Cartel de Jalisco Blow Up Rival and Boy with Dynamite

Cartel de Jalisco Blow Up Rival and Boy with Dynamite

You know, it’s been quite some time since we saw something from Mexico. So here you go. A cartel execution with a new twist: Dynamite.

Video from Mexico released by the Jalisco Nueva GeneraciΓ³n Cartel. The video shows members of the cartel taping dynamite to a bloodied man and to the neck of a boy. The dynamite is then exploded from a distance amidst some cheers from the cartel members. Apparently there have been several rivals taken out in this way recently.

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          1. You kidding me right? There’s videos of this so called children torturing and beheading others. This are not typical children. This are savage animals that start very young. Why do you think he’s in that situation? He probably killed or helped to kill people.

    1. thats what i like.
      originality, gore and fucking Boom.

      isis and others need a hard improve for pass in top now. those mexico guys always amaze me with their cruel mind.

      thats the spirit of best gore.

    1. Exactly. They use throw away phones daily so it’s harder to trace them.
      These are not amateur film makers. Bunch of idiots asking for hd or saying “all that money and they use a potato to record this”

      1. That shit looks like fun. Finally the sicarios are having fun with their stupid enemies. IT would be fun if they put those loosers up a tree and film it from a distance with a zoom HD cam . Hahahahahahahahahahaha. DIE motherfuckas.

      1. @bobcat.

        Of all the methods the cartels have utilised, this one is definitely the most ” humane ” I’ve seen.
        I don’t get it, what’s wrong with ’em !?, dynamite !. They’ve gone all soft all of a sudden !

  1. Man they should partner with Discovery Channel to get some ultra high speed footage up close…

    Narrator says that footage aong other videos was found on the phones of a boss and his men that were killed in a clash with the army, so there might be new content coming soon.

  2. Funny how in the header pic he is sitting up with dynamite taped round his chest then you see him lying down caked in blood still taped up and not looking too chipper I have to say!

    He looked already dead. Also I think the boy may have been a bit more hysterical?

    He’s old enough to understand what’s going on.

  3. Hey decapitator, the 1980?s called and they want their head back.

    Dismemberment is like so last century, dynamite is the way to go for all modern trend setters.

    Even Cartels, it would seem, feel the need to keep up with the Joneses.

      1. @bobcat1967,

        I guarantee in the next six months they will be dowsing each other in acid.

        Once they have brutality sorted they will compete on speed of execution.

        Such is life whet we accept primitive apes into our society.

  4. What happened to the blunt knife and chainsaw decaps? So they don’t want the long tedious job of decapitation? got lazy and just let the dynamite do the work? . Is Mexico really getting lazy now?

  5. they should at least invest in high definition cameras that can capture it in slow motion. and i’d rather get blown up with dynamite than get beheaded or get chopped to pieces with an axe by these psychos.

  6. I am Mexican and approve of this, I’m glad they are killing themselves,.but as they die new ones come in. They should do this to the fucking president of Mexico and all of his followers too. The little kid tho, he was probably just enjoying time with his dad or whatever when they got them and probably didn’t know anything about what the dad was doing and got caught up in it. This fuckers don’t care and sometimes they kill the kids and wife before the guy just to make him watch as they murder their loved ones, but like I said I’m glad they are killing each other the family just has to suffer for their decisions…

  7. I think they kill the kid just for the power of doing one so young. It makes their actions so much more wicked. The little bitch had some nice shoes. You can tell he knows he is going to die in a few. His fear is sort of hot.

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