CCTV Video of NYC Shooter Jeffrey Johnson Getting Killed by the Police

CCTV Video of NYC Shooter Jeffrey Johnson Getting Killed by the Police

Minutes after the New York City shooter Jeffrey Johnson shot and killed his former co-worker Steve Ercolino, the cops shot and killed Jeffrey Johnson and his death was caught on midtown CCTV camera. The image quality is not that great, but one can easily tell that Jeffrey Johnson was a poster boy for the responsible gun owner. Dressed up in a suit and carrying a briefcase, he was a guy who would only carry a weapon for self protection. Right.

58 year old Jeffrey Johnson was shot dead in front of the Empire State Building, at the intersection of 34th Street and Fifth Avenue which is busy with commuters and tourists. The slew of bullets fired by the police wounded 9 bystanders. Them NYPD cops sure like to pull their triggers a lot. After the killing of Steve Ercolino, Jeffrey Johnson was pursued on foot by construction workers who saw him shoot at the former colleague. I’m surprised the media’s not full of diving to shield stories. The sheep have history of falling for that shit, so why not?

CCTV video capturing the death of NYC shooter Jeffrey Johnson who was gunned down by the cops is below:

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62 thoughts on “CCTV Video of NYC Shooter Jeffrey Johnson Getting Killed by the Police”

      1. excellent work by the police on shooting all the bystanders tom. the shooter didn’t shoot anyone else but his intended target. those bystanders are gonna collect $$$$$$$$ from the incompetent police who can’t shoot straight at a live target less than 8 feet away. l live less than 6 miles from where this shit happened in midtown manhattan.

          1. jaloko – It wasn’t a fire fight, the cops were never shot at. The killer pulled out his gun and either the cops nerves kicked in and they panicked or maybe they’re rookies, but being so close and so many bystanders being shot is well, shocking. I think it’s funny how since this Jefferey dude didn’t go bat shit crazy and shoot random people, the media reports have been toned down a great deal, because the cops fucked up… Earlier in the day, it was all they could talk about this “postal fired worker” whatever.

          2. kels, I agree that the cops messed up, but its an unreal expectation that cops should only fire when fired upon. Having been a military cop, and veteran of the first gulf war, I would say if someone even spins around quickly or eaches too quickly for some non threatening item, they’re gonna get shot. As a cop, at the end of the day, your main goal is to come home to your family.

        1. Are you fucking kidding me? Police are trained to fire 2 in the middle if any weapon is pointed at them. Also, they haven’t said what types of injuries these people sustained. Prob, broken wrist fall diving out of the way. If I was the cop, I would have shot the fucker too!!

          1. Kels, again you need to be in a fire fight to understand what goes on, ill explain. First you loose track of time, it could happen for 10 mins and ull end up saying “I cant remember much of what happened”. Second you lose count of the bullets you fire, 15 shots seem like 4. third you don’t think much of who is behind the person holding that gun, its called tunnel vision all you see is the person with the weapon. Forth you think about everything all at once, (family, what if’s, did i hit him?) Half the time you cant even tell if the person you shot is hit or if he is just taking cover. It is easy to understand how those people may have been injured. Simple wrong place at wrong time. most cops have never shot anyone before and dont have the rational firefight thought of lets say, a Marine. there is no amount of training that will get you ready for a fire fight.

        2. In reference to my own experience in marksmanship, anything within 40 ft’ didn’t take much at all to aim and fire; making a direct hit to head or chest, and in no time at all – 40 cal., or 9mm. In the heat of combat or stressful scenarios, it is noted that even trained personnel’s aiming ability decreases by 20 to 30% accuracy. In other words, if a trained shooter gets 100% in marksmanship, the real equation for scenarios; 70%.

    1. Yep, heard about the shooting on the news at work last night, read that there was footage. So, once I came home, came and checked Best Gore, and I was like, “Holy crap, yay!”
      Best Gore always comes through with the best stuff!
      I love you guys even if I don’t comment very often. 🙂

    1. ha! ha! i,m shocked that he (the shooter) was not carrying his gun in a purse, and even more shocked that a faggot, working in a womens clothing store would even know how to hold, or handle & SHOOT a 45. cal

  1. America fuck yea !!!!!! those cops did a great job keeping thier cool when you kno thier hearts was racing and that moment they didnt think they reacted and in the defence of the officers alot of fuckin people standing around there so nice man shit ya SNACKBAR!!!

  2. I noticed that the Black folks ran the fuck outta there before the white folks did. That said, his death looked like some actor wannabe who was over acting his death scene. Oh well, one less asshole FV in this world.

  3. Nice action video. I saw some still photos of the shooter and a victim. I thought it was quite bizarre that the police stripped the body, turned it over and appear to have stuck a rubber glove up his rectum. I don’t think that is standard operating procedure. Necro-gay porn.

  4. Wow. That was some fast work, mark. I’ll give you that one. I knew something was going on because of my dreams last night. Then woke up in a panic. Turned n the tv and fox 5 said there was a shooting where I work about 5 minutes before me waking up. The psychic part of me was happy that I overslept when I normally don’t. Now the gorey part of me is glad for this video. Cheers.

  5. I believe it’s illegal to carry firearms in NYC unless you are a cop (correct me if I’m wrong). Another example as to how banning guns solves nothing. Criminals don’t care about laws, that’s why their criminals.

  6. I love how he drops and falls right onto his back, dead.

    ” The gunman, Jeffrey Johnson, 53, confronted the victim, a 41-year-old former coworker, on a sidewalk and shot him dead, striking him three times. The gunman concealed his .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun in a black bag and walked away from the scene, walking about two blocks.”

    ” Johnson did not fire at police, according to law enforcement, but he did raise his gun. Nine civilians ? four women and five men ? were shot or grazed by the two officers who shot Johnson dead.”

    I know the cops probably panicked in the moment and NY is a crowded ass city, but damn.. they should be on desk duty with aim like that.

    I also read that the shooter got fired A YEAR AGO and he constantly went to the store and harassed his old boss. The boss put out a protection order against him.. Guess it’s useless cause he’s dead now.

  7. Didn’t anyone give him the memo on going postal? If your gonna waste time goin to a business in broad daylight in the masses, to lite up one guy! Obviously your not gettin away it, death or jail, you might as well MAKE IT COUNT!

  8. First mistake, confronting Mr. Johnson with obstruction of sight and that forearm unless Superman, will not deflect bullets….Something tells me that this little video clip is going to be used in future training sessions…of what not to do…you got him but you’re damn lucky to be alive.

  9. Honestly, I watched this just to see that piece-of-shit ass-spawn die.

    I’m not going to comment pro/anti-gun. Not today, not for a while. It’s all been said all over again, so go and read it for yourself.

    I’d have hated to be one of those cops. VERY complex and chaotic shooting environment with no clear shooting-backdrops and a high chance for innocent injuries.

    Part of me believes that we’ll see more of this type of shit rather than less in the coming few years. Until the world and many of its economies get some more jingle in their pockies/beer in their bellies//tonsils on their glans, there will be more and more people left with terrible options and some will seek this abhorrent way out.

    In all honesty, I hope none of these happen and, if they do, they stay far from all Best Gorgians and those they love. Buckle-up, folks. :S

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