Casket with Naked Corpse of Young Woman Open During Funeral Procession

Casket with Naked Corpse of Young Woman Open During Funeral Procession

Casket with Naked Corpse of Young Woman Open During Funeral Procession

According to the backinfo I got, the video is from Mexico (CORRECTION: happened in the Dominican Republic, not Mexico). But what goes on in it, I don’t have the slightest clue.

What looks like a funeral procession takes a very bizarre turn when participants open the casket and expose the corpse. Sporting a glossy face, the corpse turns out to be of a young woman who is in the casket naked. The chaos that gets triggered by opening her resting home leads to the corpse being turned upside down.

Overall bizarre behavior which makes little sense to me. Hopefully someone from Dominican Republic, or familiar enough with the Dominican customs and/or rituals, can explain what exactly goes on here.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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    1. @ghostvsspecter
      I agree, Dominican Republic. There is nothing much to be surprised with the behaviour. Similarly to typical African funeral ceremonies. They were paying their last respect to the deceased and they couldn’t believe that their relative is gone. I can see the autopsy lines on the body. She might have been a murder victim or so. probably the body was placed in the right position before sealing off the tomb.

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  1. Screeching monkeys, damned animals. What the hell is this shit? They already knew she was dead, it’s not like she was just killed right there, but that doesn’t hold back their animalistic, completely out of control monkey screeching frenzy fest. And then they grab and fondle the corpse… this is primitive troglodyte behavior. Not Mexico either.

  2. That’s not Mexico there’s too many darkies attending a funeral. And Mexicans don’t listen to bachata or reggeaton at a funeral they listen to narco music. I assume this is the Dominican republic. As for the corpse I feel they wanted to check if she was carrying any valuables with her so they can rob her clean later that night

        1. BadAnddy. It was a different error that is for sure. I wonder what exactly happened . Will Mark tell us?

          I ‘ve heard of Irish Wakes Anddy but this Black Irish wake is ridiculous .What the fuck man!

          I don’t doubt Hamburglar saying this in tge Dominican republic byt these fuckers had the Haitian look and feel about them. I reckon they are Haiitans on the border but over it in Dominica . At one stage about 100years ago the Dominicans could hunt them on sight like foxes.


  3. They trying to get themselves infected with coronavirus from dead body, so they can be admitted to hospital and get free shelter and food till next 21 days… Also they want to earn badge of super spreader in their locality….

  4. Boy that was even more bizarre than the Ayatollah Khomeini’s helicopter send off. People were tearing at the body, and all the wind and activity exposed his dead skinny legs. That was some crazy voodoo thing here. Made me feel all dirty inside and out. Yuck!

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  6. Niggers. Niggers everywhere. Therefore definitely not Mexico.

    As for their behaviour perhaps the funeral attendees were told that it was a wake thus causing them to rush the coffin in the hope of saving her.

  7. So-called ‘prone’ burials – when people are buried face down – are usually a punishment intended to humiliate the deceased and stop them from rising from the grave.

  8. Burying people face-down during the middle ages has been interpreted in different ways,but always related to some kind of punishment or caution observed to the dead person.

    And yes, vampirism is one of them,but other reasons could be: demonic possession (usually linked to convulsions or other strange behaviours derived from illnesses),big sinner (sodomy,child abuse…) or heresy (in some cases abbots who followed questionable predecessors unburied them to bury them again face-down as a punishment to their life habits (gluttony,greedy or lust sins could be the reason)

    Burying the dead face-down was a way to prevent the impure soul threatening the living. ‘ Anthropologist Elena Dellù said: ‘The prone burial was linked to the belief that the soul left the body through the mouth. ‘Burying the dead face-down was a way to prevent the impure soul threatening the living

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  10. Looks like some voodoo thing going on. Notice how they flipped the body face down before closing the casket. That lady that was all over the floor trying to get in the hole with the casket was probably trying to complete the ritual

  11. Nobody understands me but I wanted to say that I really wanted to see the exhumation of a “recent” body buried. Because what I always see is bodies being removed after years, that is, they are already just a skull and that is not so interesting. I wanted to see the body in it’s real state of decomposition, the skin turning green, organs becoming liquid, things like that … I confess that i’m little content with this video, you can get an idea. But it’s still not what I’m looking for.

  12. Hmmmmmmm she looks familiar like Autopsy girl familiar????????? Anyone else think the same. But yea I agree, she must have done something bad or embarrassing to family for her to be buried in the prone position!!!!!!

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  13. Typically being placed on your face is a form of disrespect/disgrace towards the decease. So my guess, this dead lady wasn’t a very good person when she was alive and even in death they wanted to show just that.

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