Caught on Dashcam – Suicide Bomber Blows Up Moving Bus in Volgograd, Russia

Caught on Dashcam - Suicide Bomber Blows Up Moving Bus in Volgograd, Russia

An apparent terrorist attack took place on a public transport bus in Volgograd, Russia yesterday. A suicide bomber with explosives attached to his/her body set them off while the bus was in motion. Given how ubiquitous dashcams are throughout Russia, the moment of the explosion was caught on one.

Out of 40 people that were in the bus, 6 died and 20 were injured. Surprisingly, many passengers survived without injuries and can be seen running out, which is amazing after a blast like that in such a confined space. It’s truly saddening that it’s the innocent that pay the highest price owing to the inability of those with power to get along.

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      1. Frodogore, I don’t doubt their tough, but flesh and bone doesn’t trump explosives….most of the time. Guess it depends on where the bomber was sitting and the direction / strength of the blast.

        That vid of the old Russian guy was one of my favorites!

          1. Maybe it’s because the Russians of today are the descendants of the toughest of the tough who survived all the wars – purges – and Stalin’s rule. It has been a sort of social experiment to see how much of a tough motherfucker they could breed.

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  1. Can’t believe only six people died. Lucky people.

    I want a dashcam so bad. One facing out the window to catch dumbasses doing dumb things.. and one facing inside. So I can catch all the crazy shit that goes on in my car and how awfuI i sound singing along to Britney Spears when I’m driving.

    1. I just saw a story on TV today about her. Her real voice while singing on stage without the assistance of backing tracks and back up singers. It was horrendous. Could pretty much guarantee you sound better so I’d be happy to pay a dollar for your live feed.

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  3. I head that this was an black widow bomber, woman of dead arabs who were killed by the russian army in places like chechen, they are pissed off so they blow them self in public places to gain russian victims

  4. Boy, that left me thirsty for a tall drink of “what the hell happened on the inside of the bus !” It’s like going to school but having your favorite class cancelled. πŸ™ Maybe some good cell phone footage is on the way.

  5. Thank God for my road bicycle. Haven’t used public transportation in decades, and don’t plan on using it anytime soon. Fuck gym memberships and public transport! And I don’t mind sacrificing a little groin soreness for convenience, autonomy and free exercise.
    Now someday who knows, I might get hit by a bus while riding my bike, but one thing’s for certain, never another dull moment on two thin wheels!

  6. Gotta love fleshy virus technology and dashcams………

    Insurance companies hate video proof and now bump up excess for ‘whatever’

    Insurance has to be surely the biggest LEGAL rip-off on the planet……….. Try making a claim for anything and they’re be surveillance on your ass.

    1. here in the states, Healthcare is a fucking crime. it’s retarded. its all about money. the money is made by keeping people sick not making people better. you’re insurance will not cover you to take care of something early. It has to become malignant/fatal before you have any hope of surgery being covered.
      in the movie Sicko, one of the heads of a health insurance company actually fucking admitted that they only look at the fucking dollar signs attached to a case and that’s what determines if they approve you. they don’t read shit, they just look at the numbers. fucking sick, man.

        1. @Obli, I won’t talk about whether Obamacare is a good thing or not because that is for the American people to decide and the rest of the world should keep out however an important fact to note is that there is no such thing as free health care.

          The British NHS health care system is touted by many to be a free health care system, where you are treated for all your problems and never have to worry about selling your house to pay the health care costs and this is sort of true but there is a catch.

          Every British worker pays a tax called NHS contributions and it comes straight out of your wages and this is what pays for the care but this care is also open to all and as such the NHS is used and abused by health tourists, non British people leaving what ever third world shit hole they came from to seek free treatment, where they also decide to stay to sponge of the state like parasites.

          The NHS also, in order to save money, employs doctors from Africa and Muslim countries because they work cheap, they also employ Malaysian nurses for much the same reason, this means that the British doctors and nurses cannot find employment in their own country and have to move abroad, it also means that treatment is now being given by medical staff that struggle to speak and read English and their medical skills are extremely lacking because the training is not to the same high standards in their countries.

