Car Plows Kids in China, Causing Multiple Deaths

Car Plows Kids in China, Causing Multiple Deaths

Car Plows Kids in China, Causing Multiple Deaths

On Nov 22, 2018 in Huludao City, China, a couple are having a fight in the car and the husband loses his mind and plows through a crowd of elementary kids crossing street. Driver of the black car caused the death of 5 and injured 19.

After hitting the children and fleeing scene, the suicidal man driver was apprehended and was without a care in the world when interviewed by Police.

The soulless driver chose the means of plowing down kids instead plowing himself down on a hard pavement from high above… Good Job!… Dickhead!

Props to Best Gore member @complex for the video:

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        1. You cant kill those things.., like didnt they drop Atomic Bombs on those fckrs a few years back., what the fuck was in those things, fertilizer.? Sure maybe if you hand out enough drivers licenses., maybe. just maybe itll put a dent in there, pop- goes the -ulation.

      1. Let’s do like this only the intelligent regardless of race or ugliness can reproduce. Everyone who scores low on the test has their balls tied up like they do to dogs.

      2. China has a problem of late with total strangers viciously murdering children. Could it be the lack of women? Some people are saying so as the One Child Policy skewed the pop towards too many men.
        Another possible reason is that it was the work of Oghuz Turks , now called Uighers . Those Moslem headchoppers stab and cut any non- moslem they find.

        In any case @insidge ,History Is Violent!

          1. Both true.
            I am cursed or blessed. I remember almost everything i ever hear,read or see! I actually said it here but i thought of volunteering to the intelligence services for ferretting out terrorists . They probably wouldn’t want me because i would recognise too many of THEIR terrorists! Haha. That would prove inconvenient.

            Don’t forget that beer and spirits!

  1. That must be at least 5000+ points per child taken out.
    He should’ve tried doing a handbrake turn into them for a side swipe mega bonus, or done a u-turn and come back to try and get some of the stragglers.

    1. Well, I’m not too sorrowful about the dead boys, but there was also cute little girls among the victims.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pedo, but the truth is – every one of those children will most probably grow up to become a worthless nobody. But when the boys will be just worthless and useless, some of those girls will become worthless, useless, but at least beautiful. Kinda like flowers.

  2. Well this type of stuff usually means getting executed by firing squad in China. Hope they shoot him in the face so his brain matter can flow out. Even the guy on the bike got fuked. I’m surprised they’re all intact. Maybe it’s their light weight that game them the feather effect unlike grown ups who are heavy which then results in intestines and brain splattered about

  3. Anyone who thinks seeing kids getting hurt is funny is a fucking cunt and needs to end up meeting some very angry mexican cartels…the guy driving that car needs to be flayed alive…i would gladly watch that video

      1. @insidge

        People should totally die, and little kids should get all plowed by cars, so they don’t have to experience the life that was given to them. It’s for their own good. It does not sound insane at all, trust me guys.

        Great idea, so let’s start with you, History. Please lay down on the pavement so I can run my car over that empty head of yours and do you and humanity a favor.

        1. Yes that’s why when I’m out on the desert highway where I don’t endanger nobody I speed up to 100/160 mph/kph or more as I see life as cheap and worthless all we do is reproduce, we don’t create nothing of value only destroy the world around us like a Virus. These kids were spared what the future holds for them serving the Glorious Communist Party under Secretary Of The Party most noble Xi Jinping.

      2. Yes i agree that life is shit and most people are like rats spreading diseases, murdering, raping, cheating, lying, stealing, trust no one cause humans are the WORST species on this planet by a mile…this website shows you human nature hence why im here watching videos…so in a sick fucked up way he might of done them a favour or maybe they might be in the 1% of ppl who try to help animals by being vets or ppl by being a doctor…who knows? But i agree with shlomo…lets fucking drive over history and spare him anymore pain in this fucked up world and end his meaningless life

          1. Very true….if i visted someones house and they had a pet dog…i would go straight to the dog…pet it and talk to it completely ignoring the cunts known as humans in the house lol

          2. You’re right about that but we have in our bones wish to believe in people we love and respect and we slept and fall but we continue to believe, here and there. It’s impossible to stop believing in everyone because we want and it’s in DNA.

    1. I am actually kinda getting an erection thinking about all the medieval torture I would perform on that driver if I were to catch him… mmm… there’s no amount of pain and suffering this guy doesn’t deserve, you hear me? No amount.

      1. I hear ya….flay the bastard alive….if you catch him please record it and post it on here so i can watch it….if anyone manages to drive over historys big retarded ugly head please record that also so i can laugh at that dumb cunt getting what he deserves

  4. Every time i see meaningless evil it smells like government Mind Controlled killer to me. Especially when they kill themselves later.
    -If gov. create some law in connection with this case, you know what’s going on.

  5. Oh please, that was probably his excuse to avoid the embarrassment of accidentally accelerating instead of hitting the breaks. Dumb Crasians couldn’t drive normal if their life depended on it.

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