Cat Fight in Thailand Ends with One Girl Choked to Death

Cat Fight in Thailand Ends with One Girl Choked to Death

Cat fight in Thailand ended very badly for one girl who died as a result of her injuries. The girl on top is choking her even as the other is clearly struggling. The aggressor continually asks, “do you give up? do you give up?” Her mates eventually pull the girl off but were too late. No idea what sparked this, I just hope it wasn’t over a man.

Thanks to MrsPink.

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    1. Mrs Pink I saw your below comment. News article. Therefore, I stand corrected. So to comment on the video:

      The article says not sure what sparked it. I’m going to go on a limb, since it’s Thailand, and assume the one on top had a penis and the other girl felt abandoned by her peers. After all, most women in Thailand have penises and this is why going to Thailand is a horrible idea.

      Maybe the next girl who contests her will also have a penis and thus it will be a fair fight.

      Thanks for the video.

    2. Hi there. I am not sure who to contact regarding not being able to view so many videos. Can you tell me why? Thanks. Recently discovered this site and find it fascinating. However, my 17 year old thinks I am ‘off’ because I visit this site so often. To be honest, I can view many;however, many I cannot. For example, the one above about the ‘cat fight’. Thanks.

        1. @rain1981 Rena these are old videos, they get taken down after a while , may be to free up space or other things which there’s no point in going into. It’s not that you can’t view it, it’s that it’s not there

          1. Haha yeah, i would have got you a bunch of flowers but i thought a dead naked woman is mush more romantic

          1. If the hyoid bone in her throat was fractured during the fight she could easily die from respiratory collapse. She would need to be intubated in a hurry. That or a tracheotomy.

          2. She could of passed out just from having her froat squeezed so tight, thus making her pass out. But Ye id say she had seen her last fight

      1. Nothing wrong with beating a woman if they thoroughly deserve it. Would you just let one slap your girlfriend or sister around, while you sit there taking it like the bitch you are? Fucking pussy-whipped trash.

        1. Nonsense. You can’t have people going around deciding for themselves who deserves to be beaten half to death, because too many people are too stupid to make such judgement. For all we know, his sister fully deserved to be stabbed in the leg, and according to your logic, that means the girl did the right thing by stabbing her.
          We have absolutely no information to enable us to judge what she deserved. If she deserves to be beaten purely for stabbing the other girl in the leg, then her brother deserves to be beaten purely for beating her.
          That’s why we have a court system. People involved cannot make rational judgement, and people in general will not all have the same idea of what is right and wrong.

          1. @oggologgo and I suppose you would’ve just stood there and watched and waited for the police to arrive while some bitch was attacking your sister with a knife. I’ll have you know I was stabbed myself by one of my exs and I still didn’t raise a hand against her but when someone assaults your sis especially with a weapon, man or woman, then that’s an entirely different matter. And if you wouldn’t step in to intervene if that was your sister then by all honesty you’re a spineless piece of shit

      2. Women only want equal rights as long as they can still remain on top. I say if a bitch wants to fight she’s gonna get a fight. I have right to defend myself and the over vaginized men can eat a dick. Women are frail and need protection.

          1. @cornfed710

            I think you’ll find mrchopblade’s logic to be quite interesting, unless you enjoy watching children be assaulted.

    1. When I was little, I used to know kids who played a choking game for fun until they lost consciousness for a few minutes. The bigger fat kid would do the choking using his body against a wall, enough to make them pass out like this for some time. I never subjected myself to this because I was the smarter introverted kid.

      1. The ‘choking game’ still makes the news occasionally, usually when a kid dies! I remember a boy at school ‘playing’ it, his mates let him drop, face first, he broke his front tooth and split his lip up into his nose, nice fucken mates. I still see him 20 years later, the scar looks like he had a hair lip as a baby.

