15-Year-Old Convenance Store Worker Shot in Back after Compliant Robbery in Colima, México

Man Complies with Robbers Demands, Still Gets Shot in Back

Hard to tell what country.

Captured on CCTV, a fully compliant worker at store is shot in back after robbery. If you look closely, you can see the shooter’s gun jams more than twice.


that video is from Manzanillo, Colima, México, i meet that kid, he was 15 years old, this is the full notice:

A 15-year-old teenager was killed during an assault on a convenience store belonging to the local chain Kiosko, located in the Tapeixtles highway in the municipality of Manzanillo.

It is the third minor who is deprived of life in the last two weeks in this city, in addition to the eight-year-old girl who was shot and wounded in an attack where her grandfather was executed.

Germán Mauricio was shot the night of Sunday May 26 while working in the Kiosko store, which is next to the railroad track. The assailants arrived at that place, and after committing the robbery they killed the employee.

In a video, the moment in which several individuals enter the store is appreciated. Two of them, dressed in black, enter the box area of ​​the counter and take the money. The boy lets them act without resisting, but before leaving, the aggressors force him to kneel and one of them shoots him in the back.

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  1. That’s why you don’t comply with robbers or let them lock you up or tie you up.

    Poor motherfuckers like this work for peanuts then get shot by some shitbag assholes for no reason and die on a dirty gas station floor. Life sucks!

      1. subhumans? piece of shit, I remind you that the gun shot has an American origin, Mexico DOESNT manufacture weapons, latin people put drugs and white people put weapons, is what Americans call “Doing Business”

  2. Fucking Scum of the Earth Negroidial-Cocksucking-Monkey-Man he is, dat-Cunt! 🙁
    Cause nothing pisses me off more than seeing a hard-working, minimum wage making poor soul get injured needlessly like this. Fucking Sad Man, God-Bless Him.

  3. Oh Boy Mexico seems like such a dreamy place to visit… If you want to DIE. Everything I’ve seen so far REALLY inspires me to wait to go. Seems like killing and shit is just the “Norm” Hmmm no thanks I think I’ll pass. Poor kid tho, Still shot in the back by some Corn chip.

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