CCTV Video of London Bridge Attackers Stabbing People and Getting Shot by Police

CCTV Video of London Bridge Attackers Stabbing People and Getting Shot by Police

This CCTV video allegedly shows the London Bridge terrorists stabbing a man on a street at Borough Market, but the brave policemen arrive and end the terror threat by forgetting to engage the handbrake on their vehicle.

This video is just plain comical. They could air it on Saturday Night Live and it would pass as terribly acted, but reasonably believable by your average armchair dweller. I mean – three stab happy assailants on a mass murder mission overpower a single man, but instead of stabbing him like mad, they just pretend to have an altercation and the alleged victim then walks away?

As you surely know, every false flag attack is accompanied by a drill taking place on the same day in the same area. Hundreds of crisis actors are hired to play both the attackers and the victims for the drill.

This looks to me like crisis actors who were hired to pretend that they are stabbing someone, and of all the available applicants, the ones who look Arab would have been selected for these roles, and as soon as the real terrorists who killed real people are on their way back to Tel Aviv, the crisis actors are killed by the police and framed with orchestrating the attack.

The Telegraph reported that Rachid Redouane, one of the suspects killed after London Bridge attacks fought in the 2011 war against Muammar Qaddafi (as did Salman Abedi, the alleged Manchester bomber) alongside Liwa al Ummah, and joined a militia which sent jihadist fighters to Syria.

The other London Bridge attacker, Khuram Shazad Butt, was featured in a 2016 documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door“. In other words, they knew he was a jihadists, they knew where to find him, but… I guess he was a useful patsy so why mess with him, right? Ordo ab chao?

Props to Best Gore members @stacwday and @fracazzo for the video:

Here’s CNN staging a fake event for live TV:

And the video of British cops changing outfits into the same outfits the attackers were using:

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88 thoughts on “CCTV Video of London Bridge Attackers Stabbing People and Getting Shot by Police”

    1. Where are all the bagheads preaching and “Taqiyah” their Religion of Peace and how it has nothing to do with ISlam?

      Fuckin Muslim scumbags all of them. Oh yeah, Obaghead celebrates and commemorates this by taking it ATM from Michael.

      I mean Michelle…

    1. ….you forgot
      7. Israel expands its borders to now encapsule the non-existent State of Syria.
      8. Syrians and Palestinians now wonder endlessly as nomads.
      9. Trump orders all Americans to wear a Kippah under penalty of law.

    1. This actually is the reason why these incidents keep on occurring. Blaming the wrong guy when the culprit is right under your nose. You can cry jews’ involvement all day long, but unless and until you realize that fucked-up Islamic ideologies and ungrateful muslims are behind this, you can never stop this madness. The first step to solve a problem is to recognize that there is one.

          1. Quite funny that you see it exactly how they want you to see it. You know what that makes you?

            You can blame Muslims all you want, you can lock every Muslim up, and these attacks will not stop because Muslims are mere patsies. Until that day comes when the Juden are incapacitated, the attacks will not stop. And that day is coming. The problem right now are the enablers and gatekeepers like yourself, who are the reason why the day has not come yet. So perhaps the first step in destroying the root cause of the problem is by getting rid of the enablers?

          2. It is really annoying that, under so serious grievances, people can so easily point in the wrong direction. Mussies are taking over Europe, bringing caos, violence and nonsense and what we hear here is not far from”the martians are attacking us”. Stupid Ideas should not be suppressed, they should be laughed at. Most people certainly agree with you @dhiranp but don’t expect to win your battles here. I’m long convinced that, if you can get people to believe religion, you can get people to “believe in anything”.

        1. I really hope the day is coming when the Jew stands on trial for his crimes but that day is never going to come they have all the western world wrapped around there fingers they control everything. I never used to be a rasist biggot but these attacks on my country are making me hate Islam,Which is just what they want use to all do. There’s no civilisation in the world no more its infected to its core.

      1. There is no point arguing with rabid skinheads, neonazis, and loony conspiracy theorists that dominate the forum. You’re just spinning your wheels.

        There will be no rational debate, which I guess is impossible anyway. Instead you’ll just get ad hominem attacks calling you a sheep, Jew lover, etc.

        Just try to enjoy the content and don’t make yourself crazy..

        1. Best Gore – nine years of destroying the sheeple with factual evidence and counting.

          Let me show you how – you say you get ad hominem attacks calling you names, yet it is you who is engaging in an ad hominem attack by using the labels “rabid skinheads, neonazis, and loony conspiracy theorists”, which are universally labels used by those who are delusional, brainwashed and willfully ignorant of the facts.

          Name calling because you have no factual arguments to address the evidence is something that may work on controlled opposition websites, but here we call a spade a spade.

          Hasbara Manual, page 32-33:

          Name Calling:

          Through the careful choice of words, the name calling technique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol. Creating negative connotations by name calling is done to try and get the audience to reject a person or idea on the basis of negative associations, without allowing a real examination of that person or idea. The most obvious example is name calling — “they are a neo-Nazi group” tends to sound pretty negative to most people. More subtly, name calling works by selecting words with subtle negative meanings for some listeners. For example, describing demonstrators as “youths” creates a different impression from calling them “children”.

