Car Bomb Explosion at Guiwan Bus Terminal in Zamboanga City, the Philippines

Car Bomb Explosion at Guiwan Bus Terminal in Zamboanga City, the Philippines

On January 23, 2015, an alleged car bomb explosion rocked Zamboanga City in the Philippines. The blast occurred at around 3:15 pm at the parking lot of a disco pub located across the Guiwan bus terminal.

According to early police reports, 12 people injured, but nobody died. Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco however said in a television interview that 1 person was killed and 37 were injured. Both confirmed the blast was caused by explosives laden car parked outside the disco club.

The video filmed by a witness appears to show smoke rising from a building across the bus terminal. But then, at approximately 1:08 in the video, there is a blast that nobody saw coming. The following scenes are chaotic, but a girl is overheard crying and there are flashes of blood on the ground.

Props to Best Gore member Assassinisher for the video:

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  1. Never would have guessed a car bomb it looked like Uling’s Roasters had a fire and a large propane cooking cylinder went off.
    Awesome slow motion footage of the explosion.

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    As has been said many times here…. Those people don’t respect us except for money.

    Visit at you peril and warn your friends……. Don’t go there for any reason.

    It’s very easy to be set up in other cultures/countries so think twice if you think the grass is greener somewhere else.

    1. I sadly agree with you, Se7en. Country’s been a massive shithole beginning in the late 1980s. Didn t improve then and I don’t see how it would improve now. Would need a miracle to get the country in shape.

      But well… I’m surprised how many whites visit the country, no matter how much it looks bad. Lol. For beaches and bitches, I suppose. The beaches aren’t bad. Don’t know about the bitches.

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  3. Doesn’t anybody know how to film an explosion or bomb detonation?….the way it works is, you walk nonchalantly away with your back to the anticipated fireball, expressing little interest in what is about to blow up behind you, in this way you will appear totally bad ass as it explodes on your six…. Fade to black….Aaaand cut!

  4. Lurker for many years but after saw this, really breaks my heart, I am a young american and goto zamboanga all the time, everyone there and anywhere in philippines are too kind to deserve this. at just an age of 26 i traveled to more then 20 islands and its always been a pleasant time, , so screw you all dont know anything bout. the philippines and you aussies can go back home cya!

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