CCTV – Group of Men Stab Guy in Street

Group of Men Stab Guy in Street

Security screen says 1970/04/27, so we must be in a time warp. Everybody – Don’t step or sneeze on anything!

Not much is known about this CCTV, showing man walking by himself, then group of men scare the bejeezus out of stabbee with a frenzy of stabs. Judging by the blood soaked dress shirt, it is highly suspect he dies shortly after the group flees on foot.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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16 thoughts on “CCTV – Group of Men Stab Guy in Street”

  1. i think the date are actually good.

    its the date of the camera, at this period in the 70’s.. peoples used to love the purple/blue disco style.
    industry crafted some specific camera that record directly with thoses psychedelics effects. it worth it to avoid to pay and wait for a movie editor to add them 😀

    guess thoses old camera still work good and now indians use them as security cameras.

    1. Good observation. (being an old fuck myself of the seventies)

      However, I think some dude walked by with a cell phone hanging off his head, at the 0:48 mark.

      The lighting, kinda reminds me of a Black Stabbath concert I went to in Chicago, back in 1974. Black light and fluorescent colors were BIG, back in those days.

      …and those God awful Bell Bottom jeans. 🙁

      But the acid we dropped, took the edge off it. 🙂

    2. 1970/01/01 is the starting point for time measurement in many modern computers and digital devices. It’s the oldest date which you can set on them. Nobody cared to set up this camera properly, so it means it operated for 4 months and 27 days since it was installed or re-configured.

      Boom, bonus fact you didn’t know.

  2. I guess people that truly believe this is from the 70’s didn’t see the guy pull out his cell phone and start recording at 1:00? Asshole had the balls to unlock his phone and swipe and record a stabbing, lucky bitch didn’t get shanked himself for recording evidence.

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