          For the Israel activist, it is important to be aware of the subtly different meanings that well chosen words give. Call “demonstrations” “riots”, many Palestinian political organizations “terror organizations”, and so on.

          Name calling is hard to counter. Don’t allow opponents the opportunity to engage in point scoring. Whenever “name calling” is used, think about referring to the same thing (e.g. Gilo), but with a more favorable description (e.g. “suburb”). Consider calling settlements “communities” or “villages”. Use the same names back; if somebody talks about Sharon’s “war crimes”, talk about Arafat’s war crimes and involvement in terror.

      2. The Joos invented Islam to destroy paganism in Arabia. They also invented Xtianity to destroy paganism in Europe. In fact it is the whole Rabbi Jewus “love your enemies” thing that has basically castrated the Europeans look at Merkel she is of a fucking Xtian political party which says it all.

      3. Not that anyone probably gives a crap on this thread, but anyhoo..

        For the sake of intellectual honesty I must confess I’ve been a hypocrite and have posted again on this thread and others.

        It’s just so hard to read so much idiocy and not engage, futile as it might be..

  1. Good to see are police doing there job properly my respect to them. And fuck those SandNiggers they all need deporting back to the shit hole they all came from. ISLAM needs extermination all of them women children fuck them all and fuck Peado Mohammed.

    1. I agree, Legion.

      If It was up to me the Muslims would be lucky to live long enough to be deported, the police should go house to house with NATO operatives and kill and or deport every fucking Muslim in Europe.

    1. Not everyone involved was a crisis actor. Some genuine, innocent civilians often get caught in the crossfire. The goal of Jewish terrorism is to inflict broad scale suffering. Hurting ordinary people is their means to an end. The Talmud, the most hate filled book ever conceived teaches Jews to hate, to mistreat and to kill non Jews.

      1. Very few find a sane person speak the way you speak and discuss a special greeting to you and to all the free supervision in this universe the Jews the root of all evil exploit the presidents and sacrifice the lives of their people to serve the interests of the Jews

      2. @Vincit Omnia Veritas

        The Talmud is evil but don’t fucking disregard or ignore the Quran, Hadiths and Surah.

        You can’t blame the Jews for every Jihadi attack especially considering there are dozens of Jihadi factions.

        What the Hell do the Jews have to gain by making the West an Islamic Caliphate?

  2. Terrorism has become a word exploited for private interests, either political or economic, and the problem is that innocent people are the ones who pay for security and are always tied to Islam and Muslims.

  3. How did the police get in there so fast? Like they were waiting just behind the camera and does all of the united doomdom security personnel carry assault rifles while wearing bulletproof vests in their daily patrols? The third video that shows police changing clothes is probably filmed before the first one, yes they said there were attacks on the bridge but they could’ve filmed the so called attack later or maybe the video of them changing clothes was filmed before the attack
    Anyway, my point is there was some people who really got hurt but by security personnel, police officers disguised as terrorists, and then they put that little show of them fighting the heavy armed cops trying to serve and protect the citizens of the united doomdom and then changing the bodies of the attackers which they’re playing dead with some illegal immigrants corpses that no one will be looking for
    These false flags are been orchestrated just to implement in the minds of the sheeple the idea of Muslims are responsible for every wrongdoing, so when the next 9/11 takes place it won’t be that hard for the khazarian leftovers and their Muppets to blame Isis or any other terror group which they created, trained, armed & funded and send the boots to retaliate by destabilizing what’s left of the middle east so the israhellis can find the perfect excuse to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates
    I watched a video earlier of an arab politician or something who said that in 1975 israhell helped the united states congress to create a plan which will secure to them all of the oil fields in the middle east since they can’t let the Arabs have control over the major energy sectors that can affect the western world policies like the 1973 oil embargo by Saudi Arabia, unless the Rothschilds are planning to use israhell as a scapegoat
    Our prophet did talk about these dark times where the Jews will unite with the Christians against Islam and Muslims in general while the masses will be blind to the truth
    I’m not good in English since i got to learn it from movies and video games and never seeked to upgrade it
    shalom aleichem

    1. This was a attack in London we’ve been expecting this kind of attack for a long time, Police are controlled by a huge CCTV network and specialist armed officer’s can be deployed in seconds this was a real attack ok, Just get it Muzzies hate use Infadels after killing thousands of them in stupid wars.

      1. Get your shit together, the official reports confirmed that one of the attackers is a former rebel against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011, why would he stab a United Doomdom citizen which his country helped him in the 2011 Libyan civil war?
        My thoughts are they choose this exact person because no one will look for him, they attacked the citizens and then made a hilarious play on front of a CCTV that’s missing sound so we can’t hear the assailants shouting Allahu Akbar with an english accent, and then switched the bodies in hospital or wherever the hell is
        Also police can’t get there in a few seconds, literally, they were waiting just behind the CCTV probably a few meters away even if they were just doing a patrol the attackers would’ve seen them so they won’t risk their attack just to be taken out shortly and don’t tell me it’s Muslims jihad because i can give you verses from the bible that call for blood shedding which will put your jihad ideas to shame

  4. its so far too far fetched that its isis really. Cranky imaginations unchecked. You cannot be serious! Are we talking the nat west tower now and millbank, maybe the gurkin or the shard on an anniversary?

