Caught on CCTV, Lone Gunman Shoots Lone Man Sitting at Table

Caught on CCTV, Lone Gunman Shoots Lone Man Sitting at Table

On CCTV March 17, 2019 in Brazil, a man sitting by himself is shooting the shit with a couple outside an open wall. A man wearing blue shorts enters around the corner holding pistol, sneaks up behind the man sitting down and starts a confrontation with him . A talk between the two abruptly stops when the outgunned man is shot. The toxic 380mm he consumes proves to be lethal.

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for the video:

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        1. I know! the girl runs out, and then immediately comes back, gets her keys, and runs out again. Meanwhile, the guy in red is like “Ah shit not again! I just washed that floor! And damn that gun’s fuckin’ loud!”

          1. Gets out without getting shot….. only to go back into harm’s way for her keys!
            Plus Everybody who was buying her beer is getting shot so it’s time to leave.

    1. They’re just protecting you from having to think too much about reality, how lucky for you. Remember that they want to put you in jail for watching these videos anyway, so I’m sure you’re better off, right?

      1. no wonder so many pages were deleted from fackbook… those pages were active for way too long… people are not gona forget about that… and this is not a telltale game where this function doesnt work…

    2. Tut of all countries of all planets your on earth with a name like skywalker come on man you have an x-wing fighter are you or are you not a jedi knight master even & your in new zealand you just burst my bubble

        1. Hey Casual… I been away…. good to see you’re still here. You guys with your fancy supplements….they can be more dangerous than helpful. I’d suggest better nutrition and 7 hours of regular sleep…and that victim will be feeling right as rain soon.

      1. @masterplan

        Your Contributions No Matter How Small, Or How Large Are Always Appreciated, as it is Part of what Makes Best-Gore Complete Brother. 🙂 And You Are Right, as All I Want Also is for Best-Gore to be what it used to always be, and put this behind Me/Us.

        I Would Love Nothing More Than To See It Return To The Days where we were all this Good, And Tight, Loving Community, That had always Made Us All,,, A Cut above the rest. I So,,, So Wish That I Could Back-Up Time, but unfortunately that is an impossibility, as i would do whatever it takes to do so. 🙁

        I Guess only time will tell if we can heal the past, and hopefully move-on to happier days!
        Thanks For Your Time, and reply B G Brother. 🙂

      1. @TheCaptain,
        Yeah so what the fuck was that all about? Is it one of those guess how many piss parasites are in this 1920’s style pop bottle and you get a 3 tired beat up Chevy Nova or what? They have to cork that suminabitch with a cantaloupe for fucks sake.

  1. The Shooter looks To Be Quite Confused after *The Shot/Dying Man* Seams To Explain to Him, and In (Explicit Detail) What Really Happened. So Maybe The Victim Was Not Guilty/Responsible After-All For Whatever Crime, or Offence That He Was Accused Of Committing.

    So The Shooter Might Of Been Pissed-Off , And Ended-Up Shooting The Wrong Guy. Sad Situation For The Poor Innocent Victim, that was Probably Shot, & Killed For No Reason. At Least,,, That Is The Impression That I Got From Looking At The Shooters Reaction, And The Fact That Right Near The End, He Kept Looking At His Handgun as If To Say To Himself, Did I Really Just Do That, & Shoot/Kill That Poor Man? 🙁

    1. The kitchen deserter making gestures in the beginning was his wife/girlfriend. He was sick of her burning all the food in the house and not being able to suck a dick to save her life. So the gentleman went out to the shittist restaurant in town just to prove to her that a slow roasted sewer rat tastes better then her cooking. She took it personally that an ungutted unwashed rodent cooked alive in a crock pot tastes better then her Bauru. So she did what any cock carousel rider would do and called her fuck buddy who was too willing to shoot the guy. Who eats at a restaurant with yellow lawn chairs? Guess nobody.

