Jealous Husband Kills Cheating Wife in Queens, New York

Jealous Husband Kills Cheating Wife in Queens, New York

Jealous Husband Kills Cheating Wife in Queens, New York

A jealous husband successfully kills his cheating wife at a Queens nail salon in New York, USA.

The videos below depicts Willaim Rivas, 39, storming Tu S’tilo Salon and Spa on 37th Ave. near 93rd St. in Jackson Heights, and stabbing Carmen Iris Santiago, 35, estranged spouse until dead.

The once upon a time happy couple break up after moving to New York from the Dominican Republic

Rivas storms into the salon as his wife sits in one of its chairs. Rivas swings a knife at Santiago nine times, two women in the salon tried to fight him off. One tries to pull him away, and another appears ready to hit him with a chair.

Rivas drops the knife and drinks some kind of poison in celebration after the slaying. He then stands over his dead spouse laying on top of Santiago and embracing her body one last time, for old times sake. Rivas is arrested at the scene.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger and @honkeykong for the video:


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        Ha, ha, ha dude, that was well tough-of, and too funny B G Bro! 😉
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        1. Well ,that’s what every two timing, adulterous cunt deserves when their man’s trust is played around with .
          How very true when it is said that , Trust is like an eraser, which keeps getting smaller and smaller after every mistake.
          This woman should have known better.

          Hey Bro @thedre BTW what’s up my good man ?!

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            And that saying Trust is like an eraser, which keeps getting smaller and smaller after every mistake, is so incredibly true, and accurate that it is quite scary to say the least!

            And Yourself Brother, i can see that you are your usual happy go lucky guy, so life must be treating you good?? Thanks for asking bud. 🙂

          1. @Gia
            Thanks for asking hun 🙂
            I Had an accident at work 5 years ago that crushed my chest and both arms. So along with my both arms, my chest got crushed by a 2000lbs. Granite Slab 5 Years Ago. And after 6 surgeries in both arms, i will still end-up partially disabled in both arms for life because of it.

    1. +Bad Jonny Yep but I wish they’d all take a Better poison than this nigger was drinking, like Cyanide who take 3 seconds before acting.

  1. Not much you can say here other than this is a vicious attack by an insane man with nothing other than murder on his mind. It appears like he went there knowing what he was going to do. As soon as he enters the place he is wearing a glove and has his knife out ready to attack. It does appear that other people in the place did try to stop him from attacking the girl but they could not stop him. It looks like she died pretty fast. It doesn’t even look like her legs are moving at all. He must have hit her directly in her heart or a major artery right near the heart because she appears to have died almost instantly not even showing any movement at all. It’s strange as he holds onto her and lays on top of her dying / dead body in a pool of bloody misery. In some strange way, I guess he did love her. This was a CRIME OF PASSION. Hell bent on his insane murder with his mind thinking if HE CAN’T HAVE HER NOBODY WILL type mentality. It’s shocking that she died so quickly. If there is anything we can take away from this video it’s that this video would be good to use to DEMONSTRATE to business owners how quickly an attack can happen and the need for ARMED SECURITY GUARDS in ALL PLACES because you never know when and where an attack can happen.

  2. THIS mother fuck couldn’t except his wife didnt want anything to do with him cause he was a crazy they even have children together, he made sure as she was dying on that floor he was the last voice she heard before her soul was released, his demons will be with him forever raging, death will not stop them, enjoy hell MF ER

  3. Best part is when he stops to take a drink. Worst part is when he spoons her.

    Listen, 15 years ago I would have thought “Damn, that’s fucked up!” or “This dude is crazy!”

    Now, after 15 years of dating women, my first thought is “She probably asked for this, over and over.”

  4. Also I don’t think the description of ‘jealous husband’ really describes him correctly. I think it’s more like:
    Humiliated husband
    Frustrated husband
    Pissed off husband
    Annoyed husband
    God damn angry husband
    Stabby husband

  5. Wow how fucking useless those 2 women were also just letting herself get stabbed to death, what dumb cunts. Giving that guy a casual wedgie really fucking helped and of course they piss themselves and run away, I swear to God this is comedy gold!

  6. He was a controlling asshole who was constantly jeolous over his own imagination, being an insecure punk, accusing her if she even as much as smiled at a customer. He had beat her constantly. There comes a point when enough is enough and she left him. Proving his supreme level of asshole, his pathetic ego couldn’t stand the thought of her being able to live without his bullshit. So she had to die. She hadn’t cheated on him. She was just fed up with his shit. He really showed her. Now the children he squeezed out will have to fend for themselves without a mother or a father. What a selfish cunt.

  7. She wasn’t cheating! She left him because he was abusive! He was trying to get her to get back with him but she stood her ground and didn’t. So he just finally snapped. Estranged husband.

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