CCTV of Arab Man Stabbing Male Nurse in Hospital

CCTV of Arab Man Stabbing Male Nurse in Hospital

CCTV of Arab Man Stabbing Male Nurse in Hospital

Looks like this happened in an Arab country. The CCTV footage from what seems to be a hospital shows a man wearing a towel attack and begin stabbing and slashing a male nurse who’s behind the counter.

Other staff members eventually separate the attacker form the victim, although the victim seems to have been slashed in the forearm deep enough to bleed heavily from an artery. Good thing he didn’t have to go far to get it looked at.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “CCTV of Arab Man Stabbing Male Nurse in Hospital”

      1. My guess is he was a faggot / gay… and exactly the reason why he was stabbed. Arabs are fighting against the western liberal shit… That’s why they are labeled savages and terrorists.

        Likely scenario: unluckily the stabbed was already in hospital so he’ll somehow make it. Then the west will bring him over here, treat him like a hero, and give TED platform to speak about his heroism defending his human rights to be gay in a Muslim country where there is no “freedom to be what you want”.

        You probably catch my drift

          1. TED / TEDx is an American/Canadian liberal media organization which will let anything speak on their stage, as long as the message is neither pro-natural order nor commonsense.

    1. i just got out of the hosp after 2 weeks, I feel for the staff because I am a dick and they took good care of me.and I lost 75 pounds of fluid. US heath care meh – been with BG for years. Love BG

  1. I like how casually he’s doing it, like “Ok, got up from my bed, gonna take a leak in the toilet, then stab some random man-nurse for no reason, then I’ll go by a donut in cafeteria”

  2. Since he has a big nose id take a hammer and destroy this assholes nose while he is conscious.. so hed need breath with his mouth for the whole life… This offender deserves the pain

  3. I reckon the Anal doctor who took charge of the receptionist victim was saying ” now come on Rashid you young Cairo Coon, play the fucking white man ere son you know there’s people been sat waiting a long time to be seen, just because you work here means Jack, so you come with me and sit your hairy arse over there and wait your fuckin turn Abdul…

    1. “Little would anyone know, that 10 years before, behind a greasy P.F. Chang’s dumpster in Queens, New York, those two men had an encounter of the third kind…

      …third leg kind” *(Cue X-Files intro theme)*

  4. No sense to retaliate. In KSA, like in any Middle East countries, and anywhere in the world, foreign workers are treated less important. He did the right thing to do, just taking the stabs like that. If he had defended himself and hurt the “camel fucker”, he’ll end up here in BG, but in a different scenario—execution by hanging.

  5. ALERT…ALERT !! All Post Bulletin..Be on the lookout for a towelhead wearing a white robe and carrying a knife…. Everyone knows Ackmed the Terrorist never got caught…. That would be like finding a pen in a mountain of needles…

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