  5. I like how the british security has resources to track and hunt down those that speaks ill of islam… and yet doesnt have resources to monitor potential “terrorists” linked to ISIS or Al-qaeda… Really makes you think.

    1. Was 8 minutes into the attack at this point, armed police always present in that part of London and the response time wasn’t suspicious but what makes me suspicious is that the attackers could have targeted a much less well armed area of the country with similar numbers of people available to stab and had a much better kill rate before being shot by police. The last London attacker lasted half that time before being shot by a suited protection officer.

  6. muslims are the real reasons for all of this and blaming jews is just burying your head in sand and getting other end banged by a muslim. its very easy to put the blame on jew but what we are ignoring is the fact that muslims have always been violent and believe in killing who doesnt believe in their pissfool religion.just turn few pages of history and you will find how muslim invaders used to kill inncoent people, this is what they are its in their blood or engraved in their genes.
    if you dont learn from history.
    u will cease to exist in future.

        1. If you’re referring to today’s terror groups that means you know shit, who created, trained, armed & funded those extremists? It’s you westerners and your so called allies, the only difference between Muslim and Christian terrorists is you fund our fanatics while we don’t fund yours, stop giving them money and see who will kill who in the middle east
          Same shit different day, if we fund your religious fanatics you’ll see them running down the streets crucifying people while shouting hallelujah

          1. denial is the worst form of ignorance.
            1) jews are behind this.
            2) these terrorists were not muslims
            3)these are funded by western powers.
            are some top reactions by muslims for any terrorist incidents.
            but the truth is muslim religion was formed and spread on basis of sword and is or never had been peaceful. it was spread by killing innocent people,raping women and converting vulnerables..

      1. remember that musbombs invaded europe first.

        the ‘first’ crusades were actually an answer to earlier musbomb invasions. spain in 711 AD for instance. and thats just one. there are many more.

        please try to forget your inaccurate liberal historical teachings.

  7. Something I’ve wanted to touch on that I just might be ignorant to; but since when did the Jews get so “powerful” and able to manipulate the entire world now into “believing” that it is indeed the muzzies? Like didn’t my homie dolf prove they ain’t really shit lol.
    Yes there is US influence to how powerful they are, but it just doesn’t justify it.
    Mark, I love the fact that you’re passionate and highly educated on the matter; I admire it greatly. You state your stances with as much evidence as you can muster to prove it and that’s an applaudable trait. But my biggest issue is there’s substantial evidence to prove it is indeed the muslims behind all this fuckery as well.
    I cant say for certain which side of fence I stand on due to conflicting evidence, I need something more concrete than just these speculations.

  8. Princess Diana was the most admirable white woman ive ever seen and she loved Muslim men, she knew white men were weak two faced liars, if there were more caring people like her in the U.K. It would be a better place over there but people like her are a dying breed rarity

  9. The Irish media really jumped on this event in particular. One of the ‘culprits’ had lived here for a significant amount of years, and tried to re-enter via ferry after he’d spent some time abroad up to no good, according to the press. The past week all we hear is about terror and our authorities ability to cope. I think we’re being primed for an ‘event’, so, when/if an ‘event’ happens in Eire, God forbid, the masses will automatically blame Islam like the media told us and we ask no questions. If something happened here I think that would be ‘next level’, seeing as we’re so peaceful and liberal these days. It’s just a theory of mine.

  10. Ok guys.
    I think the Police did very well here. That was very quick witted.
    So, they let their own police car roll forwards and that was funny, but what the hell :).

    When you’re primed to take some shitty terrorists’ lives, whether your car rolls forwards or not is not an issue in the big scheme of things. I think the driver was in such a rush to kill, that he didn’t even want to spare the 0.5 seconds it takes to lift the handbrake up hard.

    Regarding the guy the Mozzies stabbed, that was a bit poncy and inefficient. Something hesistant about it.
    Which is a good thing for the guy. Hope he lived.

    1. Yeah, funny that I had that same thought about the hesitance, why not go for a quick beheading whilst there is a lull in action? I don’t think anything went to plan. They had petrol bombs left in the van that they crashed, I think they were off plan at this point.

  11. Have you noticed that our UK cops are not as fat as their US equivalents? It’s because here in London, our restaurants do not supersize everything. Also Doughnuts are not so big over here 🙂

    1. I see American cops every day and majority of them are in very good shape but it depends on the neighborhood.

      In middle-class neighborhood cops reflect the values of that neighborhood and they are better educated about diet and exercise.

      Ghetto cops reflect the values of the ghetto and they can be obese and have bad habits like majority of the people in the ghetto.

      Don’t forget once the cops clock out they are just ordinary people, reflecting the behavior and standards of their community.

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