        1. Sunny yesterday and scattered showers today, California is a nice place if we can only get rid of the filth, hippies, liberals ect. 60 year old lady was knifed to death in her home by an illegal in San Jose a “sanctuary city” two miles from my mother’s house. Just look up Bambi Larson for the info. I caught the same guy stealing my mothers lawn art “my old geese decoys” and her neighbor caught him in his back yard a week before that. Trying to get her up here to move up here with me San Jose has gone to shit with the homeless and illegals.
          How is your winter hellscape? Are you buring the antique furniture yet for warmth? Spooning with strangers for body heat? Sexual favors to get your driveway shoveled and salted? Lol

          1. It’s Raining Today here in Ottawa, but it is a welcome sight, instead of the 5 to 10 centimeters 2.5 to 5 inches of Snow That They Were Forecasting. Man I Wish i lived in California with all of your beautiful winter weather.

            I’m sad to here about that poor old lady brother, as that sucks. What the hell was that retard thinking stealing geese decoys?? To sell them at the local pawn shop i guess?? Cause although i have never purchased any myself, i think that they are still quite pricey at about 40 to 50 Bucks Each, for decent quality ones no??

            It’s too bad that these Illegal Refugees have to ruin-it for you guys, as like i said California is so damn beautiful State. And Because we have never been to Cali, My Wife, & I Will Surely Visit/Travel There in the near future. Maybe in the next 2 to 4 Years, Or So, we will take A Month And See All of it’s Splendor, and Natural Beauty. 🙂 If You Are Still here on B G Which I’m Sure You Will Be, as we all become lifers on here once hooked, lol, we can get together and share some good beer, good food, & good times brother, while we tour Around.

            Are you a hunter yourself? And if so do you hunt Deer Also, or are you just more into Geese, Ducks, Partridge, and just general small game bud?

            Burning the Antiques for warmth, lol. Actually we do have a wood burning fireplace in the living room, but i have only had 3 fires in it this winter. The Wife does not like it cause our furnace thermostat is in the living room also, and near the fireplace, so when i have a fire on, the living room gets hot so the furnace does not go on, and the rest of the house gets cold. So i can see where she’s coming from.

            And since we just bought, and moved-in to this new house last June this was our first winter here, so it’s a learning curve.The fireplace will be a spring, and fall thing i think, instead of lighting-it in the middle of our 3 cold winter -40 months!

      1. I can’t really explain why, but though this vid may as well be Strawberry Shortcake, in relation to Brazil’s usual video offerings, this was strangely disturbing. Watching his life slowly expire, and seeing his movements get more and more lethargic got me in a weird way. So, needless to say, but that feeling is why I love this shit. I watched this dude die for like the last 30 minutes. I’m not here for any knowledge, or proof the world is a sick place, or whatever. Nope, I freely admit pure fascination.

  2. If I lived in Brazil or Mexico, I would always sit facing a door, never my back to it, I’d never leave the house without a bullet/stab proof vest and I’d carry a snug nose handgun for defence, perhaps then I might live to see old age…

  3. I like to know what was so important that the girl with the grey tank top came back in the joint to get? Not seeing a purse. Or what about the other broad in white? She pops her head into a bad situation without blinking an eye! There are many a stupid human down in Braz-shithole aren’t there?

  4. Probably a 380, not 9mm. 380 are common in the streets since it’s an allowed gauge, hence easy to appears on black markets. 9mm is hard because it’s a forbidden gauge, only allowed to policimen.

  5. He dozed off pretty quickly. He seemed pretty fine after being shot, as if he wasn’t hit in any major organ. Does blood loss get you that quickly? Or could it have been cardiac arrest due to the physical and emotional shock?

  6. This is why I never sit with my back to the door and as far back as possible, so to have enough room between me and the door, so I have time to assess any possible threat. It’s all about logistics and assessment of your surroundings.

  7. Watched this several times wondering what started the conflict. If you watch the beginning where the victim is talking to the couple in the window, he makes a thumbs up sign, and the killer walking right past the window behind the couple at that very moment seems to gesture to himself, as if saying, “Are you talking to m?” Just a guess, but this looks like killer took offense thinking the victim was addressing him offensively, when the victim never even saw him.

  8. Bizarre, Human beings are just nuts. Poor man. What did he do? Does anyone understand what is being said? Just too weird and awful to see someone just sitting at a coffee table to die in such a horrible way. Just too much. The other people reacting like they did says a lot about us, I guess. We are not too far removed from the trees. We got A LOT of work to do. Just awful.

  9. He gave “I’m going out to get wasted a whole new meaning”
    He was so slow in drawing his gun, He could have sent a post card during the altercation while screaming I’m going to sh…..

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