          The end result is that the British tax payer ends up paying for immigrants to get treated, they end up with diminished medical standards via the cheap third world medical staff and as such face medical negligence and even death in higher numbers than ever before also they do not get to have access to the same life saving drugs that the private healthcare patients receive.

          My conclusion, since the tax payer funds the care it cannot be said to be free, free for immigrants certainly but not for the indigenous population, it has also caused more unemployment among the indigenous medical professionals, it has caused more immigrants to want to come and live in Britain and it has also caused more taxes to be placed upon the people to keep the healthcare system from failing due to the vast amount of immigrants now using it which means that the indigenous population are now poorer as a result.

          The above may not be happening in America but it very well could happen if you end up with a “free” healthcare system, the key to success would be to make sure that your government don’t allow immigrants access to this free care because if they do you will be as fucked as the British.

          1. this is sad news, my friend. we both seem to be in the same boat afterall. altho your system seems to have an even more disturbing agenda (multiculturalism). we’re being sucked dry of our money…you are being sucked dry of your own land and culture.

          2. As an American, I’d much rather just pay higher taxes for a universal health care system in the States because face it, sooner or later everyone will need healthcare. The insurance companies are criminal. I pay 22% in taxes now, and would much rather pay 40%-45% with zero need to pay for health insurance which is costing so much anyway. If every worker in the US paid a percentage of their payroll for healthcare, then the country is better off.

            To give you an idea of health insurance scams: I had to the ER a year ago. The ER gave me a urine test for drugs, as that is normal. The total cost billed to insurance for the UT: $4,250 for a 9 panel urine test. For employment, that same test cost $59 dollars at a lab. Or about 10 dollars for a strip test you can buy at head shops.

          3. To add to my post: Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of logistics to what I said, but didn’t want to type a novel.

            The stuff needing to be addressed would be things like preventative health care costs, how much for your bracket of income, how much taken off peoples unemployment checks and welfare. Either way, RC had it right as right now, the US healthcare system is broken unless you’re rich. And people are dying everyday due to this fact because doctors don’t like fucking with people that are poor, have no insurance, or down on their luck employment wise.

          4. @empty
            it sounds like the british have more of an immigration problem than a healthcare problem…immigrants are taking over and the result is a fecked up system

            its totally not right..we have the same shite going on in Canada…not as bad as Britain but give them time.

            Its maddening but they bring their homeland fights to our countries, rob us blind of any benefits that we pay into, the crime rate goes sky high and generally its crime amongst or caused by the immigrant, then when they get caught and the govt wants to deport them their govt is like, ‘no thank you’
            Man I wish they would shut the pearly gates into our countries..we have enough problems of our own! Either that or have stricter rules on who they let in…ahhh but what do I know

          5. Another aspect of universal health care that bothers me is that the government in a way feels like they own you somewhat. They also feel to save money or profit so you get bombarded with nasty images on smoke packs and sky high cost for smokes , some politicians trying to ban salt when processed food has salt yes buy also additives and shit. It means more government and more intrusion on citizens lives , nanny state type of shit. I’m an adult and know what’s good and bad for me I don’t need my government meddling with my life a I can do that all by myself Lol.

    1. He’ll crush you in the end if he’s between you and the blast. So take your pick on where to be because it’s either be flattened by a fat bastard or be flattened by the concussion from the blast. They’re not immovable walls FD.

      1. I’d rather be pancaked by a fellow citizen than blown to bits. So when the EMS workers got to the scene, they could just roll my flattened body up like carpet and send me back to my lover girl so she could decorate her living room with it like a bear skin rug.

    2. fat blokes come in useful for lots of situations,for instance if we were ever breaking the law we would take a fat fellow with us because they cant run as fast and usually get caught whilst we get clean away,another instance is if your going to the dancing and you chat up a couple of birds,i know who s getting laid first,it certainly aint fatty

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