geofox. There is something about this video that is different. Something that haunts me. Mind you I’ve watched tons of videos here on BG including the infamous Venezuela prison torture, man that got his face being peeled alive, jelly brazilian prison arm, and a lot more.

          1. I think we all put ourselves in her position for this one. What would it feel like to watch a significant other or loved one get beat to the brink of death then set on fire, all while knowing I’ll have the same fate in a few minutes.

            I’ll be putting up whatever fight I can. I know that much.

    1. For Most Brazilians, this could end-up as being worse, and a very troubling ordeal, to have to go through, and much more painful than Being Burned Alive. She was so embarrassed about it, that she ran away in Da-Forest in Shame!

  1. Sad to see santa catarina going to shit. It was one of the safest states in brazil, because there are alot of caucasians there.

    My shit fone didnt let me read the narco-mensagem, hahaha, but i read “[he] died, because [he’s] a snitch….”, i wonder if “PCCU” is a school of higher learning in crime.

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          2. “All you Christians are running around and interpreting the “old” testament.”

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            you are without a doubt, a shallow fuckwit and i am glad that you agree. it’s hard not to agree with me.

  2. My God…This is incredible demonic to do.
    I understand beating someone while being angry but this…
    Whatever they did i don’t understand sadistic thing in every Brazilian video.
    They beat and beat and beat that douchebag like he eat someone’s child alive.
    However, no pussy pass for that cute mentaly wasted feminazi girl.
    She looks so slutish and ready to bang and do perv’s out of bondaries that i wan’t to take her out of monitor.
    Anyway, they look?like trouble. No wonder they were killed but wait a fucking minute, this is pure demonic evil right here.
    I wish this killers fast way to deepest pit in hell. Mercyless animals.

    1. The killers are members of a drug cartel and the couple are members of a rival cartel.

      So basically this is just criminals killing criminals. The guys who executed this couple will likely appear on another video in this site in the near future, but as victims instead.

  3. For those wondering, the song belongs to a damned music genre called Funk. And no, that’s not James Brown’s funk, it is totally horrible just like you listened. Decades ago brazilians stole funk and somehow managed to turn it into shitty music that only talks about money, women and how good criminal life is. Not really different from gangsta rap when it comes down to lyrical themes or originality. Sadly, this brain-eating music genre affects the vast majority of the population.

    The lyrics are pro-Comando Vermelho, the criminal organization those thugs belong to. They sing about how the criminals are just “victims of society” and if the government doesn’t give them what they want or if they end up tortured in jail they’re going to fuck shit up and set everything on fire, lol.

    Anyhoo, there’s only one thing better than innocent people killing criminals in self-defence: criminals killing criminals!

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