CCTV Video of Dutch Criminal Sjaak Burger Getting Shot in Head in Panama

CCTV Video of Dutch Criminal Sjaak Burger Getting Shot in Head in Panama

A Dutch criminal was shot in the head by an apparent assassin in Panama, but his assassination is accompanied by a weird lack of concord among newspapers with regards to his name. While Dutch media say his name is Sjaak Burger, Panamanian and some English media call him Jacob Van Der Hart. Being a criminal, perhaps he had several passports that caused this discord?

The assassination attempt was caught on a CCTV camera at the Tiriton fast food restaurant, in the Bella Vista neighbourhood of Panama City. According to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sjaak Burger/Jacob Van Der Hart survived the attack, but remains in serious condition under intensive care in Care Unit of Santo Tomas Hospital. The gunman and his accomplice escaped.

Sjaak Burger/Jacob Van Der Hart was in the restaurant with Humberto Antonio Acosta of Colombia. The gunman calmly walked up to him and shot him in the back of the head at close range. After that, he calmly walked out, mounted the back of a runaway motorcycle and disappeared.

The victim had a long criminal record. In 1995 he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for a murder committed a year earlier in a cafe in Badhoevedorp. After his release, he got into arms dealing. He is also believed to have had his fingers in assassination of 27 year old Khalid Jafaar, another Dutchman who was shot and killed in Panama.

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  1. fucktard only had a max of 2 rounds in that gun. You can see the slide stay open at the end, and I saw only a single muzzle flash (presumably only a single bullet was fired) which, just happened to be enough because he had to be 2 feet away to make SURE he wouldn’t miss.

    Bullets just are NOT THAT EXPENSIVE! Load that fucker up full and empty it out…..if you’re lucky enough to not get arrested within 5 minutes of plugging that virus

      1. I know this was in slow motion but I can’t believe his buddy didn’t notice someone walking up behind his friend with a gun in his hand pointing at buddy’s head? Seams awfully fishy to me like buddy knew he was about to get shot.

    1. The victim “Dutch” is actually a mongrel half Dutch / half Malay !
      Unfortunately this mixture is very common in the Netherlands, the Zionist political gert wilders and the footballer van persie also are half Malaysian!

  2. 8 years for murder? Who in the fucking earth made their justice system? Frigging apes! No wonder many people want to take justice in their own hands. Whats next? 2 days of jail time for wiping the whole civilization out? Mother fucking cunts! I wish some scientists develops a virus and kill these low lives!

    1. You should see Australia’s court system it is a joke. The bloke who punched a kid in the back of the head with the intention of killing him only got 2 years not to mention Man Monis the guy who took a cafe hostage got bail for murdering and setting his wife on fire plus he was on the Terrorist watch list. So Australia takes the title of piss weak sentencing.

      1. As far as the development of a Fleshy Virus killing virus, fuck man I’ve been waiting almost 20 fucking years now to see that one unfold.

        For me I’m a bit less discriminitory on that regardingwh strains of viruses that get put into the past…… As in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US would be the ideal outcome.

  3. The victim “Dutch” is actually a mongrel half Dutch / half Malay !
    Unfortunately this mixture is very common in the Netherlands, the Zionist political gert wilders and the footballer van persie also are half Malaysian!.

  4. three things about this video :
    1_ the killer is an amateur and scared as Fuck reminds me of that Ben zona of IDF.
    2_ the dutch goy didn’t finish his food and I’m sure he wasn’t enjoying it anyway.
    3_ to land to this video on bestgore you have to type on google search bar the following crap : saf kill by biff and milf brutal video leaked.

  5. There’s probably a long and dark story behind this.
    To begin with, Sjaak Burger ( 44 ) is not the same guy as Jacob van der Hart ( 35 ), the latter may have been the guy sitting opposite of Burger in the video.
    It’s still not clear whether or not Sjaak Burger is dead by now. He was a suspect in a long ( starting 1993 ) liquidation process called ‘Passage’ in the Dutch, predominantly Amsterdam, underworld. Police had said earlier that Burger was on a death list already. As a strange coincidence, another Dutch guy involved in ‘Passage’, Cor van Hout, one of the kidnappers of beer magnate Freddy Heineken in 1993, was murdered 12 years before on exactly the same day at exactly the same point in time. ( one witness of this has said that Burger was the killer).
    Less than 4 weeks ago, another suspect in this case, Ali Akg?n, was assassinated in Istanbul.

    Sjaak Burger had been accused of being a member of a criminal organization as well as of ( more ) murders, arms dealing, and drug trafficking, but he had been released a few years previously because of lack of proof. There are rumors that the ‘death list’ of people involved in ‘Passage’ consists of 20-30 people.

    Panama is a country on the rise for drug trafficking.
    On 27 Dec., several other Dutch have been shot there as well and there may be a connection.

  6. Not a gun expert, but I reckon only one bullet was used so shell casings weren’t everywhere. Obviously in Panama a gun is too precious to drop at the scene.
    The assassin fucked this one up. Not a good addition to his CV.

    1. That or the spent shell casing didn’t eject properly and jammed the gun, I didn’t see one go flying and he appeared to be trying to work the slide to get it ejected.

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