Lone Gunman Shooting Spree, Four Security Personnel Dead in Tripoli, Lebanon

Lone Gunman Shooting Spree, Four Security Personnel Dead in Tripoli, Lebanon

Hey Gorgians, guess what? We have a video only 2 days old and it’s not on Facebook or Youtube…HA!

cctv video of the shooting in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on Monday after a lone gunman went on an overnight shooting spree, killing four security personnel before blowing himself up in an apartment in a residential building.

The gunman, identified as Abdul-Rahman Mabsout, was a former member of the Daesh and then became a “lone wolf.”

Props to Best Gore member @a-sick-mind for the video:

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        1. you mean mussolini… italy invaded and colonized Libya, Tunisia and Ethiopia last century.

          But those Black Shirts were doing the exterminating—bigtime

          1. True that! Hitler loved moslem cock and adored Attaturk Secret Jew and Christian Killer.
            There was a Holocaust before the jews and much much more successful. Finding a Christian in Turkey is like finding a needle in the haystack and yet ,the original people of Turkey and the Mid East were ninety nine percent Christian! That is a higher percentage of what the Uk France and Germany has been in over eighty years!

            I would have to disagree with you re considering them idiots. He loved them for their bloodthirsty ways although i doubt he considered them worthy of living in his Germania once he conquered all he could. Certainly the officers cared nothing for the Moslems and despised them as they(officers) had more brains than Hitler did in such things.


        2. Hitler was a Fascist… guess who allied themselves with Islam? Fascists. Guess who, in modern times, are Fascists? The U.S. Democratic Party as is Canada’s Liberal Party and the European Union… for they are all allied with Islam to the detriment of the west and its western nations/cultures.

          Islam and its pathetic Muslims are living entrenched all over the U.S. now not to mention Canada and the European Union. I’m glad I won’t be around in fifty years… for the shit is going to hit the fan and it won’t be good for the Anglo-Saxon-Protestant-Christian-Jews. Islam and fascist leftists have taken over Earth and there is no turning back (not without World War III).

          1. Our kids are fully grown and on their own. Our grand-kids… we feel badly for them. They will be well insulated though… due to their top 1% financial bracket. They have extremely rich parents. One thing money can buy you… is insulation from the rest of the wicked world. Fact remains… those of us who a patriots, those of us who believe in law and order let alone the rule of law… well… we are now outnumbered in most western countries so even our peaceful tool of change (the election vote) means little to nothing anymore (at least in many western locales).

            The Bible was correct… the meek have inherited the Earth. Funny how that all works out… but it was a known end… as all civilizations come to an end… and end which is marked by depravity and evil behavior/actions. We are at that point in most western countries… as our governments and local jurisdictions have turned a blind eye to the violence on our streets and the roaming bands of criminals as well. Been to Frankfurt lately? Or Paris? Or Los Angeles? Or Montreal? Or London? Or… well… I could list hundreds of cities gone to the wolves… but it is all a waste of effort.

          1. Huh? Oh, yeah. Idk. I didn’t read your shit past the first sentence, got really fuckin’ bored, sorry Nems… not my fault though, I may have a touch of A.D … oh, look a bird jus’ flew by the window.

          2. I LOVE Mein Kampf…it’s a delicious dish of noodles and. ………………………wait OOpps that’s Chow Mein………carry on.

            *disclaimer* They only let me out of the nursing home on Mondays to go to the Internet Cafe under strict supervision…that was an unfortunate oversight. Profuse apologies, it wont happen again.

          3. @honkeykong

            “Ask Celph this is all organic
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            … Are you fuckin’ shittin’ me? Dude Is just too fuckin’ ill.

    1. @Ejaculossaurus Rexxx

      Filthy Bastard Indeed, to kill 4 innocent Men, just doing their Dangerous, But Probably Close To *Minimum Wage Paying* Job. 🙁 But The Weird Thing About This Is The Mans Last Name, Cause The Word “Mabsout” In The Lebanese Language Means To Be Happy,,, Or All Good.
      You can often hear it when they greet each other When Saying, Keefuck Habib,, Mabsout??
      It Means **Hey Bud, How Are You doing ?? Happy?? or,,, All Good?? Fucked-Up Eh?? 😉
      And Furthermore if you say Habib It Is For A Male,, & Habibi For A Female

      1. Thanks for the reply. Good video learned a bit. Im still surprised it caught fire so easily. Must have just been the right place with a really good HEI round since the one in the video had issues with a phone book(so id assume its a cheaper round)

        1. I know what you mean. I get like 30 views for videos. When I first started I was getting 30,000 for about 4 months. Everyone bailed to go to other Gore sites… Savages!!