    1. I think a broken neck is the the best hand to hand kill. Nice job…

      Watashi no kanji traslation wa hidoidesu. Gomen’nasai
      Wareware wa mada tomodachi ni naru koto ga dekimasu ka? Watashi wa hontoni anatagasuki.

          1. Yeah borat the fucking ninja !

            @sickdick – hanabi can’t read engrish japanesy because she is not japanesey …….he is a 46 yr old bald fat white dude that still lives with his mum in Manchester, UK….

          2. Don’t worry @1sick I’m not good with kanjis too 😀 you’re so kind don’t know what to say :3 btw don’t pay attention to @dutchy he’s just an old buthurt nigglet sometimes he say I’m an Arab then an gringo,a cop,detective and a lot more he has some mental disorder related with drugs so it’s smart to not pay much attention to what he say 😆

  1. if you say it was n article it seems true. still from the video i would have said it was the punch shortly before that knocked her out. one less shem..poor girl less on this world..

      1. If that was me I would have used those big feet to try and kick the other one off, or just kick anywhere hard! Maybe it was the end of the ‘fight’ and the bottom one was already exhausted?

  2. That look on her face when she is lifted up! Her last seconds of life in absolute terror. I’d say she could have quite easily have died from an instant heart attack brought on by shock. Either that or the other girl either used a pinching action on her windpipe or those punches were aimed at her throat causing the pipe to collapse.

  3. That’s a Great way to kill someone.., Just keep asking “Do you give.?, Do You Give..?” (no not head), All the while Choking him out., huh..?, I can’t hear you.., hahaha.

  4. I don’t know about you, but I see a prime candidate for LE in this video. She only needs to change what she says as she murders someone by choking from “Do you give up?” to “Stop resisting!”

  5. That other girl did seem very little compared to the girl being choked but there may have been other factors at play or perhaps she assumed the others would step in and waited to late to fight back

  6. The two girls are roommates fighting over the rubber dick dildo that they share. The girl on top is tired of using an old bumper jack on her snizz cuz the girl in red never cleans the dong after using it. The inconsiderate bitch leaves it glazed like an old donut with springy pubes glued to it.

  7. I will tell you what I see, the girl on bottom is already almost passing out in the beginning shes in a bad position with her chin at her cheat on her head almost. then her limbs go and as shes not fighting back anymore the girl on top gives her two hard donkey punches and couldve possibly broke her nose and smashed the bone right thru her brain.

  8. Man, pathetic, this made me search for more deaths by choking and came across some sad stuff. I get choked during sex but goddammit , choking some on to death over minor incidence? And the govt harbors these psychos. Sane asylums will make a come back soon.

    1. I sure hope so – us sane folks really do need a respite from the lunacy of fleshy virus-dom. Sane asylums now! The fucking drool saturated psychotics have had it too good for too long. And they even get the better drugs, too! SMH

  9. Somehow i hope they fought over a guys love.
    I would love the fact that i at least was worth fighting for, despite she actually died for hers will to defend her life with me (if it was her)
    Dont fuck with my wife if shes the killer! 🙂
    Could be a good love story

  10. I’m Thai and I can tell without slighest hesitation that the girl on top was indeed a girl and not a ladyboy, judged by her voice. Thai people can easily distinguish real girls and ladyboys. The other voices in the vdo suggests there are accomplices as they say “don’t use weapon” and “no one interfere”, clearly they know what’s going on. That bitch should be jailed if not executed. By the way, the ladyboy jokes are actually annoying, yeah most of Thai homo don’t have to hide in their closets and live with shame, we respect people equally, fuck that right?

  11. Who knows what really happened an why what we can take from it is two parity young lady’s have been murdered at close rang they have know clothes on and that’s all they have there are a number of spins you could add like he striped them first to make it look like it did or one of them was bi and the bf /husband gets wind of it…or my personal fav the three way lovers ring one gets jealous an wacks both two birds one stone….what I don’t like is the cencership …I like the gory details don’t use?…..

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