CCTV Footage of Two Brothers Shot Dead in Road Rage Incident in Turkey

CCTV Footage of Two Brothers Shot Dead in Road Rage Incident in Turkey

CCTV captured a brutal slaying in Turkey on June 24th, 2015. From what I can see, the two brothers in a van cut off another van and then they stop, get out, and look ready to rumble. But the driver they cut off happens to have a rifle in his possession and doesn’t waste any time wasting the two brothers.

Who the hell drives around with a loaded rifle in their car? I guess for these situations. Now, at first glance it looks like it’s totally the brothers’ fault but that doesn’t mean they deserved this shit. No, there has got to be some precipitating event that isn’t shown, the way they jump out over seemingly nothing.

Props to MrsPink.

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        1. I was studying in that city. Its from Burdur/Bucak near big square of bucak. As locals said to me that two brothers was torturing him and his family to kill. He has one little child. Also he was escaping from them and his wife and childeren was watching in his car. He has crazy report from doctors. I would like to share more.

      1. Notice the black steel strap across the back of the van? These guys are going to rob him, and this guy said oh fuck no! He was ready for sure! I was watching this thinking oh hell yeah this guy was definitely ready for something!

    1. Being a van with maybe precious cargo, this may have been a heist. For self-defense one would argue that a 45 cal pistol would be enough, but to have a riffle ready means this wasn’t the first time.

    2. Okay so I’ve been trying to find out more info on this and some said these men were all vendors at open street market and there was an ongoing hostility between them regarding the market places. The shooter also turn himself in not long ago.

    1. Yeah, could maybe make an argument for self-defense for the first one, but he chased the second one down and gave him a finishing coup de grace to the head once he was lying on the ground. Clear cut case of murder that time.

  1. Haven’t I seen this already? Still you ask: “Who the hell drives around with a loaded rifle in their car?”

    I do, for when I go hunting. I always leave it in a special compartment tucked away in the back seat of my truck. It has a lock so when I park my truck I lock it away from thieves, and when I am going for a stroll I unlock it JUST in case shit like this were to happen.

      1. What gun would be best for home protection? How about car? Just want to hear opinions, i’ve never owned a gun but am willing to practice at a range because i wouldn’t want to own a gun if I didn’t know how to use it.

        1. “What gun would be best for home protection?”

          One that is loaded and with which you have licensed experience.

          Otherwise, you’ll shoot as poorly as LE, thugs, and Muslims, and nobody wants that.

          1. Haha true that my good sir. I was just curious im not rushing to get one, I would prefer to be well knowledgeable and licensed as to not hurt anyone that isn’t threatning my life. I just wanted to hear a specific gun/caliber thats recommended…I just didn’t want to do my own research :p

  2. Looked like a hit , but you would assume the hit would come from the van cutting in front of the other one.

    Presuming the van with the brothers in is left hand drive and this is a motoring argument why does yellow t shirt soon to be dead guy make a mad dash for the passenger door of the other van?

    Was this guy with the big fucking gun carrying some contraband perhaps?

    Peruvian marching powder ?

    If I had a van full of the devils dandruff I’d have a big gun.

  3. Looks like he went double tap with both of them, just like in Zombieland. When the zombie apocalypse goes down there’s one guy you want to be rolling with,. Just don’t dip into his twinkie stash.

  4. The first brother down had a very good chance of turning this situation around.It appears that the shooter cocked the rifle while idiot dead guy #1 stands there looking idiotically.. Ample time of time to rush him grab the nozzle of the gun and give himself a fighting chance. There was two of them im sure the other brother would have come around to help and in all likelihood overpowered the shooter. Instead he pussyed out and got the ol’double tap.

    1. @nofaith.., i was going to say the say thing.., if the 1st guy didnt pussy foot around.., and sailed into him the way he cut him off he could’ve turn the tables on the guy being a rifle as opposed to a pistol. Oh well.., lesson learned.

  5. haha, poor bastards. I guess they felt all badass and gansta when stoping and coming out of the van. A few seconds later they are dead meat smelling of fresh shit.
    This is one the best videos Ive seen on this page!

  6. I just do not understand ‘road rage’. (this is what is going through the mind of this idiot) ….”Oh you idiot! for that I’m going to kill you. And going to jail for 10 years of ‘playing bum darts’ is oh so worth it”! Fool.

  7. that dumb shit in yellow should have ran the other way not around the damn van, check on your brother later fool!, i personally wouldn’t fuck around like that if i wasn’t packing heat and was ready to shoot to kill.

  8. yeah definitely not road rage. plus why are they both driving some kind of transport van? i’m guessing either gang/ drug related, or some kind of political assassination. turkey is the point where west asia meats south europe and the route where heroine reaches mainland europe, turkish truck drivers bring the heroin to europe. curious what this was about though.

    1. @RomTaran9 if memory serves me right you’re a member of the law enforcement community? What’s your professional opinion of this? Simple Self defense? Or mitigating circumstances that deserve further investigation?

      1. I’m not a member of the law enforcement community, however my opinion is that this is a case of proper self defense because there were two potential offenders. Many people get beaten to death every year.

  9. Turks are C****, I’ve been to a lot of places, scardest I’ve been is in Istanbul, I made the mistake of going to a souk on my own. I honestly thought I was going to be dragged down an ally and gang raped. I’m not talking one or two weirdo’s, I’m talking all the men were like it. A police car drove up and I’m feeling relieved, they just wound the window down and started doing the same shit. Eventually a guy came to my ‘rescue’ and walked me back to my hotel. I ended up fighting with him outside my hotel because he was desperate to get in my room.

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