Cartel Chops Into Rival with Machete and Finishes Him Off with Shotgun

Cartel Chops Into Rival with Machete and Finishes Him Off with Shotgun

Cartel Chops Into Rival with Machete and Finishes Him Off with Shotgun

Not sure which gang uses 3 fingers. The camera man shows off 3 fingers and mutters something. Also not sure if the video is from Mexico, or Brazil. But it is likely from either.

In the video, a presumed rival is on the floor, maybe pretending to sleep. He gets chopped in the back of his neck and his back a couple times with a machete. He slips on his own blood trying to get away. Eventually, he is finished off with a shotgun blast and a gun.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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          1. Damn. It’s a good thing the state morticians’ guild has a full stock of turtleneck shirts, putty noses, glass eyes, and in this case (*puke*) adhesive rubber faces for just such occasions.

        1. Yes well they actually have money. And they actually are scary and wrong guys to fuck with. Zilians are brutal also but skinny rats and not tall and their flip flops, shorts and skinny belly is more of a comedy shit to me. Cartel would easily eliminate zilian gangs, since those midgets mostly have rusty knives and maybe .45 or something but mafias are some high lvl shit too.

        2. once again, you are absolutely correct supreme leader.
          now the question is, why does mexico not wipe out brazil? i mean, the cartel can surely take brazil, or some places in central or south america. you know, spread and prosper? or do they have no interest in this?

      1. @Nicholai

        Nor do they wear swim trunk type shorts… Never seen a Mexican wear those, lol. I lived in Arizona for 7 years, been around them a lot… Everything in the video screams Brazil, to me anyways… Judging by all the other videos I’ve seen on Brazil. Those swim trunk type shorts and no shirts seems to be quite popular there…

          1. Fuck off alien human host. Lol. For fuck sakes… You creatures are like flies, just keep bugging and bugging… Always playing the same tune. Never saying anything interesting or worth while… Fuck I wish more people were aware of you guys… /sigh

            Best I can do is keep on posting clues… Hoping it will plant the seed of awakening within the minds of my fellow humans…


          2. the little ignorant child says, why? why? why? daddy and then shits its pants. that’s the shitty life of a satanic khazar in a nutshell.

          3. @Svarg26

            /Yawn You done yet? I know you’re going to continue pretending like you’re a gentile and/or that you have a human soul for that matter, but as far as the shit talk goes… You done? Lol.

        1. It’s Brazil.
          I would like to see the mexicans invading a favela…you don’t have any idea how it is…it’s like a labyrinth. No way they could take it. If it was as easy as you think, the police would have taken the place.
          And despite of what you are saying, the brazilian drug dealers are very well armed.
          At Rio de Janeiro, you also have milicias (ex policeman and ex military) that are taking the favelas. They are also well armed, have the training and skills. Almost half of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro already belong to them.

  1. 1:11 reminded me when I get drunk af home and pass out all of sudden when I open my door. I miss these days lol. Shotgun was epic tho, I would blast too if someone tries to be sneaky and crawl to get my vodka. Also I think its from cartel. They kill people usually in buildings and uses machete. While zilians wont give no fucks where they do it

        1. My sentiments exactly! I’m still blown away at the shitty laying and style… OMG

          Maybe, the dude was the one who worked day and night on laying the tile. When he finished he took a lil nap… Then the home owners came home and took one look

        1. @HonkeyKong, after seeing that I could picture the poor mom coming home after a hard day of cleaning houses and having to clean up after her son’s gang has used their home for another messy killing.
          Poor woman… she is truly the innocent victim here.

    1. I was thinking that too. This was a bit of a messy one. Two rooms are bloodied up pretty good. There’s probably brain matter sprayed all over the place. He really flopped around during the chopping. It was funny how he covered his neck with his hands like that would save him. Instincts I guess.

        1. I feel for the kid. Honestly i think the best thing to do is run cos then the have to shoot you, if you can’t run just fight, then they’ll finish you off quick.

          1. So you’re sayin’ pretending to be asleep in the hopes they will just go away is not a wise play? Yeah, that does makes sense.

          2. No, i’m saying
            “I feel for the kid. Honestly i think the best thing to do is run cos then the have to shoot you, if you can’t run just fight, then they’ll finish you off quick.”

          3. Lol, I was just foolin’, polluted. Was stating the obvious while being a smartass. I know what your sayin’. Although, like a BG member here said before, if you try running or fighting, especially in an enclosed area against a group of armed men (while yourself being unarmed) the punishment would probably be ten times worse. Surly wouldn’t have been no “mercy” shotgun blast to the back of the head. Hate to say it but since he didn’t fight back or run this is probably him getting off easy… wish he would’ve tried though, would’ve made for an even more entertaining video… ya, i know, I’m a desensitized sick fuck. Oh well. 😉

          4. Ha! You’re gonna need all the help you can get, sodbuster… 😉 That was a badass clip, @sloth12, never seen Shane, I’ll have to download or stream it sometime, looks like a real classic.

  2. You give the term “Drug Cartel” a bad name. These flip floppers are nothing more than a flip flop gang from some non name favela. Cartel enforcers usually are better equipped, trained and most importantly actually fed real food.

      1. @darkrose Have you notiuced that people from certain hispanic backgrounds have this middle tyre thing going on? You can see a whole family and they all have that fat belly and love handles , that food is dangerous

          1. @darkrose Honestly fitness is 95% food. It’s all about what you eat. I saw a fat indian woman walking round and round the park today. I think she does it everyday, it will get her nowhere because she eats shit, i can tell she eats deep fried floury food and loads of white rice

  3. They are with PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital – First Command of Capital [São Paulo city]) which has spreaded around the whole fucking country to have war against CV (Comando Vermelho – Red Command), GDE (Guardiões do Estado – Estate Guardians) and FdN (Família do Norte – North’s Family).

    They can keep killing each other. The faster, better.

  4. Irish guy riding down the high street in Dublin on a Donkey and his wife walking behind them. Local citizen assassin stops the guy and says ” can you tell me why the fuck you’re riding a Donkey down the main Street sir and your wife is walking behind you”?
    Guy says ” Well that’s easy officer. She hasn’t got a Donkey”.

  5. Yup, that’s Brazil. Brutal.
    The murderers were saying “Is there anyone else here? Don’t you know who we are? We’re the PCC, you’re dead, take that, take that, take that (while hitting him).
    -Kill him
    -Film here
    Bang bang”

  6. Im from brazil, they are sayng “é tudo 3″which literally means: “everything is three” and showing the number three with their hands, the number three means that they are from the gang “PCC”

  7. Can someone explain to me again why we would want any of thesehalfbreed indian mutts in our country?
    What these people are is halfbreed apache and other desert Indians who have been vicious violent and savage since before they were even human. None of them that I ever hear of are even of medium high intelligence, and the very best that their nation has to offer is that some of them are good citizens, law abiding taxpayers and make good soldiers. That is the top description and only SOME of them resemble that remark. We need to keep these animals at bay not now, but fifty years ago. Money grubbing jew servants and jew allies are the root evil behind this. Now all we can do is just wipe them out, and we no longer have the balls for that.

  8. “Commando vermelho”, is composed of two words, and the hand sign for “2”, is a “v” as in “… vermelho”, thus 2 fingers means “comando vermelho”.

    “Primero comando da capital” – the “pcc” is composed of three significant words, thus 3 fingers means “pcc”. If you listen closely, towards the end, of the vid, they say “pcc”.

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