Casualties of Terrorist Car Bombing at Bab al-Salam Being Brought to Hospital

Casualties of Terrorist Car Bombing at Bab al-Salam Being Brought to Hospital

This video shows Syrian hospital in Damascus being flooded with what looks like dozens of casualties of an apparent terrorist attack carried out with a car bomb at Bab al-Salam (باب السلام‎) – “The Gate of Peace” – one of the eight ancient city-gates of Damascus.

While no official confirmation has been made yet, the attack appears to have been carried out by ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria. ISIS have been very busy destroying Syria’s ancient history. Only yesterday it was reported that ISIS bombed and demolished the Uwais al-Qarani Mosque in Ar-Raqqah. The mosque housed the shrine of Uwais al-Qarani – one of the Prophet Mohammad’s followers revered by the Shiites, and the shrine of Ammar ibn Yasirm, a loyal friend and beloved companion of both the Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali. These monuments to history are incredibly precious. Damage to them is damage to all of mankind.

The video has a very realistic feel – as opposed to most videos which feel rather detached, this one somehow draws you in and makes you feel the pain of the many wounded. Some of the victims seem to be already dead. Others, like the guy with the severe burns on most of his body, still appear to move. I don’t see him surviving such extensive trauma, though.

Notice how there are still undamaged buildings in the background – unlike in most of the rest of Syria. Being the country’s capital city, Damascus and its inhabitants, including Syrian Jews are tightly protected the Syrian Arab Army. But the Jihadists just wouldn’t quit trying to destroy as much of it as possible.

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  1. Wasn’t it Churchill that said “It is better to jaw jaw than to war war”.? 3yrs no end in sight everyday a fresh atrocity. As much as I love the gore these folks are over the top.

      1. @Troll Hunter actually he did. The English tried to stop the immigration and creation of a Jewish state. Unfortunately America and a few other countries allowed this travesty to occur. Churchill was NOT pro Jew.

    1. @POZ obviously it is because they’ve blown up the skate park, basketball court, soccer stadium, swimming pool, football stadium, chess club, ymca, ect, ect. Boredoms a killer.

  2. There’s only so many beds in a hospital…..I can’t imagine being part of the emergency room team that day. You can’t even begin to triage with that kind of patient load and confusion.

    And what’s up with those jeans at the 0:50 mark? Last time I saw a pair of those it was 1982.

  3. I don’t doubt that they’re destroying anything that doesn’t fit their extremely narrow vision of art. I saw a video of some “like minded individuals” using a tank to destroy a centuries old statue of Buddha, carved into a cliff side in ( I think it was ) Afghanistan. Imagine what they’d destroy in a museum.

    1. It’s a real pity they are so narrow minded . I saw that too , it was terrible to watch that ancient stone carving just wantonly destroyed like that .

      God forbid they ever get near to any of the great museums , totally agree @it was me .

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