CCTV Video of Deadly Airstrike by Ukrainian Army on the City of Luhansk

CCTV Video of Deadly Airstrike by Ukrainian Army on the City of Luhansk

Earlier today, on June 2, 2014, the Ukrainian army reportedly carried out a series of deadly airstrikes against civilians in the eastern city of Luhansk. At least 7 unarmed civilians were reported killed, and at least 8 severely wounded. NATO and the UN should be discussing the enforcement of a no fly zone over Ukraine, to prevent further innocent bloodshed by the ruthless and oppressive government of president Petro Poroshenko and prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, yet it’s not happening. Apparently, war crimes committed by friends of tyrants are not war crimes.

It’s also chilling that whatever Ukrainian puppet tyrants do, the mainstream media hardly catches on, but when the victims defend themselves, woah… the MSM goes rabid like a bunch of hyenas that have met their prey.

Video below is a CCTV footage from downtown Luhansk capturing the moment a bomb struck the area. The unguided rockets were reportedly fired from a rocket pod by an Su-25 ground-attack warplane of the Ukrainian military.

Note how you can quite distinctly see that 3 rockets have hit the ground and exploded. A fourth also struck the area, but ended up buried in the ground without going off. The rockets distinctly fall in a sort of straight line, meaning these weren’t cluster munitions, but unguided missiles. The Ukrainian army used aviation against populated areas of a city. If that doesn’t make it a war crime, then I don’t know what does…

Props to Best Gore member homeland84 for the video. Bloody aftermath footage coming up soon:

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  1. Here we go again . Sickening how many hierarchical figures, seem to gain so much pleasure from their wanton destruction of beautiful old buildings and other structures .
    Not to mention random casualties .

    1. It happened where i live for over 30 years, funded by the good ‘ol USofA. They had a change of heart though after 9/11 and withdrew the funding for the IRA scumbags.

      They did’nt manage to keep us cowering in our homes. Life went on.
      Me?, i joined the British Army, signing a contract to fight only in my native Northern Ireland, and did my best to remove the streets of as many terrorists as i could, both loyalist and republican.

      1. That’s interesting @Alans-snackbar . I bet you saw some stuff in your time .

        I always think of those two army guys who got just a little too close and paid a very heavy price .

        You obviously lived in a Loyalist area then ?

        1. @ewe, yes i saw my fair share of gore, blood and death. I was a Regimental Medical Assistant trained by the R.A.M.C and was first on the scene many times to assess casualties.

          Cpl’s David Howes and Derek Wood. I remember it as if it was yesterday. The anger it caused among our ranks cannot be put into words. It was a week after that idiot Michael Stone bombed and shot up the IRA funeral in Milltown Cemetry. His target was Gerry Adams and he never got close enough.

          Thankfully we have a very high level of peace now, only threatened by a few dissident republicans, but you are correct that i have always lived in a Loyalist area and remain so to this day as i’m still considered a ligitimate target, as are all ex security forces here.

          1. Alans-snackbar, You know first hand what it’s like. It’s beyond tragic that we, as a intelligent species, cannot work things out and people resort to violence.

          2. Wow , thanks for the insight @Alans-snackbar . It always did seem as though Stone was quick to throw a spanner in the works .

            I can picture the soldiers car , what a tragic ending .

            Glad it’s now relatively peaceful for you
            guys .

            Stay safe my friend .

          3. hi alan.

            yep, im from england – born in ’71 and i remmeber all the things you mention.

            yes mate – its extremely annoying how the word “terrorist” didnt seem to exist in the average US vocab until 9/11 isnt it?

            bad times – everyone scared, both sides of irish sea — — glad you got through it all with your neck still intact mate.

            just as a point of interest – i wonder how much time between US funding of the republicans ending,…and the US goverment anouncing/launching their “war on terror”? ……. i wryly LOL at the idea of the USA being on their own “axis of evil” list ….. even for a short time?! 😉

            again alan – glad you got through it – and from an englishman and a brit, thank you sincerely for what you and your mates did and had to do during those terrible times

          4. Wow…
            Thanks for the inside perspective friend.
            I can’t begin to imagine…
            Except for pics we see here and in documentaries I’ve seen (regardless of whether the information presented is accurate or not).

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