CCTV of Dull Machete Chop Up and Stabbing on Street

CCTV of Dull Machete Chop Up and Stabbing on Street

CCTV of Dull Machete Chop Up and Stabbing on Street

I don’t know where the video is from. It shows a man assaulting another person (presumably a woman?) with a machete. He delivers a bunch of chops to her, and even attempts to decapitate her with repeat blows to the neck area, but the blade must have been dull because it wasn’t delivering desired results.

He however used it to stab her a few times, and later took off to return with a shorter blade and stabbed her with that as well. I don’t know what the outcome was, but I think he was persistent enough to kill her.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Here’s a similar meat-cleaver- chop-up. I don’t think it’s the same incident, but they’re similar so why not share a post. This one includes the aftermath:

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60 thoughts on “CCTV of Dull Machete Chop Up and Stabbing on Street”

    1. @TheBringerOfSorrow
      Did you see how hard that first stab to the stomach went??? Holy-Shit Man You could clearly see that huge blade penetrating her Abdomen, and coming out the other side, on her back and pushing on her bloodied shirt.

      Man that guy was super pissed-off she must have given incredible head, and was a great Fuck for him to lose-it that much Also,,,I Bet ya 5 Dollor that it’s the very first time that she got poked so Hard & Deep & Did-Not Enjoy-It, lol. 😉

      Now because of his anger the only thing he’ll be spanking for awhile will have a foreskin attached to it.

      1. @thedre

        Yeah man I saw he took several shots at the bitch, Which took him long enough because of how dull he was, The fucker should have sharpened it if he wanted to penetrate her with it but like a kike he didn’t, He did it like a crazed chimp, The bitch you could tell she’s totally lewd because she did nothing to defend herself, She just took it like dog getting whipped, Dude I bet you 10$ that the bitch wants more of it, and as for the crazed chimp he’s probably beating his dick until its red because his angry gets the best of him. Lol

          1. @thedre

            15$ then (double or nothing HA?), Lol I have my moments brother haha… but seriously that slut obviously wanted that monk to be her big daddy with penetration otherwise she would moan and whine about some dick, Pretty much describes almost any female honestly.

    1. @Super Smash Bros Guy,
      Yes I agree. They wouldn’t even stop and look if it were their own blood sister! Or it might be a Ching Chong Chink city. They too are known for not giving a stir fry shit about random street violence.

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      1. Thanks Dre, glad you liked it
        I am not afraid to state the obvious:
        Our lives are forged from shit
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        What was the whole point of this useless
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        We should have all been raped at birth
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        1. @BadJonny

          I Truly love reading all of your stuff as it is well though of, and delivered so to speak. 🙂
          But Please Have some faith brother, as this is not our only life like the Jews Would like us to believe that all of this shit is useless, and for nothing??? And furthermore they want us to believe in all of their 100% *Theories* like that we all came from these 2 big rocks that came out of nothing, out of nowhere, and for no reason whatsoever.

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          You Are A Good-Man John and i like You brother, how could i not after reading all of your stuff forever, lol. I Just want to tell you that there is life after life, and that you truly deserve to know. 🙂

          1. Yes okay, good, that all makes sense to me
            I am not a non-believe and have been to Midnight Mass the last 2 years
            Sometimes I go to the Bhuddist temple just to feel the tranquility of those
            slant eye little devils, in their poo brown gowns
            And the Earth does seem to have been blessed with all the different wildlife
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            I just dunno It seems one speck of microscopic life got to the sea, (how, nobody knows) and slowly but surely after millions and millions, it got to where we are now/
            Who put that spec of life here? How did it get here? Were there other specs?
            Was it alien life?
            These are the questions…

          2. @BadJonny
            Bad Jonny is not so bad after all, lol. 😉
            They really are nice, peaceful, and serene those temples, churches and the like. And the people that attend them regularly are (for the most part) incredibly nice, docile, normal, and kind individuals to say the very least. 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s a woman. First, the person’s clothing matches the attacker’s. Second, in most Shitstan countries the women have long hair and are covered more. You can see at the 4 second mark a fat bitch scuttling by and she has her hair in a pony tail.

  3. This is why every day when you leave your house, you should have a weapon on you. You never know when someone is going to get aggressive with you. You don’t choose when someone is going to attack you. Have an everyday carry. If you can’t carry a gun, then carry pepper spray or bear spray and a knife. Leave your weapon beside the keys to your house and car so you never forget it.

    1. I agree @theprotocolsofzion
      I keep a Nice machete I use for chopping wood nearby at all times. I thought I might’ve needed to use it the other, some punk Jr. cholos jumped over a fence in my alley and tagged up the Wall. I could’ve called the cops but I figured these guys are gonna get Got out here anyways. No need for blood spilled in my backyard. But I don’t mind using my cleaver if they jump on my side of the wall, That’s for sure. End up like this Victim here we see, will be their Come up.

  4. Machete wasnt working, so he put it back in a sock, pulled out a pokey, and did him in with the pokey. Man can keep fighting after getting chopped. Man rarely keeps fighting after feeling metal going in and out of him.

  5. I thought the victim was a woman when I first saw it, but after seeing the level of indifference from the passers-by, it obviously must’ve been a man. Coupla queers in a lover’s spat… The average gook wouldn’t give a shit what happens to either one of them, understandably

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