CCTV of Israeli Mafia Ramming with Vehicle and Stabbing Another Israeli in Thailand

CCTV of Israeli Mafia Ramming with Vehicle and Stabbing Another Israeli in Thailand

In the other Israel, that is Thailand (filth attracts filth), two foreigners were deliberately rammed by a vehicle. One of them was rammed again and then attacked with a knife. The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened on January 21, 2018 on Chaweng Beach Road in Koh Samui, Thailand.

The victim was identified as 34 year old Maor Mallil, Jew born in Israel. He was seriously wounded and suffered significant blood loss. He was transported to Bangkok Hospital where he later died.

Thai police analyzed the images from the security camera and identified the attackers as members of the Israeli Mafia that operates on the Koh Samui island.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. LOL, you got to be kidding me. The Jewish mafia? I guess they get their money from the US. Is 18 billion enough? So Israel can have social medicine why Americans have to pay big bucks for health care.

          1. @mattjack666 I cover you friend! I love your comments and you look cool!
            Oh yes! of course I would do a better job .. I would go to the end including the balls, haha and I could do more .. this story will be much better I promise 馃檪

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      1. Like so many times in life You’ll come to find “There ain’t no good guy there ain’t no bad guy theres only 2 Jews fucking each other up because they disagree” Dave Mason….a very smart man.

  1. “An investigation into the incident points to an ongoing feud between mafia families in the coastal Sharon area of Israel.

    Malul had recently been released from prison in Israel after having been convicted and sentenced to 20 months for aggravated assault. He was suspected of having tried to murder a crime boss but secured a plea deal due to problems with witnesses.”

  2. Why the fuck didn’t dude zig or zag? If you know that you are being chased by a car, run to the side. I wouldn’t have felt bad at all, if that dude had gotten squashed. He got lucky as fuck. And what the fuck? Israeli Mafia? I thought we just called it the FED.

      1. I have nothing against Jews either. Except when they vote for Zionists such as Netanyahu. We have the same problem here in the states. Corporate media in/Brainwashed sheeple out.

        btw: if you want to be a good warrior, apprehend Netanyahu for war crimes beyond human imagination, and leave the violence here in the U.S. with the police.

  3. no kosher most of the so called jews in israel are actually atheist so much for god’s choosen people why would god choose people who dont even believe he exists as his choosen people let alone people who live in a state that is illegal settled since its existence came about in 1948 fuck jews and fuck israel

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