Car Ambushed by Gunmen on Motorcycle in Pasay City, Philippines

Car Ambushed by Gunmen on Motorcycle in Pasay City, Philippines

On June 22, 2016, in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines, a car with four people inside was ambushed by two gun wielding men on a motorcycle. According to the info I got, the male driver died at the scene, and
the three female passengers were rushed to the hospital.

The photos show only two victims – the driver, and one girl on the rear seat, who seems to be bleeding profusely from her head. She appears ripe for death, but pictures can be misleading.

The motive behind the ambush is unknown, but police suspect that the intended target was a relative of two of the passengers, who was not in the car.

Two gunmen on a motorcycle? That’s some Brazil shit right there.

Props to Best Gore member @pautangina for the pics:

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