          After that “Baby Ejected from Mother’s Cunt” it all went downhill

      1. I quit writing how I used to and just put what people say in emails to bang out the posts…. or I just make a sentence or two… I feel like a whore now. “There’s a 20$ on the dresser”.

        I should post 1 video a day.. muahaha

        1. SS, i really like the fact that the videos dont come with the publishers own political views, this is no disrespect to mark, but i make my own conclusions to videos, i praise mark for always keeping the videos raw as he was sent, but some of his views were clearly his own, due to the bullshit this world put him through. keep them raw and keep them coming we appreciate your efforts. I personally would be pretty fucked without your efforts, BG is my teaching tool for so many people, protecting them from safe places.

          A great example was the British bullshit Corporation’s report of the south african miners slaughter a few years back, they reported ‘clashes have happend and 72 miners died’ bestgore showed me the truth, they were gunned to death by military with AR’s. And that wasnt what mark wrote, bu what i watched that showed me the truth. This website is worth much more than many know.

          1. Good thankyou, just came off a first class flight from tokyo, what an experience that was! good to still your well 🙂

      1. @Svarg26 is insufferable
        If you don’t like the comments then why don’t You Just get Da-Fuck Outta Here??
        Just Be Gone,,, And Stay Gone if your not Happy-Happy Like Me. Hey,,, even Better, Cause
        I Can Even Help You Be Gone If you like,,, And No Charge Dude,,, NO CHARGE.
        Let Me Know What You Decide You Want Ta-Do Mmmm-K ???

  1. soo the guy kill 4 guys with gun, then he blow himself on a room with nobody around…

    i understand why Daesh didnt wanted him anymore lol. lone wolf my ass, dat guy get fired (in all sens of the word)

  2. here some infos (shitty translated)

    A convict led three separate attacks at about 11pm in Tripoli, North Lebanon, against the army and the Internal Security Forces, killing four and injuring others in the ranks of the military, before detonating himself in a building. where he had entrenched himself. These attacks occurred on the eve of the Fitr holiday that the capital of North Lebanon, as well as the whole country, was preparing to celebrate.

    Aboard a moped, Abdel Rahman Mabsout fired at a branch of the Bank of Lebanon in Tripoli, a post of the Internal Security Forces and a Lebanese army vehicle, detailed the military institution in a statement.

    After conducting his attacks, Abdel Rahman Mabsout entrenched himself in a building in the district of Dar el-Tawlid. He was wearing an explosive belt. The building was searched a few hours later by the army and the ISPs who made sure that there were no civilians inside. Encircled and unable to flee, the assailant blew himself up.

    An army officer and a soldier as well as two ISF agents were killed in these attacks, according to the National News Agency (Ani, official).

    According to local media, Mabsout fought in the ranks of the Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria. He was arrested by the ISF intelligence services in 2016 and released a year later.

  3. Back in the early 1960s in Buffalo, we had a few Lebanese who went up against the Mafia in the deli business.

    I remember Old Larry, who said he was saving up to retire to the old country. Maybe he left in a rocket, because only charcoal was left between the adjacent businesses, a bakery and a shoe store, which re-opened a few days later.

    The memory is foggy.

    1. I remember you mentioning buying icecream in town from Lebanese as a child. Haha

      I just want to add a few words for those that don’t know.

      There are Lebanese and Lebanese. Most Lebanese seen by us Westerners and SouthAmericans are Christians. The original people of Lebanon before Islam came in raping ,pillaging and slaughtering.They are thus like us with secular western values and Christian ,greco -roman civilization. Named Larry ,i assume his name was Lawrence and thus further evidence of him being a Christian.

      Lebanon also has many Moslems ,all antipathetic to Christians but the Hezbollah(Shiite and Iran oriented) and some secular Sunnis at least have an agreement of trying to live with us. There are also many Sunni Islam headchopper cunts in Lebanon as well ,just like IsiS ,Daesh etc.

      Lebanon i am told is beautiful . You can suntan and swim in the sea and drive within the same day and ski on mountain slopes. I have always wanted to go. Its capital ,Beirut,was The Paris of the Arab World ,just like Tunis once was.

  4. What the Fuck..? The Lone idiot more like it. He Gets AWAY with his Objective. Why wouldn’t he keep up the good work..? Fuckin idiot. More like the Lone er. He should’ve blew himself up before he did it, Jackass.

  5. I want to know what caliber and type of ammunition he used. I know it has to be some form of tracer, but the fact it caused that kind of fire is crazy. Ive used plenty of tracer rounds and never started a fire like that. Good for him. All hail Satan, the time is near for satans rule.

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