CDN Member Clubbed In Head Til Dead by Cartel Narco Rival

Cartel Member Clubbed In Head Til Dead by Rival Narco Member

Narco gangs in Mexico and the underlying feuds within rivals run deeper than Hatfield-McCoy enmity.

Tied up and with nowhere to run or to hide, blindfolded man is bludgeoned to death by plank wielding rival. The clubbed seal fate this man had to suffer was only two skull-shattering blows before succumbing towards deaths door. The third stroke was undoubtedly death inducing while the fourth final bash against skull was just-to-make-sure. All I have to say about all of this is at least the victim was permanently dreaming before earning full body dismemberment; as is tradition in Mexico drug wars before or after murder.

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    1. Who am I to judge either one of these fine upstanding mexiCANS or the mexiCANT’S (the gentleman with the pending headache on the floor) I mean it’s purty fucking evident they take their tortilla theft serious and they do prosecute to the fullest exstent of the law as shown by this video sheesh

  1. I am anxiously awaiting another savage live chainsaw beheading or a live organ extraction by my countrymen because this was disgraceful to say the least. No gore, no intestines, no live screams in agony of your insides being ripped out or a machete hacking at your neck nothing. Shit heres an idea if any sicario reads this. Set your rivals in a line kneeling down and throw axes at them to see if you him em or darts!

    1. I thunk it’s a chain of command thing, at least with organizations. The higher your rank is, the faster and less painful you die. It’s like the american mob and their whole “it’s only business”, because in the end, it’s only business. That and to avoid lightning a new fire by overdoing a killing, when you’re killing a guy to put one out in the first place. But that courtesy only extends to made men: Associates get the Mexican farewell party.

    2. i’m with you, glorious leader, mexico can do more impressive work. they’ve set the bar so high in the past that a simple bludgeon just won’t do. i will admit to flinching though, those clubbing sounds were rather brutal. hopefully my love for mexico will save me from such a terrible fate.

      1. thank you sweet pea! @darkrose

        whatever the cameraman said, the clubber repeated in a paraphrase… I’m guessing #1

        a) “you done?”
        b) “i’m done!”

        Although, even though I don’t speak Spanish (I should be able to, though) it sounded like he says “ameno” which, according to Jew-Gle translate means “pleasant” so the Seal™ fan could have repeated what cameraman says.

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  3. And I thought the guy with the hammerhead rather skull crusher was trying to ring the gong for another round of death fest.
    It was easy for the one dying that quick and much too easier for the bludgeoner ,for 80% of the protein levels were still showing mightily steady and strong ;screaming back with anger for more such kills.

    1. @dusel

      Well, speaking of Germany, Have you heard a fresh news about a ferocious, new brand of serial-killer??? Well, here it is:


      *Former nurse admits to killing 100 patients in Germany’s biggest serial killing case*

      A former nurse has admitted to killing 100 patients on the first day of his trial in the biggest serial killing case in Germany’s post-war history.

      Niels Hoegel, 41, who has already spent close to a decade in prison on a life sentence for other patient deaths, is accused of intentionally overdosing victims so that he could then show off with his attempts to resuscitate them.

      As the proceedings opened in the northern city of Oldenburg, Sebastian Buehrmann, the presiding judge, asked whether the charges against him were accurate. Hoegel replied quietly “yes”.

      “What I have admitted took place,” he told the courtroom crowded with dozens of grieving relatives.

      As the proceedings began Mr Buehrmann said the main aim of the trial was to establish the full scope of the murder spree that was allowed to go unchecked for years at two German hospitals.

      Investigators say the final toll could top 200 but fear they might never know for sure because the bodies of many possible victims were cremated.

      “We will do our utmost to learn the truth,” Mr Buehrmann said. “It is like a house with dark rooms – we want to bring light into the darkness.”

      Prosecutors say at least 36 patients were killed at a hospital in Oldenburg where he worked, and about 64 more at a clinic in nearby Delmenhorst, between 2000 and 2005.

      More than 130 bodies of patients who died on Hoegel’s watch have been exhumed, in a case investigators have called “unprecedented in Germany to our knowledge”.

      After a minute of silence in the courtroom for the victims, the bearded, heavyset Hoegel listened impassively, his head lowered, as Daniela Schiereck-Bohlmann, the public prosecutor, read out the name of each dead patient and the charges against the defendant.

      One of the more than 100 co-plaintiffs in the trial, Christian Marbach, said it was a scandal that Mr Hoegel had been allowed to kill with impunity for such an extended period of time without hospital authorities or law enforcement intervening.

      “They had everything they needed (to stop him) – you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes,” Mr Marbach, the grandson of one of the patients, told AFP.

      He later expressed surprise about Mr Hoegel’s quick confession, which was broadcast on two large screens to the courtroom audience. “I didn’t expect it to happen today,” he said.

      Caught in 2005 while injecting an unprescribed medication into a patient in Delmenhorst, Mr Hoegel was sentenced in 2008 to seven years in prison for attempted murder.

      A second trial followed in 2014-15 under pressure from alleged victims’ families, who accused prosecutors of dragging their feet.

      He was found guilty of murder and attempted murder of five other victims and given the maximum sentence of 15 years.

      It was then that Mr Hoegel confessed to his psychiatrist at least 30 more murders committed in Delmenhorst. That prompted investigators to take a closer look at suspicious deaths in Oldenburg.

      After he took the stand Tuesday, Mr Hoegel said that he began taking painkillers shortly after becoming a nurse in 1999 as he felt overwhelmed by the job in the intensive care unit.

      “It was the stress – I found (the work) easier on medication. I should have quit,” he said.

      Hoegel appears to have followed a similar procedure each time, first injecting a medication that triggered cardiac arrest, followed by an often futile attempt at resuscitation.

      Prosecutors say he was motivated by vanity, to show off his skills at saving human lives, and by simple “boredom”.

      The choice of victim appears to have been entirely random, with their ages ranging from 34 to 96.

      1. Jesus!
        I don’t know which is worse, the murders themselves or only getting 7 years for first murder, then only 15 years for FIVE murders/attempted murders.
        Too bad it wasn’t Texas we’d give him a little of his own cure for sure!
        Unfortunately this is not rare in any country. Check out Nurses Who Kill on Netflix or YouTube.

      2. The evolution of serial murdering. The more society becomes streamlined, apathetic and amoral, the more absurdly easy psychopats get their kill thrill without even having to break a sweat.

        It becomes then, as time goes on, mind boggling who could be a killer, when a good chunk of the population is maladjusted, and they’re all given the means to off you rather inconspicuously.

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